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If you’re looking for a job aggregator that offers automatic job updates and multiple tools for recruiting new employees, ZipRecruiter is a prolific job search engine that delivers high-quality results.
For example, just by posting one job on ZipRecruiter, you can push your listing to 100 or more job boards, as well as social media channels.
In this review, we look at ZipRecruiter features, pros, cons, pricing, and how to use the job search engine to recruit the best employees.
We also look at the app’s benefits and pricing for job seekers.

What is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is a high-quality online employment website and recruitment option that allows employers to post job listings, and job seekers may also post their resumes and apply for potential jobs.
With an AI-driven matching service, employers can easily find the best candidates for vacant positions while also utilizing a number of tools to enhance their results, such as TrafficBoost, and a smart mobile app. It’s also considerably easy to get started since ZipRecruiter comes with a free trial.
Job seekers use ZipRecruiter because it’s an automatic job aggregator that delivers new job offers based on your preferences, and it’s free to use.
You can list your resume, apply to jobs, and get help to improve your search.

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Is ZipRecruiter a Job Board?

ZipRecruiter is a job board that connects with over 100 other job search networks. It automatically updates advertisements for jobs from sources all over the internet, allowing both job seekers and recruiters to get the latest results.
Employers can use ZipRecruiter’s smart resume search tool to find those job seekers with the exact skills and experience they’re looking for, inviting them to apply or even contacting them directly to set up a meeting.
These features make ZipRecruiter one of the fastest ways to find talent for managers, recruiters, and HR teams.
If you are tired of getting minimal results and want to ensure that you get lots of responses, you can successfully post a job or your resume within five minutes using ZipRecruiter’s tools.

Is ZipRecruiter Legit?

With thousands of reviews, ZipRecruiter has millions of resumes.
It’s one of the best job search engines to find talent because it doesn’t rely on its own supply of job seekers.
If a resume has been posted to any job site across the world wide web, ZipRecruiter will find it and match it to your preferences.
It’s extremely accurate and easy-to-use.

Core Features of ZipRecruiter

With over 12 million resumes and millions more job offers, ZipRecruiter is also one of the largest job search networks.
It can be an all-in-one recruitment tool, or job seekers can use their helpful app to improve their resume and continuously match with jobs every day.
Here are a few of the best features of ZipRecruiter:

Post to All Job Boards with One Submission

When you list a job on ZipRecruiter, the website automatically posts your listing to over 100 other job boards.
These are typically smaller niche boards, such as,,, and others.
This one feature saves so much time for recruiters who don’t have to copy and paste anything into any other job board to get more applicants. ZipRecruiter does this for you.
You can also use ZipRecruiter to post your listings to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Resume Search

If you want to be more proactive and find matches right away, you can use ZipRecruiter’s resume search.
This tool connects you with a database with over 12 million candidates. You can conduct unlimited searches and include all kinds of criteria through keywords.
Recruiters may specify education, location, and unique skills necessary to match.
Both job seekers and passive candidates are available on ZipRecruiter.
Once you find an interesting resume, you can easily contact the job seeker, so long as you have a paid account that opens access to their contact information.


ZipRecruiter Mobile App

For those glued to their phones who want up-to-the-minute notifications, ZipRecruiter offers a mobile app for Android and iPhone users.
This makes it easy for job seekers to post resumes, apply for jobs, and see new applications available.
Employers can also use ZipRecruiter’s mobile app to match, rate, and contact all candidates that they like right from the palm of their hands.
You can also where candidates originally applied from, such as a social media site, mobile phone, or another job board.

Add The Job Listings Widget to Your Website

As an employer, you may have several job openings that you want to show to potential job seekers. With the ZipRecruiter widget, you can easily post all open jobs to a page on your website without ever needing any programming skills or major changes to your site’s content.
All you need is a business website where you can promote your job openings using this embeddable widget.
You’ll just copy the code and add it to your webpage to start showing all of your available positions through ZipRecruiter.
It’s your very own employee recruitment page.


