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Ready for the Qeepsake Premium and Baby Book Giveaway?

Why am I giving away Qeepsake Premium and a $40 baby book credit for free?

Qeepsake is one of my favorite online baby book apps, and I have enjoyed answering my daily questions for several years now.

I have explored many of the different baby book apps out there, and this is one of the easiest to use!

With the normal free Qeepsake subscription, Qeepsake Lite, you only get 1 questions per week, you can only submit 20 spontaneous memories a month (where you just write something in to Qeepsake via text without them asking a questions first), and 5 photos a month. You don’t even have an option to order a baby book, probably because you kid will be in high school before you have enough questions to fill a book at 1 per week.

What I am hooking you up with if you win the contest is Qeepsake Premium:

  • 4 questions per day
  • Unlimited photos via app
  • Order a Qeepsake Book
  • Add a spouse or partner

That’s a lot of Questions.

And adding a spouse to your plan makes capturing baby’s memories even easier!

Also, the average Qeepsake book costs $40 according to their website, so I’m hooking the winner up with that as well!

Enter the contest today and try your luck at scoring Qeepsake Premium!

Be sure to share this contest on social media (via the contest widget) and come back dailly for more chances to win!

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