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Hello Mommy Bears,

I hate to be such a downer on a Friday, but this is the app I chose to review this week, and I must say that it is a bit of a letdown. I found Apple Jam on the Apple App Store under “New Apps We Love” (it has since been removed).

I checked out some screenshots and it looked like a fun little puzzle game. It is rated age 4+, but I figured Little Cub could start early with it and play it over time as she got older.

So much disappointment. Let’s discuss.

The Good Part About Apple Jam

The app seemed like it was a fun little game from the start. Little Cub got some help from her daddy in guiding the objects around the screen. She picked the apples from the tree, shook the tree to get more, built the bridge, fixed the wheelbarrow, went to Piggy’s house and made some jam.

She giggled and had some fun, but even with some guiding, the app was really short.

How short? Let’s get into all the negative.

<iframe src="https://widgets.itunes.apple.com/widget.html?c=us&brc=FFFFFF&blc=FFFFFF&trc=FFFFFF&tlc=FFFFFF&d=&t=&m=software&e=software,iPadSoftware&w=250&h=300&ids=1287022516&wt=discovery&partnerId=&affiliate_id=&at=&ct=" frameborder=0 style="overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y:hidden;width:250px;height: 300px;border:0px"></iframe>

Why You Should Not Buy Apple Jam

Apple Jam cost me $2.99 to download. THREE DOLLARS essentially. Guess what that equals? That equals about a dollar per minute of play.

$1 per minute? Yup. The game is THAT short. Granted that it took Little Cub and her dad around 10 to finish the game together, my husband was shocked at how short it was and went on a normal play-through by himself.  It took him 3 minutes. I read an app on the App Store where a lady said her 4-year-old daughter could finish the app in 3 minutes as well.

That is insanely short, especially for a $2.99 app. This app was $.99 at best, and really should have been free with a few ads if they wanted to make money.

I see now that they have lowered the price, and as I stated above, it was removed from the “New Apps We Love” section. It has also dropped over 20 points in the education category on the app store. Word is getting out. I’m just glad to see my payment is still pending at $2.11, so I may get some of my money back.


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Hope For the Future of the App

While I feel pretty ripped off right now, since the length of the game was not mentioned in the app, I have a little hope that I may regain some value from it in the future.

I read through some of the comments (stupidly only after purchasing), and the app had major crashes when it first released. There are comments from late December 2017 about the crash, and this has since been fixed.

There are also comments complaining about how short this game really is, and the developer has stated that they have plans on adding new puzzles in the near future. This gives me some hope that with future updates this cute little game can be expanded to get more for my money.


<iframe src="//banners.itunes.apple.com/banner.html?partnerId=&aId=&bt=catalog&t=catalog_black&id=1287022516&c=us&l=en-US&w=728&h=90&store=apps" frameborder=0 style="overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y:hidden;width:728px;height:90px;border:0px"></iframe><br>Affiliate link. Buy with caution right now, because the game isn't very long.
<!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->Affiliate link. Buy with caution right now, because the game isn't very long.

Apple Jam Image Gallery

Picking apples on apple jam

Picking apples

Solving puzzles on apple jam

Solving puzzles

kids puzzle game apple jam

Hedgehog guy at piggy’s house to make jam

Cutting Apples on Apple Jam

Cutting Apples

Making Jam on Apple Jam

Making the jam really unhealthy

Pouring out the jam

Pouring out the jam

Labeling the jam jars

Labeling the jam jars

Jam jars on the shelf

Making the jam really unhealthy

Apple Jam App is way too short

Back to the main screen in 3-10 minutes

My Review for Apple Jam

This game has a little merit, in that it is fun while it lasts, and teaches kids basic puzzle-solving and problem solving skills, but the pros stop there. I would have given this game a 1 star rating because the price is way too high, but the potential it has for adding more puzzles and stories for kids has bumped my rating up to a 2 out of 5 stars.

Avoid this app like the plague for now, and stay-tuned to this article as I continue to post updates about when it will be okay to buy.

Unless you have $3 burning a hole in your pocket and a toddler that needs to be entertained for 5 minutes, then go-ahead and get it now and enjoy the updates as they come.

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