Why ZipRecruiter Is Different Than Other Job Boards

ZipRecruiter is one of the largest job posting and recruitment sites on the web.
Companies of all sizes use it to connect with job seekers and fill open positions. One of the things that sets ZipRecruiter apart is the AI algorithm that can automatically send you matches and save job seekers tons of time.
The job search app also goes beyond just being a place for employers to post openings.
When you list a new job on ZipRecruiter’s site, it syndicates your post across hundreds of other websites, so hundreds and thousands of people see your position, which improves an employer’s odds of finding the most talent.
In addition, the Candidate Dashboard tool within ZipRecruiter is smarter and more robust than many other job search websites. The dashboard allows you to sort applicants, see top talent, and sort by relevant skills.
Both job seekers and employers also have access to phone support, which is another feature lacking from sites like Indeed and

ZipRecruiter for Job Seekers

If you’re looking for a job, you obviously want to find the best employers with higher Glassdoor reviews, better culture, and the best pay.
You can set your preferences and match with the right employers on ZipRecruiter.


How much does it cost to use ZipRecruiter for job seekers?

It’s free to use ZipRecruiter for job seekers.
You can sign up, select preferences, and post your resume for absolutely no cost to you.

How to Search for a Job and Apply

All you have to do is sign up and start searching for job listings, then click “Apply” on any listing you like.
If you want to passively receive suggestions, ZipRecruiter will send you all of the available jobs that match your preferences right to your phone or email.

Search Filters

The search filters let you pick location, salary, skills, benefits, and other options to enhance your job search and only find the jobs that match what you’re looking for.


Relevant Open Positions

Any position available across the web will be sent to your inbox if it matches your preferences, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll receive all job offers for any position and any salary.
When you set up your profile information, you can select all the job titles, skills, and education you want to show for job offers.
Any relevant open positions (including jobs posted in real-time) are sent to your inbox, and you’ll receive a notification on your phone if you have the ZipRecruiter mobile app.
This saves job seekers a ton of time when looking for new openings.

Hiring Qualified Candidates With ZipRecruiter

For employers, HR managers, and recruiters, ZipRecruiter lets you enter all the qualifications you’re looking for. You can also add questions, education requirements, and experience requirements to get the most qualified candidates for the position.
Employers can set up positions with different qualifications for unlimited positions. However, you will need a paid account to do so.
This actually benefits an employer who is looking to hire multiple candidates at once as you can view all of your applications and even see suggested candidates who match your qualifications within your dashboard.

Getting Your Company Started on ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter has a very quick and easy process for posting applications and finding qualified candidates.
However, employers should still keep in mind two objectives when setting up their job postings: 1) requirements for the best candidates, and 2) creating an exciting job posting that candidates will jump to apply for.
In addition, ZipRecruiter offers a free trial for employers. You can use this trial to set up multiple postings and get started on the platform. However, the trial only lasts for 4 days. We’ll talk you through how to start and cancel this trial if you just want to check out the service.
Here’s how to get started using the free trial and creating your first job posting:

How to Sign Up for ZipRecruiter Free Trial and Start Hiring

  • Navigate to the ZipRecruiter Plans Page and select the plan you want to try. We recommend going with Premium.
  • Click “Try for Free” and follow prompts to set up your business account. You’ll need to provide some information about your business size, as well as your name and company email.
  • Click “Get Started” to proceed. ZipRecruiter asks for your title, phone number, zip code, applicant tracking system information, and asks that you agree to be contacted. This is because ZipRecruiter will contact you by phone to help you optimize your job postings and get the most out of the service.
  • Click “Continue” to proceed to your first job posting.
  • To finish, you’ll need to supply a credit card. ZipRecruiter provides you with your trial cancellation date so you can set up a reminder to cancel beforehand on your phone if you want to avoid being charged.
  • Click “Post My Job Now” to publish your job.
That’s it! You’re on your way to hiring your first candidate.

