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We here at Mommy Bear are super excited that we will soon be welcoming baby number 3 to our little (growing) family.

Our end of January due date is coming fast, and as such we’re trying to slow down, enjoy the little moments, all while being sped through the holiday season, raising our two other kids, getting them to school, doing our Christmas activities, hosting a Christmas, and finishing last minute baby prep.

Needless to say it’s a good thing I like to plan early and get ahead of all of this so I can stay sane during all this rush.

While life makes it kind of hard to be able to slow down and enjoy the little moments of being pregnant with my third, we’ve been given the opportunity to capture these moments as they happen.

It will be done in a photobook that we can cherish forever.

Our Qeepsake Photobook for Baby

When Qeepsake offered us a free account to document our baby prep journey, how could we say no?

We’ve been using Qeepsake for years, documenting all the milestones of our first two kids, and now we are able to document the third before they are even born!

Our New Little Gift

The app is great, because they text us 4 questions a day and we’re able to easily remember to track the kids’ milestones.

Not only that, but with our Premium account we can text in photos and our own milestones for the app to record.

As far as our prep for baby, we’re super excited about getting a physical book created after the baby is born.

The book will consist of all of our baby prepping, some pregnancy pictures and the kids bracing themselves for our changing family dynamic, and we’ll top the book off with some super cute newborn photos!

We’re keeping the gender a surprise this time around since we already have a boy and a girl, so it will be super cool once they are born to find out and finish the book out.

We will be sure to update this article after we have newborn photos and the book created, so you can check out the quality of the physical Qeepsake book, and also cute baby pics!

Our Baby Prep So Far

Knowing that baby was coming shortly after the holiday season, I made sure we started our baby prep early.

Early baby prep

We’re talking, putting the crib up in Little Cub’s room in September. That was one piece we luckily still had lying around.

We also made lists of things we needed around that time, since we’d gotten rid of most of our baby things before deciding we wanted to try for a third.

As such, we made a list of dates when we would purchase what we needed so we could spread the purchases out over different months instead of having the expense hit us all at once. Another benefit of prepping early.

We got a great bassinet from a second-hand store that swivels back and forth for rocking, and that I can bring easily over to the bed without having to move the entire thing.

We’ve also scored some bottles, bottle brushes, bottle rack, baby bath, a walker, some toys… a bunch of stuff!

I’ve also taken a complete breastfeeding course as I really want to make that work this time. Oh my! It’s hard to believe that so much goes into breastfeeding! But I’m really glad I was able to take the course and learn so much.

This past weekend we’ve had all of our carpets clean in prep for baby, and we’ve also hosted Christmas for my husband’s family.

The holidays are upon us, so I’m glad we’ve prepped early, taken a lot of photos, and get a cool keepsake Qeepsake book to top it all off!

Stay tuned for some photos of the final book, including cute newborn pics!

Update: Our Baby Book Arrived!

We are so excited!

Our physical baby book from Qeepsake has arrived!

It was so fun going back through all the memories of his life so far. True, not all of it was great as he ended up in the ICU, but everything has turned out great and we are all safe at home.

The book itself is a treasure. It is really good quality, and the layout turned out just like we previewed online.

We got baby books for our other 2 kids from Shutterfly, but this is definitely a contender for our keepsake books going forward.

Interested in Qeepsake?

Sign up using our referral link and get a $20 voucher for a 30-Page physical book!

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