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Hey Mommy Bears!

Today we are back on the Qeepsake trail, and we are going to discuss how much it costs to get the physical book printed once you feel like you have enough entries! 

We’ve ordered several books from Qeepsake over the years, and we must say, they are pretty high quality!

Want to find out more?

Let’s get to it!

Ordering the Qeepsake Book

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The Qeepsake website states that the minimum amount of entries you need to have in your journal to order the book is 20. You can only order books if you are on a paid plan, and the book will cost you extra beyond your subscription fee. Two different kids cannot be combined into one journal at this time, so sorry for your parent with multiple kids.

The turnaround time after you order your baby book is 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately you don’t have control over the layout of your book. It seems like you get one to three entries per page, depending on how much you wrote, and whether or not you included an image. The books are printed in the date order of your entries, and there is no option to preview them before shelling out your money.

The Cost of the Qeepsake Book

The current cost of the book is $19.99 for the first 30 pages of a softback book. You can also get a hardback of 30 pages for $39.99.

On the high end of page count, you can go up to 300. This will cost $181.99 for a softcover and $296.49 for a hardcover.

I don’t know about you, but 300 pages would be a monster book.

Interested in getting 30 pages for free? Check out our special deal below!

Get a 30-Page Qeepsake Book: FREE!

As a reward to my valued readers, I've teamed up with Qeepsake to get you a 30-Page Qeepsake Book* for FREE! That's a $20 value!

*That's a 30-page softcover book for FREE! Your $20 USD book voucher may be redeemed towards the purchase of a Qeepsake Book valued at $50 USD or more (excluding shipping costs). A voucher cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. It expires 12 months after the date you join Qeepsake.

My Thoughts On Getting A Physical Qeepsake Book

Since this article was first published, we’ve had Qeepsake sponsor us to order 3 different books to try out their system.

It was very easy to use, and we love having a book of memories that was so easy to put together.

We made one for our newest baby, our family adventures in 2021, and our Christmas advent adventures.

Check out any of these articles for more images and information on physical Qeepsake books.

Have you ordered a Qeepsake book? I would love to hear about your experience down in the comments!

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