How Much Does Noom Cost? (Less Than You Might Think)

Author Justin Coleman

By: Justin Coleman

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If you are looking into diet plans, odds are that you’ve already heard about the Noom Weight Loss Program, and are simply doing a little research about cost.

Cost can seem like a big factor when it comes to choosing a weight loss plan, and there are so many different plans out there trying to get you to do different things, it’s hard to know where to put your money.

What if the diet doesn’t work? Then you are out all that money and have to spend money on the next one.

As a preface to this article, my wife and I were given 2 free accounts to become partners with Noom.

After going through the program and losing 45lbs between us, it would have been an easy decision for0 us to pay for the program had it not been free.

In this article, we are going to look at the cost of Noom compared to other weight loss programs, and different ways to look at cost, in general, to show you that at least trying Noom is a great decision.

How Much Will the Noom Diet Cost You?

How Much Will the Noom Diet Cost You

The Noom Weight Loss Program core curriculum is considered to be 16 weeks or 4 months. You will get 16 weeks of articles, tips, tricks, and motivation, not to mention your support group and your personal coach.

As of this writing, the cost of Noom is currently $60 per month. Being a 4-month program, you are looking at $159 to get through the core curriculum.

Noom does start you off on a 2-week trial for $1 if you want to give it a try, and I recommend that you do.

I lost 10lbs in my first 2 weeks, though I must state that these results may not be typical. But for $1, you really have nothing to lose (but some pounds).

Noom claims to be the last weight loss program you will ever need, and that their success rate is well over 60%.

During the 16-week program, you will learn why you eat the way you do, psych tricks to help you change your bad habits to healthier habits, how to make smart food swaps to lower the calorie intake of your diet, and they even teach about other popular weight loss programs so you can know what’s out there.

You should be able to get life-changing information and habit changes out of the first 16 weeks, but if you want to keep paying for the program beyond that, you will still get access to your group, your personal coach, and all of the tracking features the app has to offer.

Noom Saves You Money

This statement is based on my experience, and you may not have the same experience as me. It’s always important to consult your doctor before starting a major diet change, especially if you have medical issues. I am not a doctor, just talking from experience here.

Noom Can Save on Doctor Visits

Noom Can Save on Doctor Visits

Before I started Noom I had really bad acid reflux.

It was so bad that over a 3-year period I found myself in emergency rooms on 3 different occasions and multiple other doctor visits thinking I had heart problems and was having a heart attack.

It’s amazing how acid reflux can make you feel like you ARE having a heart attack. Doctors told me multiple times it was stomach issues, but I just couldn’t see how that could possibly make my chest hurt and arms tingle.

Well, it does.

And since losing weight with Noom I have had very minimal issues with acid reflux and have saved a ton on continual doctor visits.

I have also saved money by not having to buy over-the-counter acid reflux pills for my stomach.

In general, a healthy weight is known to mean better overall health, as obesity can cause a plethora of medical issues.

Again, I’m not a doctor, but do you think getting a healthy weight can really hurt you?


Noom’s Cost Compared to Other Weight Loss Programs

Now let’s take a look at how much Noom costs compared to other popular weight loss programs.


Nutrisystem is a meal delivery plan that picks your food for you. Their Uniquely Yours plan is $12.14/day or around $340/mo.

To compare, Noom doesn’t have a set meal plan and they don’t send food to your door. Noom is better because you get to pick your own meal plan and don’t have to worry about eating just the foods that are sent to you. You learn to make smarter decisions in everyday life instead of a boxed and delivered system.


OPTAVIA, previously known as Medifast, claims to be a doctor-developed easy, and convenient weight loss plan. This is another meal plan system where they send you food, this one consisting largely of nutritional bars and shakes that make up your entire meal.

The monthly cost of OPTAVIA ranges from $378.25 to $423, that are fully customizable so users can choose which foods to receive.

Again, compared to Noom, this type of weight loss system does include your food, but you are boxed in to eating the food they give you instead of learning to eat properly and form good habits on your own.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is another food delivery system offering plans starting at $13.99 to $29 per day.

I don’t really have much else to say about food delivery systems other than you are reliant on others to send you your food, which doesn’t seem long-term or sustainable in a real-world setting.

Weight Watchers

More in line with Noom and sustainable weight loss, Weight Watchers has a more balanced weight loss approach that fits your lifestyle.

Their core plans start at $26/month, excluding workshops, which are weekly sessions to help you learn more about weight loss. Premium plans, on the other hand, start at $48 a month and includes workshops, weight-loss tools, recipes, and more.

