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Where to post job openingsZipRecruiter and LinkedIn both offer exceptional platforms for posting a job and finding a job.

Each of them offers similar search capabilities, but LinkedIn is known as the social network for professionals, whereas ZipRecruiter is well known as an AI-based recruitment or job finding tool.

Which one should you use?

We look at the similarities, differences, pros, and cons of ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn, as well as different pricing options for each job search platform.

ZipRecruiter vs. LinkedIn Things to Consider

Both LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter work for hiring new talent or finding a new job, but there are some big differences in how each of these job sites work.

In addition, there are some different options for those who want to try services for free. We’ll provide you with a guide on how to try ZipRecruiter for free, as well as LinkedIn.

What is ZipRecruiter

At first glance, ZipRecruiter may seem like any other job networking site. After all, you can search for jobs and post listings directly on ZipRecruiter.

However, a key difference is that the job network uses smart AI to match employers with job seekers.

The technology allows the site to send job seekers their best opportunities for employment, while the network also serves up resumes that completely match what job posters are looking for.

Thanks to the syndication of job listings, employers also get way more benefits by posting on ZipRecruiter. You can expect that your job posting will be broadcast to hundreds of sites to find the most qualified candidates.

As more candidates see your job listing with ZipRecruiter, you’ll receive updates in real-time, and you can add screening questions to remove unqualified candidates automatically.

Pros of ZipRecruiter

  • Free trial to try premium features
  • Broadcasts to over 100 job listing sites
  • Uses AI to suggest candidates
  • No limits on number of applicants
  • Search resume database and message potential candidates
  • Manage all of your listings, candidates, and screening questions from a sophisticated dashboard
  • Mobile app that lets you search database, post and apply for jobs, and message on the go

Cons of ZipRecruiter

  • Limited slots available, depending on payment plan
  • Basic plan includes only 3 slots
  • Must pay to upgrade for more slots

In comparison to LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter is a great application that lets you post a job and get smart results. It’s automated and offers some incredible templates for job listings to save time.

However, it doesn’t have some of the reach to gain top talent like LinkedIn Premium does. Still, you get more help from ZipRecruiter’s user interface, templates, and best practices to find qualified candidates–and you won’t have to pay as much as with LinkedIn.

How to Post a Job on ZipRecruiter

Once you’ve signed up and created an account, ZipRecruiter will take you right into posting a job. If you’ve already signed up and have an account, just log in and click the “+” or “post a job” icon in the top left corner.

You’ll be asked to fill in all the details of the job. These are standard job postings with title, description, company description, salary, and a few other fields that give the applicant more information about your company.

There are job description templates that you can use to automatically generate a profile of the job, and then you can fill in or change the text as needed. This saves quite a bit of time.

Once posted, your job is broadcast to over 100 other job listing sites and networks, increasing the chances of finding the right candidates.

Candidates apply right within ZipRecruiter, sending their resumes and applications to your dashboard. At any time, click on their applications and go to their profiles.

You can message with candidates in real-time to set up an interview or get more information.

There is a slight cost after the free trial, scroll down to compare pricing.

How to Get a Job on ZipRecruiter

If you’re looking for a job, then ZipRecruiter is free. After creating an account, you can create a resume within the browser, then search for jobs. The job search database is incredibly fast and comprehensive with filters that help you find the best positions.

Search by skills, salary, location, and other factors to find the best jobs

Once your resume is created, recruiters and employers can search the database to find your resume. Typically, they use keywords related to skills, titles, and former employers.

It’s also possible to add a profile picture, social links, desired salary, and references. If you don’t want to make your resume public, you can also hide it and only include when you apply for jobs.

Job seekers can also use the mobile app to apply for jobs, search listings, and get real-time notifications about jobs they match for. In fact, ZipRecruiter is best known for its automated matches that will suggest jobs that match your profile. It’s more sophisticated and accounts for your skills, preferences, and salary. Any time a job falls within your preferences, ZipRecruiter notifies you via email or notifications on your phone.

ZipRecruiter Pricing for Employers and Recruiters

There are some major benefits for employers and recruiters on ZipRecruiter. Currently, there is a free trial where you can test out premium features without paying.

