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Hello Mommy Bears, I’ve been back on the hunt for more great apps for my toddler, and have stumbled on Laugh & Learn™ Where’s Puppy’s Nose? This is a fun little app that helps baby learn basic anatomy similar to the head, shoulders, knees, and toes song. While the app is simple and doesn’t have a lot of different things going on, it gets the job done! Let’s take a look.

Fisher-Price Is At It Again

The Laugh & Learn™ Where’s Puppy’s Nose? App is from Fisher-Price, the same company that brings you the Puppy and Sis talking dog plush toys. While Sis is not in this app, Puppy is here to help baby learn about nose, ears, eyes, and mouth (Sis is only seen on the home screen for the app; I have a girl, so I’m a little disappointed too).

Laugh & Learn™ Where’s Puppy’s Nose? Stages For Development

Stage 1

There are 2 different stages to the app. In stage 1, all the baby has to do is tap on the screen and it zooms in on Puppy and he shows you different body parts in the order I listed above, saying them out loud to teach toddlers who are quickly learning language not only where things are, but how to say them.

Your baby can tilt your phone or tablet and Puppy and his little frog friend will act like they are moving back and forth (like they are on a swaying boat), so it is kind of funny that you can shake them around a little bit. Once you get through all of the parts listed above, Puppy does a little song and dance about the different body parts, and then baby is switched to seeing a cat that does the same things as Puppy did.

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the app is a little more advanced for the older toddlers who need a little bit of a quiz. Puppy will ask where the different body parts are, and baby can tap them. Your child has the option to switch between Puppy and the Car whenever they want in this mode. In both stages there is always a fun little dancing frog in the background.

Where’s Puppy’s Nose? Image Gallery

Puppy Showing toddler where ears are

Puppy Showing toddler where ears are.

Reaction to toddler moving phone

Puppy and Frog’s reaction to kid moving phone

Fisher-Price Where's Puppy's Nose App Review

Puppy and Frog Friend

Puppy and Frog Doing a Dance

Puppy and Frog Doing a Dance

Fisher Price Toddler App With Cat

Cat showing kids where body parts are

Fisher-Price Where's Puppy's Nose App Review

Where’s Puppy’s Nose App Stages

My Review For Laugh & Learn™ Where’s Puppy’s Nose? App

This app is so simple and easy to use for your baby or toddler. The different stages help make the app last longer for you in helping your child learn. The shake feature and the characters reacting is also a really cool feature. I REALLY would have loved to see Sis as an option in this app, not that girls need to learn from girl dogs, but if they could add a cat, seems like it wouldn’t be hard to add in Sis. This is why this app slightly misses the 5 star mark and comes in with a 4.5 stars out of 5 for me.

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What Do You Think?

What is your opinion on this app? Does Fisher-Price have a winner? Do you miss Sis, or does it not really matter to you? Sound off in the comments below!

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