Noom gives you daily articles for 16 weeks in little bite-sized chunks and daily access to a coach. Other than that, Weight Watchers may be the best alternative to Noom I have seen so far as both works to tailor weight loss to your lifestyle instead of delivering you food.

What Makes Noom Unique?

Unlike other apps, the Noom weight loss program focuses on behavioral psychology to help its users achieve their weight loss goals.

It promotes long-term weight loss by changing the way people think about food and eating so they can reach their ideal weight.

This unique approach can be highly beneficial for those who are struggling with their weight and want to learn how to make healthier choices.

What is a typical Noom menu?

What is a typical Noom menuNoom encourages users to develop healthy eating habits, instead of developing a personalized menu compared to what other diet apps offer.

With Noom, you can eat whatever you want as long as you prioritize eating foods that fall into their green food category and sticking to your daily calorie budget.

Each time you log your meal on the app, Noom will also provide feedback based on the type of meal that you had.

In case you’re not familiar with Noom’s color-coded system, there are three types of foods with corresponding colors based on their calorie content:

  • Green foods are considered healthy food choices (say hello to dark leafy greens).
  • Red foods include unhealthy options such as processed meats, high-fat dairy products, and others.
  • Yellow foods are those that fall in between these two categories.

Noom also provides healthy recipes and other nutrition-related tips, but only if you’re a premium subscriber.

This can be a valuable resource for those who want to make healthier food choices but aren’t quite sure what they should be eating.

Does Noom have a food database?

Noom has a comprehensive food database with over 3.7 million options as of this writing.

Unlike other apps that allow random users to modify their food database, Noom has a team of experts that maintain the accuracy of its food database.

It also provides nutritional information for each option, so that users can make informed choices about their diet.

Plus, Noom users also get to enjoy the perks of using their mobile devices to scan the barcode of food items.

This feature makes logging food easier so they don’t have to manually search everything on the app.

Do weight loss apps work?

Do weight loss apps workThere is no denying that weight loss apps are very effective when it comes to helping people achieve their goal weight and improve their relationship with food.

However, it’s not a quick process and without commitment, discipline, and maintaining healthy habits, these apps can be nothing more than a waste of time.

This is the reason why people need to start by setting reasonable goals and sticking to them.

There is no point in trying to lose a lot of weight if you are not going to be disciplined enough to do it.

It is also important to keep track of your progress and be able to see the results you are getting, which is why weight loss apps encourage users to log their food intake and physical activities.

Can I use the Noom app after the subscription ends?

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to keep using the Noom weight loss app after your subscription ends.

But before you do, know that there are some limitations to what the free version of the app can do.

Using the free version will no longer give you access to your Noom personal coach, but you can still track calories and workouts on your phone and Apple Watch.

Basically, you can only use it as a workout and calorie tracker.

This can be a bummer if you’re used to using the app to its maximum potential.

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep using the app after your subscription ends, you should consider renewing your subscription plan.

Otherwise, you’ll get stuck on the limited features.

Does Noom help with lowering cholesterol?

Noom can help with lowering cholesterol, since it motivates you to develop a healthy lifestyle by providing tools and a wealth of educational articles that you can access on their app and website.

It also encourages you to make small changes in your daily routine that will have a big impact on your health.

By following the advice on Noom, users can improve their diet and exercise habits, which are both key contributors to healthy cholesterol levels.

In addition, Noom also provides support and advice from a community of like-minded individuals.

Is Noom safe?

Yes, Noom is safe to use.

The company behind the app has been around for over 10 years and has helped thousands of people lose weight effectively and maintain their body weights.

They have also received numerous awards for being one of the best weight loss apps available today.

The True Cost of Noom

The real cost of Noom comes when it starts working for you.

It was about halfway through Noom that I found myself swimming in my old clothes and looking really shaggy in my baggy wardrobe.

Working in a semi-professional environment, I found the need to upgrade my wardrobe quickly.

This meant throwing out clothes that I had had for years and re-buying pretty much my entire wardrobe.

I’m not much of a clothes shopper, but I’ll admit it was fun picking out an entire set of medium shirts and smaller pants for the first time.

This is a cost you will have to consider for any weight loss program that works, but it’s still better than spending that money on pills or a doctor’s visit.

If you want to give Noom a shot, I would really suggest starting with the 2-week trial, and seeing how it goes from there.

At the worst, you are out for 2 weeks and $1, but if you have anything close to the results that I had, you will become a raving Noomer like my wife and me in no time.

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Thanks for your support and have fun keeping the weight off for good!

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