Once your free trial is up, ZipRecruiter offers three different plans, including Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. The lowest-cost plan includes 3 job slots (shared via 100+ job sites) for $249 per month. That’s about 300 ad placements for three jobs.

What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks, but it’s especially popular with professionals seeking employment or seeking to employ top talent. However, everyone you meet likely has a LinkedIn profile nowadays. That’s why it’s probably the most popular place to network for any job online.

However, LinkedIn isn’t free for all employers. While you can search profiles, there are more options for employers under LinkedIn Jobs, Linkedin Recruiter, and LinkedIn Talent. For employers hiring talent, LinkedIn has options for small businesses, as well as large corporations.

Furthermore, LinkedIn offers advertising options with audience targeting, allowing you to specifically target the exact talent you’re looking to find. Your ad/listing will only show for those who match your targeting.

Pros of LinkedIn

  • Advertise to a social network full of top talent
  • Premium targeting features to find exactly the right people
  • Great interface and search features to find profiles
  • Advanced options for available for top talent recruiters

Cons of LinkedIn

  • Too many different premium plans
  • Advertising is a cost-per-click model, in
  • Best for finding unique top talent and may take longer to find candidates
  • Does not post to other job boards other than its own

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a much different beast than ZipRecruiter. Before you can even post a job, you’ll need to set up your company profile, which is just like a Facebook page. However, since this website is for professionals and talent, you’ll want to optimize your company profile for branding, company culture, and recruitment.

Once you’ve made an account and set up your profile, you can access job posting through LinkedIn Jobs. You can post to LinkedIn’s job board through this portal, and your listing will show up to anyone searching for a job within the location.

There is no option to post for free, however. The lowest cost is a $2 per click fee. You’ll be able to set a daily budget for your ad, but the cost depends on the location, overall marketplace activity, and job title. You’ll need to monitor your listings carefully to avoid over-spending.

How to Get a Job on LinkedIn

After creating an account, you’ll need to fill in your profile completely. This isn’t like Facebook as you’ll actually use your LinkedIn much like a resume. It requests your current title, previous work experience, education, skills, certifications, and an overview statement.

It’s best to follow the latest strategies to LinkedIn networking and look up keywords related to the job you want, then include those in your statement, title, and work experience. You can actively search listings through LinkedIn Jobs and apply through your profile. This saves a lot of time if the job doesn’t require any further application process, but some jobs still request that you apply on their websites through LinkedIn.

Linkedin Pricing for Job Postings

Every LinkedIn listing campaign is different, but you’ll likely pay around $2 per click. There is typically a free trial to get started with an ad account and start posting jobs. You can access the free trial and set up your first campaign through LinkedIn Jobs.

However, you’ll still want to your account to premium to access more recruitment and messaging features. Available through LinkedIn Talent and LinkedIn Recruiter, you can sign up for $59 to $119.

This depends on how often you’ll use the recruiting features, as the most premium plan is the Recruiter Lite for $119.99.

Do Job Seekers Have to Pay for LinkedIn?

While you don’t have to pay to use LinkedIn jobs and apply, you may want to upgrade to the job seekers premium for $29.99.

This gives you more options for messaging and making connections. You may want to use this to connect to more people if you’ve just opened your account, and there is typically a free trial offered for the first 30 days.

Which is Better for Job Posting: ZipRecruiter vs. LinkedIn

Ultimately, if you’re a small business, start-up, or virtual agency, there are benefits with both platforms.

ZipRecruiter offers faster, more technically accurate matching with job recruiters and resumes.

You’ll receive results quickly based on your preferences, and you can browse applicants using the mobile app.

Because of ZipRecruiter’s flat fee pricing, it’s also much easier to budget. You can set up your three listings, and these are advertised to over 100 job boards partnered with ZipRecruiter.

That said, if you’re looking for a particular executive, strategist, or other highly skilled talent, then you may want to use LinkedIn Premium to find top-tier, expert candidates.

ZipRecruiter does offer screening questions to find skilled candidates, but LinkedIn was made for the purpose of “executive networking.”

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