Cancelling Your ZipRecruiter Trial

To cancel your ZipRecruiter trial, you’ll need to finish setting up your first job posting.
Once done, go to and click on “My Account.” From here, select “Subscription” and then “Cancel Free Trial.”
You should cancel before the 4th day. In some cases, ZipRecruiter may add 30 days onto your free trial if you talk to their support team.

How to List a Job on ZipRecruiter

If you signed up during the free trial, you’ll automatically be prompted to post your first job. After that, you’ll use your account dashboard to set up multiple job postings and organize your candidates.
Job Posting Form From ZipRecruiter
Here is a quick step-by-step guide to creating your first job posting:
  • Go to and sign in, then click “Post a Job” in the top left corner. On mobile or in a smaller window, this looks like a “+” sign.
  • Fill in all the information in the job posting, including job title, employment type, job description, company description, benefits, compensation, and any other information you’d like to provide.
ZipRecruiter Job Templates
Time-Saving Tip: Use the template under job description to save time and add responsibilities within the template to customize the position’s requirements and skills needed.
  • Click “Save and Continue” to post your job. You can now add candidate screening questions.
  • Click on the “ZipRecruiter” logo and go to “Jobs,” then select the job you want to add more qualifications and screening for.
  • Click on “Add Screening Questions” to see a list of questions about work authorization, licenses, education, background check, overtime, commute, and even custom questions.
  • Once added, click “Deal-Breaker” to ensure that you won’t be shown any candidates that don’t match what you’re looking for.

Where are ZipRecruiter Listings Distributed To?

ZipRecruiter states that they post your job to 100+ different sites. You can view all of their current job sites, including TrafficBoost, Google, Jooble, Trovit, Jobrapido, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.
There’s a special section for veteran job sites as well, which includes Veteran’s Job Exchange and JobPath.

Other Benefits of Listing Jobs on ZipRecruiter

For those hiring, ZipRecruiter offers a lot of tools for finding the right candidates.
For example, you can view all of your “great matches,” which are the most qualified based on your application and screening questions.
With the resume database, you can select an active job you’re looking for and then see all the candidates who match, or you can search by keywords, location, and job titles.
For job seekers, ZipRecruiter is a great place to host your resume for free and get notifications for all current jobs. You can search all job offers using the database and communicate with recruiters directly within your dashboard.
Finally, employers who want to export candidates to Excel can actually collect all qualified candidates and choose export within ZipRecruiter to send a .CSV or .XLSX file to download or share via email.

What is ZipRecruiter TrafficBoost?

Oftentimes, companies compete for highly skilled talent.
If you have a tough position to fill, you can boost your posting with TrafficBoost.
This means that your job posting gets posted to more channels and receives three times the traffic as a typical job posting on ZipRecruiter.

How Much Does ZipRecruiter Cost for Employers

For premium accounts, ZipRecruiter charges $249 per month.
However, the free trial makes it easy to get started, and you don’t have to pay for 30 days if you request an extension on your trial.
Additionally, ZipRecruiter offers a referral program that provides a $100 referral credit for every person you refer who subscribes. The program is easy to use with your own unique link.
$100 ZipRecruiter Referral Bonus

How to Use ZipRecruiter Job Search App

For those constantly on the go, ZipRecruiter has an incredibly smart mobile app available for Android and iOS users.
It works for both employers and job seekers.
While the app is a bit pared down in features, the simplicity actually makes the app much better and faster to find jobs or qualified candidates.
Job seekers can apply for jobs via the mobile app, and you’ll receive notifications, allowing you to apply quickly in real-time for job offers just posted.
Employers can use ZipRecruiter to view and contact candidates from their smartphone, as well as search for possible candidates.

Overall Verdict: My ZipRecruiter Review

As someone who has used ZipRecruiter as a candidate, it’s really one of the most hassle-free job listing sites on the internet, and it’s completely modern in comparison to many of the old favorites.
The real-time notifications for current jobs will benefit job seekers in highly competitive fields, while employers can take advantage of the easy interface and resume database to find the most qualified candidates for any job.
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