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Are you still looking for the best place to hire software engineers and are slowly losing hope to find one?

Well, today’s your lucky day!

Because in this post, we will be talking about what software engineers are, what skills they have, and where you can hire one.

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What is a software engineer?

Software Engineering

Before you hire a software engineer, it is very important to understand what engineers in this field do.

A software engineer is an engineer that specializes in designing, developing, maintaining, and testing computer software or apps. 

Some industries call them software developers since they’re pretty good in this area than computer engineers – except that software developers and engineers have different roles.

This type of engineer has extensive knowledge in programming languages, operating systems, etc.

Usually, whenever a software engineer works with a client, they start by analyzing what the client wants and needs, before starting the process of software development.

The two types of software engineers

There are also two different types of software engineers, each with different roles and responsibilities in software development.

Applications Engineers

An applications engineer, also known as an applications software developer, designs software for clients.

Their duties include designing, building, and maintaining the end user’s software.

They work closely with marketers, graphic designers, project managers, organizations, and more.

Systems Engineers

Systems engineers, also called systems software developers, are the ones who specialize in building operating systems, software integration, designing, maintenance, coding, and more.

Basically, this type of software engineer is someone who works on complex systems than an applications engineer.

They work closely with data science professionals, senior systems architects, etc.

What does a software engineer do?

A software engineer’s role may depend on the organization they’re in.

There are times when they are only doing one specific task such as software designing, or sometimes they might do all things involved in software engineering.

It mainly depends on the size of the development team in the company they’re in.

Salaries may vary too and usually, the ones with more roles have higher rates than those who have less.

What technical skills does a software engineer need to have?

Every software engineer needs to have a solid understanding of:

Debugging and testing software

Debugging and testing software is what every software engineer needs to be very familiar with, even though there’s are AI programs that can do this task

Programming and coding

Learning the different programming languages is always a huge plus, but it isn’t always necessary. Java, Python, C#/.Net, Mean, and Ruby, can be learned through online courses in case the software engineer wants to dive deep into them.

Software development

Since software development is the core of software engineering, this is not just a basic skill that’s left behind to ensure that systems are working well.

Problem-solving skills

Software engineers need to have problem-solving skills that may sometimes take time to develop since there are different problems that may arise at any time.

Communication skills

The ability to communicate with clients, project managers, teams, etc., is also a very important skill for software engineers. There may be times when they may find it difficult to communicate with their clients who have difficulty understanding different terms. It is the responsibility of the software engineer to communicate with clients effectively to help them get a clear idea of how things work.

What is the difference between computer engineering and software engineering?

Software Engineers

A computer engineer and software engineer may seem like they have almost the same roles, except that one covers a broad area in computer science.

Computer engineering involves a lot of things like cybersecurity, computer systems, and also software engineering.

On the other hand, software engineering is mostly focused on discovering, designing, and finding solutions to technical problems in a system or software.

The thing that makes these two areas different from each other is that software engineering is more on designing, implementation, testing, and software maintenance, whereas computer engineering is mainly dealing with computer hardware. 

Can a computer engineer work as a software engineer?

A computer engineer can work as a software engineer if they earn a bachelor’s degree with a specialty or complete special training.

Software engineers are specialists in this field, which means that extensive knowledge is essential to become one.

Although there are also online courses that provide training in this field, it’s not the same as going to actual classes.

Are software engineers and software developers the same?

Software Developer

Software engineers primarily focus on the whole process involved in making software and apply the principles of software engineering to work on a larger scope

You may simply call them specialists or experts in software development since they spend more time obtaining certifications and more education to learn wider skills.

Meanwhile, software developers are the ones who also develop software and work with clients on different projects but with less knowledge and skills than a software engineer.

Bottom line, if you want a specialist in software development, hire a software engineer. If you’re on a tight budget but still want software that works and functions well, getting a software developer is almost the same thing.

How much does a software engineer make?

The average annual pay for software engineers is $99,729 as reported by ZipRecruiter, which is equivalent to an hourly rate of $47.95, $1,918 a week, or $8,311 a month.

Anyway, the rates may also vary per company since there are software engineers who can earn around $44,500 to $154,500 a year.

Does Amazon pay well for software engineers?


On average, a software engineer working in Amazon can make $99,701 a year, which is $47.93 an hour. 

Most Amazon software engineers can earn as low as $23,000 to $166,000 a year, depending on their skill level and experience.

Which companies are best for software engineers?

According to Hack Reactor, Google and Amazon are two high-paying companies that are great for entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level software developers.

Where is the best place to hire software engineers?

Software engineers sure do have a lot of things to do with the things that make up our computers and mobile devices.

Their extensive knowledge in this field is what makes them experts in software development, which could possibly mean that it can be a challenge to hire one.

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How to hire a software engineer

Software Engineer

Project managers, HR managers, of software development team leaders, often find hiring a software developer a daunting task since it takes time and money to find a good candidate.

There’s someone who claims they have these so-called technical skills, yet isn’t able to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a software engineer.

That’s why in this section, we will be talking about tips and strategies to hire one for your company.

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Write a clear job description highlighting the qualifications you are looking for

Be sure to define your goals when writing a job description.

Describe what exact qualities and experiences you are looking for in a candidate.

This gives interested applicants time to assess whether they can do what is expected of them or not. 

It also saves time and money for both parties.

Outsource candidates

Finding potential job candidates is the most challenging part of the whole recruitment and hiring process.

The first step is to use internal sources such as present employees, employee referrals, former employees, and also previous applicants.

These are your immediate sources of recruitment that don’t cost much effort compared to using external sources.

External sources of recruitment are advertising, employment agencies, walk-ins, job boards, contractors, etc.

Job boards like ZipRecruiter, can make the recruitment and hiring processes for employers and different companies faster and smoothly.

It uses AI technology to match ideal candidates to employers, unlike other platforms that are based on keyword search.

Interview candidates

One way to know more about your candidates is to have a phone call or video call to conduct an interview.

Ask them questions about their skillsets, experiences, and which programming language they are good at.

This allows you and the potential candidate to get to know each other and to determine if they can give you the right answers that you are looking for.

Have a paid trial period

Trial periods are also essential in hiring a software developer.

Provide an online test for them to see who finishes the tasks smoothly to determine if they are fit for the upcoming tasks.

Just make sure to pay them after the trial period even if you’re not planning to hire them.

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