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Baby Product Reviews

Got a great baby product or subscription service for parents that you would like me to review? I am now accepting requests for product reviews. You will need to send us a free product, or subscription to receive a review.

My site is highly optimized for SEO, and several of my articles have ranked on page 1 of Google for various keywords. While placement is not guaranteed, I will do my best to get the review of your product as close as I can to the top!

Please remember that all reviews are 100% honest reviews, so I will be posting my honest feelings about your product.


Ad Space

Traffic is growing on my site month over month as I add more blog articles and reviews to my library of content. If you want to purchase some ad space from me and put your product in front of my audience (consisting mostly of moms ages 24-34 with higher household incomes) then feel free to contact me! I can get you some stats on how my traffic is currently doing and get you an idea of how many eyes will be on your ad. Price and placement will be discussed on a per-request basis.


Guest Posting

Are you a mom blogger that wants to write an article or review for my site? Send me your pitch and I’ll let you know if I think it would be a good fit for Mommy Bear Reviews! I am not offering compensation for guest posting at this time, but I would love it if you added backlinks to your own blog in your article to help boost your SEO! All articles submitted must be original works not posted anywhere else.

If you are interested in having me guest post on your blog, I will write you an original article or product review, again with the payment of allowing me to place some links back to my site to help boost my SEO as well!


Leaving Feedback

I want to make this blog the best that I can for moms (and dads if they are readers too!), so any feedback you have on my site, my reviews, or any of my work, I would love to hear it! Feel free to say what you want, and I will consider you feedback and implement it in the best way I see fit!


Questions or Comments

Just have a general comment or question? Send me a message! I love hearing from my readers and being helpful where I can!

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