Find Your Why In Weight Loss

Author Justin Coleman

By: Justin Coleman

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Weight loss is hard.

I know it.

You know it.

That is why there is one thing that is so important in your weight loss journey that without it, you are almost sure to fail.

Without this one thing you will be floating around without a driving force to keep you going through the hard times.

Take it from someone who has gone through quite a bit of weight loss, there WILL be hard times.

So what is this driving force that will get you to your goals?

Your Ultimate Why.

Your Ultimate Why For Losing Weight

Your Ultimate Why in weight loss is the driving force behind every decision you make that will get you from your unhealthy start and making progress towards your ultimate weight goal.

There are a lot of different things that can serve as your why. Whatever you choose needs to be a strong reason that you want to lose weight. It needs to be something so powerful that it is at the front of your mind everytime you think about food, mealtimes, when you plan to eat, and when you plan to exercise (or decide to skip exercise).

Let’s go through a few of the main reasons that people want to lose weight.

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This was my Ultimate Why for why I wanted to lose weight. When I started doing the Noom Weight Loss Program in June of 2019, I was having a hard time keeping up with my 9 month old son and 2 year old daughter. 

I was 195lbs at the time, which wasn’t terrible, but I just didn’t have a lot of energy to keep up with them. I had been through many rounds of weight loss in my life, but this became my ultimate motivation in finally getting the job done.

If you have kids, it’s likely that you not only want the energy to be able to keep up with them, but you also want to set a good example for them to live by.

Kids do and follow what they see, and if they see you making health and weight loss a priority, then they are more likely to put health first in their own lives.

Kids Are the Reason to Lose Weight


Before caring about what you look like to other people, you should learn to care about how you view yourself.

Not saying that you can’t love yourself if you are larger, but I know that I always had less confidence when I was a bigger fellow.

If you know that you have it in you to lose weight and be healthy, but you are big, you are less likely to see yourself in a positive light.

Use the image of seeing the you that you want to be as your Ultimate Why, and you will be more liable to add more exercise and movement to your day and make better food choices.

Positive Self Image Weight Loss

For Your Spouse

You may not want more energy just to keep up with your kids. Maybe you want more energy to also keep up with your spouse.

If you have a spouse that is healthier than you and already has more energy, you may find yourself lagging behind them on your various adventures.

Being able to take a long walk, stay up later, and keep up in other relationship situations can bring new life and energy to your marriage or partnership. 

Keep your spouse in mind as you make your health choices. Get involved in healthier habits with your spouse. 

Or, if you are both in need of a health makeover, you can try to lose weight as a couple.

That’s what we did with the Noom program, and the extra motivation of going through weight loss together got us through to the results we were looking for.

Lose Weight With Your Spouse

Healthier Life

Maybe you just want more energy and health in your life? 

It doesn’t need to be for anyone else.

If climbing 3 flights of stairs to your office makes you feel winded, you may want to make it a personal goal to be more healthy and not get that awful feeling from such a small amount of effort.

When I lost weight I felt a lot lighter and more energetic every day. 

I was less tired, and able to get more done.

It was an awesome feeling to have, and definitely powerful enough of a why to get someone through to reaching their weightloss goals.

You may also help curb some of the effects of some ailments that have plagued you throughout your lifetime.

I know that I had bad acid reflux issues that have hardly bothered me at all since losing weight. 

It’s amazing what weight loss can do in helping your overall health and outlook on life.

Lose Weight to Be Healthy

Life-Long Goals

Another good why to have is just to reach a health goal for the sake of accomplishment.

If you know that 165lbs is an average healthy weight for your gender and height, then maybe you want to hit that goal just for the sake of accomplishment.

I’ve had weight issues my entire life, so being any kind of healthy weight was a major goal of mine throughout my lifetime.

I know that 165lbs was my major goal for this reason, and I ended up getting down to 160lbs during my time on Noom.

A lot of people have goals in their careers, but often sacrifice their own health in the process. 

Make health a priority and make hitting a health milestone part of your Ultimate Why.

Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

How Your Ultimate Why Helps You Succeed

Your Ultimate Why is what drives you.

It’s what will pull you through the hard times to your weight loss goals.

And there will be hard times.

If your Ultimate Why is losing weight so you have more energy to play with your kids and setting a good example for them, you will think of  chasing them around the park every time someone offers you chocolate cake.

If you Ultimate Why is improving your self image, you will picture your beach bod everytime a co-worker invites you out to lunch.

If you are an achiever and like to reach milestones in your life, you will not let your friends talk you into drinking your calories at a party. You will push through the peer pressure so you can meet your goals.

You get the idea. 

Your why is what drives you. It gives you motivation through the good times and gives you a reason to keep going through the bad.

It helps you tell the food pushers in your life no, because the risk of hurting their feelings is way less of a hurt than not meeting your ultimate goal in weight loss.

People shouldn’t be offended by the change you are wanting to make. If they are, share your Ultimate Why with them. Let them know point blank what you are looking to accomplish in your life with your health goals, and if the person truly cares about you, they will be understanding.

The hardest person you will need to convince is yourself. That is why you have to have this powerful visualization to help pull you through.

Often times you are your own worst enemy and thought distortions can sidetrack your weight loss goals. Ultimate Whys will trump these thought distortions and keep you on track.

What Is Your Ultimate Why?

So what is your Ultimate Why?

What reason is so compelling for you to lose weight that you have no other choice than to hit your goals?

Write it down.

Type it and print it out.

Put your Ultimate Why in every location you frequent to constantly remind yourself to make good health choices.

Ingrain it into your memory and your soul. 

It’s what will help you power through to live out your health goals and the life you want to live.


Let’s show each other some support. Leave your Ultimate Why in the comments below. Share it with others. Share it with your friends. Commit to it and reach your weight loss goals!

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