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Hiring Success: A Quick Course For Your First Hire

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What’s This Course About?

If you’ve been thrown into the role of hiring in your company, or run your own company and need to hire for the first time, you may be wondering how you even go about hiring someone.

In this course we cover: 

  • Where to post your job listing to get the most qualified candidates
  • What to put in your job description
  • What type of salary you should offer
  • How to handle nerves before conducting an interview
  • What types of questions to ask your candidates
  • How to handle trial work days for potential hires
  • What to offer for new employee training
  • How you should handle advancements within the company

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Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Coleman

Jennifer has previously held a position for over 5 years as hiring manager for a prestigious restaurant in Denver, Colorado.

Through this experience she has hired and trained dozens of workers.

Now she’s ready to teach you the ins and outs of hiring, training, and advancement.

Jennifer Coleman

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