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Hey there Mommy Bears!

I don’t know about you, but there’s one thing I don’t like about the Christmas, and that’s that most advent calendars I find are either full of chocolate or toys, things that my kids already get plenty of.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and I love having something to count down the days, but something a little more fun than a Christmas chain is always welcome.

That’s why I was super excited when I found out that Qeepsake had partnered with MadiLovesKiwi, and they wanted us to check it out and write an article about their Printable Advent Calendar.

Anything that gets me to spend time with my kids, count down (and build excitement) to Christmas, and avoid the sweets and extra toys is a win for me!

So What Is The MadiLovesKiwi Advent Calendar?

Qeepsake Advent Calendar

The MadiLovesKiwi Advent Calendar is a cute, decorative set of little paper boxes that you can print, fold, and use as a Christmas decoration while opening the boxes each day to count down to Christmas!

Each box has a saying inside that helps give you all the holiday feels and reminds you of the important things this holiday season.

Inside the box you can also put fun treats. For us, trying to avoid extra sweets, we’re planning on using the cute activity ideas that come with the downloads. This will give us more bonding time, and activities for kids while they are on break is always a plus.

The activity ideas are awesome. They are suggestions like “Bake cookies for the neighbors”, “Go on a Scavenger Hunt for Red and Green Items”, and “Play Board Games By The Christmas Tree”.

Advent Paper Boxes
Photo Credit: www.madiloveskiwi.com. Be sure to give her site a visit! She has all kinds of awesome projects like this!

It Comes With Qeepsake!

Want to know what’s better than advent calendars that help you spend more time with your kids?

How about capturing the memories you make this holiday?

Sounds good to me. That’s why it’s amazing that these boxes come with ONE YEAR of Premium Membership when you place your order here.

And Qeepsake isn’t something that’s going to be a hassle and take up all your time. They text you questions every day about your kids, and you just send a quick text and/or image back, and it records it to your account. You can also just text in or send images whenever something awesome happens, like during your holiday activities.

When you’ve made enough memories, you have the option to make a physical book!

That’s what we’re going to be doing with our Printable Advent Calendar experience this year thanks to Qeepsake and MadiLovesKiwi!

Check out our experience below.

Our Experience With The Printable Advent Calendar

Our plan is to print the MadiLovesKiwi Advent Calendar, participate in the daily activities, and document our journey so you can see what the fun is all about, AND so we can make a Qeepsake Book out of all the memories we make each day following the calendar prompts!

If you want to check out the calendar and the awesome Qeepsake plan that comes with it, check it out here.

Otherwise enjoy your holiday season, and we’ll be back after the new year to share all our fun and memories we’ve had.

So far we’ve cut out all the pyramids and placed the activities inside! Then we put them under the tree by Santa.

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