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Hello again Mommy Bears!

Today we are back on the Qeepsake trail as I investigate further into the product and try and answer some of your most burning questions.

In this article we will go through Qeepsake’s safety and security features. In today’s world of constant hacks and cyber threats, it’s easy to be cautious of putting any information on the internet, especially billing information and photos of our cute little cubs. That is why an app like Qeepsake needs to be secure.

Are they? Let’s see what we can find out.

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Security of the Qeepsake App

According to the Qeepsake website, they don’t sell the contents of your baby journal for any reason. This is a good start for security, even though I’m sure they could fetch a pretty penny from all the cute photos uploaded!

The website itself is https, which means they are protected with encryption. This just means there is some coding involved that protects all your information from hackers.

The site says they can’t protect your info 100% from attacks, and who can blame them. Credit bureaus and other databases always get hacked, so keep that in mind.

What Type of People Handle My Sensitive Information?

Qeepsake states that they have an Internal Confidentiality Policy with the people that they hire. No one who works there is allowed to take, sell, or discuss your information with other people or companies unless they directly relate to the running of Qeepsake as a business. They make employees go through a criminal background check as well as a sex-offender list check to make sure that they are getting some good people to work with your information, who can be trusted.

Does All This Mean That Qeepsake Is Safe to Use?

Overall, I would say yes. As stated above, all information online has the possibility of being stolen, but Qeepsake seems to have taken some crucial steps towards making their site as secure as they can, which is very important when dealing with the information of our children.

Qeepsake has some tips to make your information even more secure.

They are:

  • Giving your kid a nickname in the online journal instead of using their real name (My little cub is Little Cub to Qeepsake).
  • Using your initials instead of your real name (I used Mommy as my first name, and Bear as my last, and it works just fine).
  • Using an email address that is not used for anything but online dealings that doesn’t contain your real name anywhere in the file.

Mommy Bear’s Recommendation To Use Qeepsake

Using some of the precautions above, I say that Qeepsake is definitely worth a try. You can read my full review and see what I have to say there, but overall it seems like a cool concept that could really turn into a great product in the future. I am still exploring the app myself, and have yet to order a physical baby book from them, so I will keep you updated as I progress. I do have to say that their website leaves a lot to be desired as it is somewhat confusing and hard to navigate.

If you sign up for Qeepsake using the button below, I will be on my way to earning a free year of Qeepsake! During this year I will keep checking in with you on how things are on the Pro plan, and will eventually order the baby book to do a review on that as well!

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