Why I’m Doing Noom Again

Author Justin Coleman

By: Justin Coleman

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Last summer (2019) my wife and I had amazing success with the Noom Weight Loss Program.

We hit the 16 week curriculum hard and didn’t look back.

She lost 10lbs of post-baby weight, and I lost 35lbs of stubborn, life-long fat that had been hanging around (literally) for most of my life. Looking back at old photos of me still baffles me that I was as big as I was.

We learned a lot through the Noom program and still keep some of the habits in our health arsenal.

So, if the programs works so well, why go through it again?

Seems like a failure of a program for weight loss if you have to go through it twice, right?

Not quite.

Here’s why I am going through Noom a second time.

Does Noom Take More Than Once Time To Be Successful?

You may be worried about the added cost of keeping your Noom subscription for another 4 months. I don’t have this worry since we have been given the program for free as affiliates.

I would definitely pay to go through the program a second time though.

Like I mentioned in the intro, the program WORKS.

I have tried many many ways to lose weight throughout my life. The first major success was stopping my soda habit (going from 6 cans per day to 0) and losing 30lbs in a month.I quickly leveled off after that and have yo-yo-dieted a lot since then.

My second was with MyFitnessPal where I counted calories for over a year and lost 32lbs. I had gained a little back after that, but mostly stayed around 195lbs.

Noom was my latest attempt to lose weight, and I successfully knocked off another 35lbs during the 4 month program.

I have gained 5lbs back since, but have been able to steadily maintain my weight over the past 4 months since I quit counting calories with the program.

Noom works, and it is meant to give you the sustained knowledge to keep the weight off and live a healthier life.

I consider my first go-around with Noom to be a success, and now I want to drill the content into my head to help solidify it there and keep all the tips and tricks front-of-mind to use in maintaining my health and weight going forward.

Noom Is Like Your Favorite Movie

My guess is that you have a favorite movie.

I would also guess that I’d be right in saying that you haven’t seen that movie just once.

Why watch the same thing over again if you already know what happens?

Because it’s entertaining and may teach you new things after multiple viewings.

This is how I feel about Noom.

My first time through the program everything they were teaching me was new.

Relearn Weight Loss

I experienced it the first time, and was focused on changing a few key habits as well as what types of foods we kept around the house. The biggest takeaway was that I actually had the power to lose weight by applying myself. I thought I would be stuck at 195lbs for the rest of my life. Noom helped me believe that I could change that.

I also know there are things I missed in the program that will help me become better at losing and maintaining weight. 

Heck, there were whole days or weeks where I barely read the articles and just focused on the core foundation Noom had laid out for me over the first half of the program. Life is busy. It’s hard to keep up with every detail.

I know there are gems that I missed in the second half of the program, and I know that there is more reinforcement that needs to be done on the core principles of the program.

I want to give Noom the second viewing it deserves to help ingrain it into my lifestyle and help me keep my healthy habits up for good.

That’s why the articles don’t disappear after you read them. They are meant to have a second viewing.

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Thanks for your support and have fun keeping the weight off for good!

I Want A More In-Depth Study of Noom

I love how weight loss looks and feels on me, and I want to keep it that way, if not improve from where I’m currently at.

This will require a more in-depth study of the material provided to me within the 16 week program.

Not only will this help me in learning the material for myself and really ingraining it into my memory, but it will also help me become a better expert to help those of you out there who are seeking a weight loss program that actually works and changes lives.

Noom is psychology and science-based, teaching you daily about the facts of weight loss, diets, and exercise as well as how your mind plays tricks on you and tips to help you overcome these bad habits.

Studying Weight Loss

All that being said, it takes some studying to learn everything and commit everything to memory, as some of the material does get out there deep in the weeds.

Noom does a great job of breaking this information down into bite-sized daily chunks throughout the course of their 16 week program, but it is still good to read a second time and review pieces you may have missed.

I Need to Break More Bad Eating and Exercise Habits

Noom can only go so far in helping you change your health habits.

They can’t make you choose eggplant lasagna over noodle lasagna, and they can’t kick you out of bed in the morning to hit the gym.

They arm you with the information you need to succeed, and the rest is on you (with some inspiration and support from your coaches, group, and support system).

I picked up a lot of good habits my first time through Noom, but I’ll be the first to admit that some of them have fallen off and need a little tune up.

Weight maintenance is amazing, since you get more calories to eat in a day to maintain weight rather than creating a deficit of intake to lose weight. Think 2000 calories instead of 1450.

Fix Bad Eating Habits

I’m an eater, so while my eating habits are better than before, I still tend to get a little snacky from time to time.

My second time through the Noom program I tend to work on calorie counting better in my head (while still using the app for accuracy). I want to be able to have a rough estimate in my head of where I’m at for the day so I can know whether to get a second helping of dinner, or if I should switch to grapes to finish off.

I also need to figure out how to better adapt my calorie intake needs with my family’s diet.

The first time through my wife and I were both on Noom so we were buying more expensive brand, plant-based foods to help keep calorie intake low.

Now that I have more calories per day, I plan to work with my family’s diet more, while still incorporating more of the healthy foods I picked up while on Noom the first time through.

Always Strive To Be Better With Your Health

What all of this amounts to is that I want to continually be improving my health and physique. I want to have tons of energy, be able to play with my kids, and go out into the world and have adventures with my wife. My ultimate why still drives me, and I want to fulfill it’s wishes.

All of this plus the fact that I’m getting older and it’s harder to maintain your weight as you age, I want to go through the basic 16 week weight loss plan again to really help solidify that I am here to make a permanent change in my life, and no, I won’t go back to the overweight person I used to be.

Noom really changed my life the first time through, and I plan to become an expert and really live by what I learn in the program during this second time around.


Have you taken the Noom 16 Week Weight Loss Program? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it below!

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