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Watching old Noggin shows back in the day is a great way to bond with your loved ones at home.

It also gives us an opportunity to reminisce about those times when we were kids and how much fun it was watching our favorite shows on a Saturday morning.

Noggin Logo

Many people who grew up in the 90s had a favorite show that they watched every week on the Noggin network.

It offers a variety of shows for kids that include both educational and entertaining content.

You can find classics like Little Bear, The Backyardigans, Blues Clues, and so much more.

Since its launch in 1999, the Noggin channel had been a popular channel for children until it was replaced by Nick Jr in 2009.

Then in 2015, it was relaunched as a streaming service called “Noggin”, with shows that are great for children ages 2 to 6 years old.

The best part is that Noggin isn’t just for streaming children’s shows since it also comes with a feature that allows kids to play and learn with their favorite Nick Jr. characters.

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Old Noggin Shows We Loved

Old Noggin Shows We Loved

Even if you haven’t seen them in years (or ever), there’s something comforting about watching old noggin shows.

Maybe because they’re like time capsules?

The Noggin network had many well-known shows that ran for years and they always give Nostalgic reminders of our childhood.

In this section, I will go over some of the most influential shows that have been on the network and tell if they’re available on Noggin.

Blue’s Clues

Kids in the ’90s and early 2000s will know exactly who I’m talking about.

Blue’s Clues is a children’s TV show that features an animated dog named, Blue, who goes on adventures with her human friend, Steve.

In each episode, Blue provides three pawprint clues that Steve solves in every episode.

Is it available on Noggin? YES

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is an American animated television series that was originally created by Chris Gifford, Eric Weiner, and Valerie Walsh for Nickelodeon.

The show follows the adventures of Dora, a young girl who sets off on quests with her friend, Boots the monkey as they explore new places and solve problems.

The show follows the idea of imagination and learning through play, which makes it a good series for children.

Is it available on Noggin? YES

Play with me Sesame

Play with Me Sesame is a children’s television series that encourages children to interact with the characters of the show.

It features the characters from Sesame Street; Prairie Dawn, Ernie, Bert, and Grover.

They teach kids about colors, art, words, expressions, and so many things in a fun and engaging way.

Is it available on Noggin? No

The Backyardigans

The Backyardigans is an animated show that teaches children valuable life lessons about cooperation, friendship, and working together.

The show follows five friends who all share the same backyard and imagine themselves going on adventures all over the world.

Is it available on Noggin? YES


Oobi is another very popular show on Noggin that features Oobi, a bare-hand puppet with two glass eyes, that was created by Josh Selig.

It’s one of the iconic shows of our childhood that made Noggin a huge success for its unique style.

The story revolves around a four-year-old puppet named Oobi, who loves going on adventures in his tiny neighborhood, along with his best friend, Kako, who’s also a bare-hand puppet.

Is it available on Noggin? No

Pinky Dinky Doo

Pinky Dinky Doo is an original series created by Jim Jinkins, that was originally created as a bedtime story for his own daughter.

The story revolves around a little girl named Pinky Dinky Doo, who loves using her imagination to write stories for her little brother Tyler, who always has a problem.

Pinky helps solve her little brother’s problem by telling him made-up stories to explain how and why things happen, and what should be done to get through them.

Is it available on Noggin? No

Go, Diego, Go!

Go, Diego, Go! is a children’s television show that’s based on a character named Diego who is a wildlife rescuer.

He is Dora’s cousin that teaches children about the importance of saving the environment and rescuing animals.

Is it available on Noggin? YES

Little Bear

Little Bear is an animated show for children that’s based on the books written by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak.

The show focuses on a cub named Little Bear, who goes on trips around the forest with his friends to explore new things.

Is it available on Noggin? No

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

Ni Hao Kai-Lan is a popular children’s show about a six-year-old Chinese-American girl named Kai-Lan along with her animal friends.

She interacts with the audience to ask for help to overcome different challenges.

The show teaches valuable lessons about teamwork, friendship, and Chinese culture.

Is it available on Noggin? YES


Oswald is a children’s show that features Oswald, a blue octopus, and his pet named Weenie.

The show mainly focuses on how Oswald deals with the people around him and his optimistic personality.

Is it available on Noggin? No

Wonder Pets!

Wonder Pets is a children’s show that features three classroom pets, who work as a team to rescue animals in need of help.

It includes Tuck the turtle, Ming-Ming the duckling, and Linny the guinea pig, who don’t have actual superpowers but become heroes by putting their skills to work to solve obstacles.

The show helps teach kids that they can use their strengths to accomplish anything they want to when working together with friends.

Is it available on Noggin? YES

Lazy Town

Lazy Town is a TV show that encourages healthy lifestyles for children through fun songs and delivering messages about exercise and nutrition.

The show takes place in the fictional town called Lazy Town where all residents are lazy and live an inactive lifestyle.

With the help of Stephanie, an 8-year-old girl with pink hair, she teaches everyone about being healthy and active.

Is it available on Noggin? No

Max & Ruby

Max & Ruby is a children’s show that center around the adventures of Max and his sister, Ruby.

The show is based on a series of books by Rosemary Wells and it follows the adventures of the two sibling bunnies as they go about their daily lives and often come into conflict over small things.

Is it available on Noggin? YES

Little Bill

Little Bill is an animated series based on the Little Bill Books written by Bill Cosby and Varnette Honeywood.

Bill Cosby created Little Bill Glover as a younger version of himself, who explores and learns about the things around him through his imagination.

The African-American boy used to be one of the most popular cartoon characters when it was first aired on TV from November 1999 until February 2004, with a total of 52 episodes.

