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Hello again Mommy Bears!

Little Cub is starting to grow her vocabulary fast, and so awhile back I found myself wishing that I had some flashcards for toddlers that would help her along the way with learning. While I know I don’t need flashcards to teach her new words, it is really helpful to be able to have words available that I wouldn’t normally think to teach her.

Instead of being limited to paper flash cards, and also avoiding running around to 17 different stores to find flash cards that fit her level, I instead turned to the app store and found just what I was looking for!

Baby FlashCards By Grasshopper Apps

What I found was an app of flashcards for kids that was made by Grasshopper Apps. Honestly, this was a company that I have never heard of, but I figured I would give it a shot.

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The app has different categories of flash cards that range from being good for infants up to 3 or 4 years old. The different categories include letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and common objects. While most of the categories seem great for kids to start to learn basic words and skills, there are some more advanced subjects like different breeds of cats and dogs. It may have been better for Grasshopper Apps to dial this back to just “Cat” and “Dog”. Gotta crawl before you can walk!

Check out my gallery of screenshots to see what the app is like:

Pros for the Baby FlashCards App

This app has a lot of good things going for it.

  1. It teaches a lot of basic words
  2. There is a variety of flash card categories
  3. The voice that pronounces words aloud is a clear-speaking female
  4. The app doesn’t just do letters, but also does sounds of letters and related words
  5. It is cheap to unlock the full version
  6. There are parental controls to keep kids from accidentally buying the app
  7. The “buttons” are big for babies and toddlers to easily press

Cons for the Baby FlashCards App

There are a few things that keep this app from being 5 stars:

  1. The cards seem to be random and don’t cycle through. You may have to push the “A” 7 times to get back to the pronunciation
  2. Since the letters become full-screen, it may be hard to littler kids to know to push the screen again to go back to other letters
  3. The animals section has breeds of animals, which may confuse little toddlers, or make it harder for them to learn basics
  4. The free version of the app has a very limited number of flash cards available, including only A through F of the alphabet

My Review of Baby FlashCards by Grasshopper Apps

This app is not perfect, but it does provide the convenience of basic word flash cards on your phone. Little Cub has enjoyed using them so far, but gets a little lost once the larger screens are open. I did also have to pay for the full version of this app, because unless you only want your kid to learn the first part of the alphabet, it doesn’t do you much good. Overall I would give this app a 3 out of 5 stars.

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