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Are you still looking for the best recruitment software to use for your company?

Well, you’re in luck because, in this post, we will be talking about all sorts of stuff about recruitment software to find out which one is the best.

Finding candidates to fill vacant positions in an organization can be as challenging as looking for a job.

There’s always competition anywhere and sometimes you can get unexpected results after all that hard work.

Do you think it is because of how boring your job post is?

Or is it because you’re using the wrong tools to find what you’re looking for?

No matter the reason, the entire hiring process will always be something that doesn’t happen overnight.

Sometimes it may even take days or even weeks before you meet the perfect candidate for your company.

What is the recruitment and hiring process all about?

Recruitment Process

Some people say it takes time and money to get the right people to work with you.

HR managers regularly meet amazing people with incredible skills that the company might be very interested in hiring someday.

These professionals are pretty good at finding new employees since they specialize in the recruitment and hiring process.

Recruitment can be defined as the process of finding potential candidates that fit a specific position or job in a company.

It usually involves analyzing job requirements, screening applicants, and selecting the ideal candidate.

The most common steps in the recruiting process are:

  • Human resource planning
  • Strategy development
  • Recruitment
  • Screening
  • Evaluation and selection

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What are two categories of sources in the recruitment process?

Internal and external sources are two categories of sources in the recruitment process.

Internal sources of recruitment consist of employees that are currently working in the company and former employees. 

The recruitment process can be done by doing promotions, transfers, internal advertisements, employee referrals, and precious applicants.

External sources are what you can refer to as recruiting people that are outside the company.

It can be done through direct recruitment, employment agencies, advertisements, word of mouth, college recruitment, contractors, and more.

What technologies do recruiters use?

Before, the process of looking for job seekers used to be time-consuming and very challenging.

Employers would often go to certain places, like conventions or job fairs, to attract potential candidates who are interested in working with them.

There was even a time when recruitment agencies would hand out flyers to passersby, hoping to get interested applicants.

But thanks to modern-day technology, the process has become a lot easier and cheaper since there’s software that recruiters can use.

Recruitment software

Recruitment software is software that’s designed to attract talents in the market, making the hiring process easier. It comes with features that keep track of applicants throughout the process from submitting application forms until they are interviewed. Additionally, recruitment software also broadcasts job offers to increase the chances of getting more applications.

Applicant tracking systems

ATS or applicant tracking systems are built to manage applications and have functions that are quite similar to recruitment software. This type of software helps HR managers narrow their applicant pool and makes collecting and storing resumes in a database that’s easy to access. Most ATS have features that allow recruiters to conduct keyword searches when looking for skills and titles.

Recruitment CRMs

CRMs or candidate relationship management is software that’s used to nurture relationships with potential candidates. Basically, this software allows businesses to manage all aspects of finding and recruiting staff.

Video Interviewing Tools

Video interviewing tools is software that helps professionals in interviewing candidates virtually. Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and more are great tools to screen candidates and quickly move applicants through the hiring process.

What are the benefits of using recruitment software?

Recruitment Software

The benefits of using recruitment software are not only great for the recruiter, but also the applicant.

Using recruitment software saves time and effort since it makes the hiring process faster and more efficient.

It’s a great tool that improves the employment brand experience since it’s less complicated than receiving actual applications.

It provides easy access to a live database of candidates and helps in maintaining relationships between the company and 

Recruitment software also keeps the communication line open since it comes with a messaging feature.

Another amazing benefit of using this type of software is that it can also automate the process of data collection by receiving applications from different channels like on the company website or email.

What is the difference between sourcing and recruiting?

Sourcing and recruiting are two different terms that are important in the HR industry.

When your talk about sourcing, it is simply the process of finding candidates for a specific role in a company.

However, this doesn’t imply that the role is available or currently existing in the organization.

On the other hand, recruiting is the process of attracting, screening, and interviewing interested applicants.

The sourcer and the recruiter work well together as a team especially when the company is looking for different types of candidates. 

How are CRM systems used for recruitment purposes?

Candidate relationship management systems are used by hiring professionals to kickstart the recruitment process.

This type of software is best for building a talent pool and narrowing down candidates 

CRM systems play a vital role in the recruitment process for a number of reasons:

  • Nurture and engage with potential candidates
  • Provides a positive experience for candidates
  • Send out emails to candidates
  • Build a talent pool
  • Manage early stages in the recruitment process

What is the difference between ATS and CRM?

An applicant tracking system, AKA talent management system, is a type of software that focuses on tracking the hiring process.

Meanwhile, a candidate relationship management system is software that builds and strengthens the relationships between the employer and the candidate.

Some HR managers often use these two types of software to maintain their talent pool and give candidates a good experience during the recruitment process.

What are 5 sources of recruiting job candidates?

Interviewing Process

Recruitment may seem like a very complicated process especially when you don’t know where to find qualified job candidates.

One possible reason is that you might be looking at the wrong places, which is delaying the whole recruitment process.

So before you get started, check out these sources of recruitment that can help you find talent to fill your talent pool.


One of the easiest methods to find talent is through employee referrals.

Employee referral is the simplest and fastest way to find candidates since all you have to do is to ask existing employees for recommendations.

Company website

Your company website is also a powerful tool that you can use to recruit new people.

Since the website contains information about the company, it gives applicants a clear vision of what your company does. 

For example, your company sells pipes and other plumbing materials, you can expect to receive applications from plumbers, engineers, etc.

Job boards

Job boards are also very attractive to job seekers since it provides easy access to different career opportunities.

A job board is simply a website that employers use to advertise jobs and actively search for talent.

Staffing agency

A staffing agency might seem like a good place to find people to hire.

Some people prefer to use a staffing agency since it helps job seekers get hired immediately due to its connections to different companies.

Social media

Social media is also an awesome platform to find talent, especially LinkedIn.

Among other social networking sites, LinkedIn is the best place to find job seekers since it’s like the professional version of Facebook

In fact, people are going to the platform to know more about their skills and job history since it contains information about the applicant.

How do I choose good recruitment software?

Choosing the best recruitment software is essential before you start the recruitment process.


Well, the answer is pretty obvious: it saves you time and it makes the whole process easier for the company and the applicant.

There are three things to consider when choosing the best software:

  1. What are your company’s recruitment goals?
  2. Does it come with features that are useful for the company?
  3. Is the software user-friendly and cost-effective? 

What is the best recruitment software?

If you look at the questions from the previous section, the best recruitment software is none other than ZipRecruiter.

ZipRecruiter is online software that’s designed to match the right candidates to employers.

With millions of monthly active users, the platform has become a popular choice for different companies due to its amazing feature that lets them post job listings to multiple job boards.

Job listings in ZipRecruiter are posted to over 100+ job boards including TrafficBoost, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

One of the best reasons to use ZipRecruiter is that it has the best features that make finding the right candidates easier.

You can create a pre-screening questionnaire to save time in qualifying different candidates, and also post a job listing for free when you register on the platform.

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