Is it available on Noggin? No


Maisy is an animated series that aired on CITV, a British children’s channel, from February 1999 until November 2000.

The show had 26 episodes and revolves around a four-year-old mouse named Maisy Mouse and her fun interactions with her friends.

This animated series is based on the art style of the books written by Lucy Cousins.

Is it available on Noggin? No

Jack’s Big Music Show

Jack’s Big Music Show is one of the best shows of our childhood that made us love music the way Jack loved playing them with his two friends, Mary and Mel.

The three friends are all puppets who always had a music party at Jack’s backyard clubhouse.

The music show lasted for more than two years on Nickolodeon on Noggin and had 26 episodes in total.

Is it available on Noggin? No

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids is a classic favorite that both kids and adults enjoy.

It’s based on the children’s book by David Kirk, about two spiders, Holley and Miss Spider, who get married and have five kids together – Squirt, Wiggle, Spinner, and twins Pansy and Snowdrop.

Is it available on Noggin? No


Rubbadubbers is an original series created by Peter Curtis, that features seven anthropomorphic tub toys that come to life.

The series is quite similar to Toy Story since the toys only come to life whenever their owners aren’t around.

Is it available on Noggin? No

Where can I watch old Noggin shows?

Where can I watch old Noggin shows

Do you have a fond memory of watching your favorite cartoon shows with your family growing up?

For many kids, those Saturday mornings were spent laughing hysterically at the antics of their favorite characters.

However, some of those shows may not be available to watch anymore due to changes in production.

But don’t worry, because, with Noggin, you can still relive your favorite childhood TV shows with your children.

You can easily watch old Noggin shows by subscribing to Noggin (Amazon Prime members can also access Noggin for free).

This gives you access to ad-free shows, a premium library of educational videos for your kids, downloadable learning content, multi-device access, and so much more.

Click here to get a free trial of Noggin.

By the way, once the trial period is over, new members will start paying a monthly fee of $7.99 to continue viewing Noggin shows.

What shows are on Noggin?

Here’s a complete list of all the shows available on Noggin according to their website:

  1. PAW Patrol
  2. Blaze and the Monster Machines
  3. Bubble Guppies
  4. Shimmer & Shine
  5. Blues Clues & You!
  6. Team Umizoomi
  7. Peppa Pig
  8. Dora the Explorer
  9. JoJo & Gran Gran
  10. Kinderwood
  11. Noggin Knows
  12. Mutt & Stuff
  13. Rusty Rivets
  14. Nella the Princess Knight
  15. Peter Rabbit
  16. Tot Cop
  17. Blue’s Clues
  18. Max & Ruby
  19. Wallykazam!
  20. Digby Dragon
  21. Ni Hao, Kai-Lan
  22. Wonder Pets!
  23. Backyardigans
  24. Moose and Zee
  25. Fresh Beat Band
  26. Go, Diego, Go!
  27. Hey Duggee
  28. Little Bear

Is SpongeBob on Noggin?


As of this writing, SpongeBob Squarepants isn’t available on Noggin despite being a very popular show on Nickelodeon.

But don’t worry because you can still watch the hit series on Paramount Plus since the platform offers complete episodes of the show.

Is Noggin free on Roku?

Is Noggin free on Roku

Roku is a streaming device that allows users to stream content from various services such as Netflix, Hulu, Noggin, and Amazon Prime.

The device does offer a lot of free video content but may require you to pay subscription fees if you’re planning to stream your favorite shows from premium streaming services.

To put it simply, you need to pay $7.99 a month to watch shows on Noggin.

Luckily, since you’re here, MommyBear’s offering a 30-day free trial on Noggin so you can watch Noggin shows with your family.

What is the Noggin Preschool Learning App?

Noggin is a popular educational app that provides a fun and engaging learning experience for children ages 2 years and older.

The app includes a variety of Noggin shows, learning games, an eBook library, and many more.

These games can be played on a child’s own device, which allows them to have a great time while using a mobile device with or without a connection to the internet.

Plus, it’s also a safe environment for children that parents can trust.

How do I get Noggin on my smart TV?

The streaming service can be accessed on platforms such as Roku, Android, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Alternatively, you can use Apple AirPlay to stream Noggin shows on your smart TV with your Apple device by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the Noggin App
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same network as your Smart TV.
  3. Select the AirPlay icon on your device and it will start to display Noggin on your smart TV.

Is Noggin the same as Nick Jr?

Nick Jr logo

Many of the most popular shows on Nick Jr. are also available to watch on Noggin, a website dedicated to helping children learn.

However, this doesn’t imply that they’re the same since Nick Jr. is a channel and Noggin has evolved into a streaming service for kids and kids at heart.

What is the difference between Nickelodeon and Nick Jr?

Children’s television programming has seen a lot of change over the past few decades.

Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon are two very popular networks that both feature content that is ideal for children.

They are both channels that air TV shows for kids, but they have a few key differences.

On Nick Jr, viewers can expect to see educational programming that teaches them valuable skills like Dora the Explorer and Blue’s Clues, for example.

These shows are aimed mainly at children between 2-7 years old.

Meanwhile, Nickelodeon features shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly Odd Parents, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and more, that are meant for older kids.

Watch Your Favorite Noggin Shows With Your Family Today

Watch Your Favorite Noggin Shows With Your Family Today

There’s nothing like sitting around the TV with your family, watching your favorite Noggin shows.

Whether you’re a kid yourself or you have children of your own, these classics are sure to bring back some great memories.

And if you want to take a trip down memory lane, don’t forget to check out some of these shows on Noggin by clicking here to get your 30-day free trial today.

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