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Hey Mommy Bears!

Bringing you another toddler app review today. This time we are going to be looking at Pre-K Basic Skills by 22learn. I paid $2.99 for this game, just like I did for Apple Jam, and I must say that I have a lot better feeling about this app.

Help Your Toddler Learn Pre-K Basic Skills

This app stars a train conducting monkey named Abby. Abby needs help to fill her train cars, so when your toddler gets the question correct, an object is added to the train.

The puzzles make your child perform different tasks that help them learn different pre-k skills. Some questions involve matching one half on an object with the other. Some have you assemble a toy like a puzzle. Still others simply have your child tap on the toys and the game counts them aloud so your child can get some practice in seeing and hearing numbers.


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There are rewards for completing the puzzle, including being able to add your own train cars to the train, and adding stickers to a board once you fill up all 4 cars on your train. Once you fill all 4 cars and add your sticker, you rebuild your train and complete 4 more puzzles.

I played through about 7 minutes of the app to give it a test. You can check out how the game looks here:

An Award-Winning App For Your Toddler

This pre-k skills app was awarded the Parents’ Choice Recommended award by the Parents’ Choice Foundation. The foundation reviews childrens media, and has been doing so since 1978. It appears that they only award around 16 apps per year, so this means the app performed pretty well.

Image Gallery For Pre-K Basic Skills

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The Demo Version: Baby Games for 2-4 Year Olds

I found this game by downloading the demo version from the app store, and then buying the full version afterwards. The demo version is called “Baby Games for 2-4 year olds”, which is obviously so it can be easily found in search results and pull people into the full, paid version of the game.

The demo lets you play through a few rounds of puzzles before it cuts you off and sends you back to the home screen where they allow you to purchase the full game. You also see an ad for another one of 22learn’s apps. This ad is removed on the full version. Also, you have to answer an addition problem before the game takes you to the app store, so there is a kind of parent lock to prevent kids from getting in and buying it (unless they can already do math, or guess the right answer).

My Review of Pre-K Basic App Skills By 22learn

While my little cub is still too young to play this game very well, I still gave it a run-through, and I think that it is a great app for toddlers. True, the app is $2.99 on the app store, but at least there is some value to the game that teaches your kids numbers, shapes, matching, and more!

This app really does what it sets out to do in teaches some basic skills for toddlers to learn before they enter kindergarten, and so I rate this app a 5 out of 5 stars.

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