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The traditional way of recruiting and hiring candidates used to be complicated and very long.

Luckily, thanks to the internet, you don’t need to spend twice the amount of effort that you used to before.

When hiring an engineer, there are several things that you should know about them before you broadcast your job posting anywhere.

That’s why in this article, we will be talking about the different types of engineers, what they do, and how you can find one the easy way.

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What does an engineer do?

Engineers are experts who combine science and mathematics to provide engineering solutions to different industries.

They’re the ones who design and create infrastructures, devices, machines, and even software that we use every day.

Other than having different areas of expertise, engineers are the ones who will build and improve the products and services that your company offers.

An engineer can work in a company or as an independent contractor, and sometimes you can find them in the office or in the field, depending on their area of specialization.

In addition, engineers are also the ones who supervise the different processes of product development. 

What are the 10 types of engineers?

Types of Engineers

Different types of engineers are needed in different industries.

They can deal with so many things that’s why the demand for this career is constantly increasing as new technologies emerge. 

With that said, here are 10 types of engineers that are changing the world today:

  • Civil Engineers – deal with major infrastructures that we regularly use such as bridges, roads, buildings, etc. 
  • Agricultural Engineers – AKA “biological engineers”, develop agricultural machinery, equipment, process, and structures.
  • Aerospace Engineers – are the ones who design and develop aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, jets, helicopters, and rockets.
  • Chemical Engineers – they apply and combine the principles of chemistry, mathematics, physics, and even microbiology to develop or discover new products.
  • Mechanical Engineers – are engineers who specialize in machinery development and processes.
  • Electrical Engineers – deal with the technology of electricity and specialize in power supply and generation.
  • Nuclear Engineers – are engineers that develop and study nuclear materials and transform them into new products and systems.
  • Computer Engineers – develop and design software and hardware for computers.
  • Petroleum Engineers – they are generally responsible for planning and developing methods and equipment to extract oil and gas from different sources.
  • Software Engineers – are specialists who apply the principles of mathematics, engineering, and computer science to create, develop, and maintain computer software.

What organizations hire the most engineers?

According to The Silicon Valley Business Journal, big tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, ServiceNow, and others, hire the most engineers.

The reason is actually quite obvious, these companies specialize in developing products in the technology sector.

What is the highest paying engineer job?

Petroleum engineers have the highest salaries among other engineers with a whopping amount of $114,080 to $166,400 a year according to UniCreds.

Next in line are nuclear engineers ($99,920 to $142,290 annually) and aerospace engineers ($97,480 to $143,360 annually) 

What are skills that employers need to look for in engineers?


Human resource managers would often look for engineering skills to determine if a candidate can deliver positive results.

Technical skills and personal skills are two of the most important skills that every engineer needs to possess.

For fresh graduates, these skills are essential and give them an advantage over other candidates despite not having previous work experience/

Technical skills

Every job candidate is required to have technical skills that make them qualified to get the position. However, it can also depend on the different areas of specialization. 

Manufacturing Processes

These include casting, forging, forming, machining, imaging and coating, assembling, molding, etc. Engineers know these processes very well, but this doesn’t mean that they’re experts in them.

Quality Control

Understanding quality control is very important in the manufacturing and construction process. Project Management

Project management is basically the ability to meet deadlines and come up with strategies to make the processes less complicated


Solving problems in a fast and effective manner is also an important skill that engineers need to have. This means that if something goes wrong, they are able to bring any project back on track as soon as possible.

Data Analysis

The ability to analyze and interpret data helps in the decision-making process. Meanwhile, some engineering roles may require advanced analytical skills such as proficiency in using software. 

Personal skills

Personal skills are skills that are developed over time, and sometimes they can be difficult to teach since these can be learned through experience.

Critical thinking

An engineer who knows how to think in an organized manner and has the ability to make logical decisions in difficult situations is a huge plus. 


It’s true that not everyone knows how to play the role of a leader but for engineers, having leadership skills allows them to work well with other people. This type of skill is what motivates other people to keep doing what they do. It’s simple but it has a big impact on the work environment.


Engineers need to have the ability to communicate well, either verbally or through written communication, to easily collaborate with other team members. This helps in avoiding mistakes and strengthening relationships with co-workers.

High attention to detail

Engineering is a complex industry. One mistake could affect the entire thing. If an engineer doesn’t have this skill, it might be difficult to trust them with projects since it could lead to failure and even harm.

Up to date knowledge

Since the world is constantly changing, it is very important for an engineer to be up to date on the latest engineering trends. Sometimes there are even certifications that determine how far they’ve come after earning their degree.

How do I hire an engineer?

The Best Place to Hire Engineers - ZipRecruiter

The overall process of recruiting or hiring any job seeker, no matter what career it may be, requires a plan that needs to be followed.

When hiring an engineer, it’s not just about getting your job post anywhere.

Develop a recruitment strategy

HR managers would often develop a strategy to set goals and objectives that define the company’s culture and standards.

This provides an equal opportunity to employees and also increases the chances of finding the best candidates for the company.

Write a great job description

Recruitment involves marketing and writing a job description is what makes your job stand out among your competitors. It has to be clear and understandable so job seekers won’t hesitate to send their application forms. 


Use internal and external sources to find potential candidates for the position. The goal is to get interested applicants, so try to make sure that you’re using the right sources to find them.

Use recruiting software to find engineers

Recruiting software is every company’s favorite. It optimizes and streamlines the whole recruitment process for them and ZipRecruiter is a good example of what top organizations use.

Give them reasons why they should work in your company

In your job post, tell them about your company, such as the culture and environment, to give them an idea of what it’s like to work with you. This method works perfectly all the time that’s why companies keep receiving applications even if the positions have already been filled.

Interview and ask them questions about what they’re looking for in a company

Part of the recruitment process is to interview job seekers. Try to ask them what they’re looking for in a company and find ways to tell them what your company has in store for them. Just be honest and don’t give them a false statement or you’ll end up losing a good employee.

Talk about the salary and benefits of working with you

This is also a very important matter that needs to be discussed during the interview process. It gives applicants an opportunity to see if it’s the right job for their skillset and experience. Also, try to ask them what their salary expectations are so you can both meet halfway.

Why is it difficult to find engineers?

It can be a tough challenge for recruiters to find engineering talent and encourage them to work with them.

The increasing demand for engineers is what makes it difficult to find and hire them. 

Engineering roles require specializations, certifications, and experience just to qualify for a certain job or position.

For example, if a company is looking for a mechanical engineer, they couldn’t get a civil engineer to fill the position.

These two types of engineers are different from each other since a mechanical engineer deals with machines and a civil engineer deals with infrastructures.

Where is the best place to hire engineers?

ZipRecruiter is the best place to hire engineers since it’s an online platform that streamlines the entire recruitment and hiring process for employers.

This easy-to-use recruitment software is ideal for HR managers who are looking for potential job candidates over the internet.

It comes with amazing tools and features that make job postings visible in almost every online platform where job seekers are.

Alternatively, ZipRecruiter is also ideal for job seekers who are looking for companies to work with.

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