About Mommy Bear Reviews

Callie and Justin

We are the parents of two amazing children and a fur child (dog).

They sure keep us busy and we can’t remember what a full night’s sleep is anymore, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our goal is to review only products that we have used so you get first-hand, honest reviews of the baby, mom, dad, and health products that we review.

Our biggest experiment was undergoing the Noom Weight Loss Program where we put ourselves through the full 16-week Noom program to see if it could help us and other parents out there lose weight.

Callie lost 10lbs and Justin lost a whopping 35lbs!

As parents we now have a lot more energy than we used to so we can keep up with our little ones who have endless energy.

Got a Great Product You Want Reviewed?

Contact us and we will give your product an honest review!

We have had numerous partnerships where the makers of baby and parent products alike send us a free product and we give an honest review for them. If this is also you, we would love to give your product our honest opinion.

You will get the chance to review our review before we set it live to the world. We won’t change the review if it is negative, and we won’t pay to send the product back, but we won’t publish if you don’t like how we are representing your brand.

As we said our goal is honest reviews, so we can only publish our honest word.

We Can Also Write Sponsored Content!

We won’t take money for full reviews, but if you have a different idea for a fun or useful article, we can center it around your product for a sponsorship fee.

The post will clearly be marked “Sponsored” to provide full transparency, but we can have a lot of fun and education about your product to our readership.

Our sponsored post fee is currently $200, so get your request in before pricing goes up!

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Read what we have had to say about baby items, weight loss programs, and more that we use everyday!

We also have articles that will help spark discussions among parents, or simply educate and help you on varying parenting topics.


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