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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, except for little girls who prefer having American Girl Dolls as their best friend, playmate, and companion.

When we were still young, we often enjoy the thought of getting a new doll that will serve as our source of entertainment for weeks.

American Girl playing

We’d spend hours or even days trying to convince our parents to get us that cute doll that flashed on the TV during a commercial break.

Although we don’t always get what we want at least we tried our best most of the time.

Sometimes, they might even give us gifts as a reward for doing a good job at school.

But why is it that dolls are essential for a good childhood?

Is it because companies created this false belief to make more money?

Or probably because it has a good impact on children?

Playing with dolls is considered a beneficial way for your child to develop social processing skills such as empathy.

They’ll also learn how to be responsible by taking good care of their dolls especially when they’re playing with them by themselves.

Just by playing with dolls, your child learns new things that contribute in character development.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect doll as a gift for your daughter’s birthday, you might want to check American Girl Dolls out! 

Don’t miss their special offer as you continue reading this article.

American Girl Doll

American Girl Logo

American Girl is a doll company founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland that introduced the best playmates for little girls.

It all started when Rowland got inspired to create dolls and books for her nieces after going on a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.

Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly are the first iconic characters that came with their own books that tell their own unique stories.

From a catalog-only brand to a million-dollar empire, the company was then bought by Mattel Inc., the manufacturer of Barbie and Fisher-Price.

Today, more than 159 million books and over 33 million dolls have made their way to children’s homes to inspire them through imaginative play.



American Girl’s selection of dolls comes in 14 – 18 inch girl dolls that your child will surely love to have as their new companion.

Historical Characters

American Girl Dolls Historic Characters

These original characters are back to celebrate 35 years with special stories and characteristics that make them inspirational leaders.

  • Courtney Moore
  • Julie Albright
  • Melody Ellison
  • Maryellen Larkin
  • Nanea Mitchell
  • Kit Kittredge
  • Rebecca Rubin
  • Samantha Parkington
  • Addy Walker
  • Josefina Montoya
  • Felicity Merriman

Girl of the Year 2021

Featuring Kira Bailey, the little girl who will be spending a month at her aunt’s Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia to help take care of animals in the wild.

Courtney’s World

A collection that features an 80s girl named Courtney Moore who loves spending time at Smiley’s Arcade to play her favorite video games.

Truly Me

Truly Me dolls are 18-inch dolls that look like your child to match their style as well as their look since there are tons of options to choose from.

Wellie Wishers

American Girl Wellie Wishers

An American Girl doll collection that’s specially created for girls 5 to 7 years old and it features five friends that love to explore new things.

bitty baby

Bitty Baby logo

Bitty Baby is a special line of baby dolls and accessories that make the perfect companions for the younger ones.

These dolls are a good way to encourage them to develop a sense of responsibility at a young age.

Custom American Girl Dolls

American Girl Custom

You may also opt for One of a Kind dolls that are specially created based on your preferences.

It comes with your choice of outfit, accessory set, keepsake box, and a special tee.

Creating one is very easy as one two three!

  • First, choose from different combinations to create the perfect doll.
  • Then, sign up so you can save your creation and build a special personality for the doll.
  • Lastly, place an order and wait for it to arrive!

Pretty easy, right?

Create your first custom doll here now and enjoy free shipping on all orders $135 and above.


American Girl Books

Get your child the perfect book from American Girl’s book collections that will bring them on new adventures or even teach them how to cook.

They also have award-winning advice books that feature tips from experts and more!


American Girls Kitchen Playset
American Girls Kitchen $275

You can also choose from a wide variety of accessories, playsets, tees, and bundles to let your child enjoy a fun and interactive experience with their dolls.

Best Sellers

Nanea Doll and Book
Award-Winning Nanea Doll and Book
  • Courtney Doll and Book $110
  • Kirsten Larson’s 35th Anniversary Collection (Special Edition) $150
  • Molly McIntire’s 35th Anniversary Collection (Special Edition) $150
  • Samantha Parkington’s 35th Anniversary Collection (Special Edition) $150
  • Addy Walker’s 35th Anniversary Collection (Special Edition) $150
  • Nanea Doll and Book (Award Winner) $110
  • Julie Doll and Book $110
  • Courtney’s Bedroom Set $225 
  • Julie’s Groovy Bathroom $195

Want to save more? Enjoy free shipping every day on all orders $135+ when you click here

American Girl Party

Celebrate with American Girl

Want to make your child’s special day more exciting? 

You can easily host an American Girl-themed Party at home or in-store to celebrate your little girl’s birthday.

It comes with a delicious meal, signature cake and ice cream, party goods, and more.

Store Locations

American Girl dolls are conveniently located in the following places:

  • Charlotte
  • Chicago
  • Columbus
  • Dallas
  • Hershey
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Nashville
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • San Francisco
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Canada

Why is American Girl doll so expensive?

American Girl Dolls

The reason why they cost a lot is that it’s made with high-quality materials and are carefully manufactured to make the best dolls.

Most dolls can take three to five years to make since their eyes are hand-painted and the skin is specially formulated to look real.

Hair on each doll is also a time-consuming process since it isn’t just like any regular doll that has rooted hairs.

Each doll is provided with a wig to make a more realistic appearance and it can also be washed, curled, and straightened.

Dolls are also highly customizable specialty items since it has a vast variety of doll accessories to choose from.

It’s no doubt why these beautiful dolls can cost you extra because of the company’s amazing craftsmanship.

Which American Girl doll is the rarest?

The rarest American Girl dolls are the three original dolls by the Pleasant Company that were discontinued years ago.

Luckily, after 35 successful years, Samantha, Molly, and Kirsten are finally back for purchase on their website as special edition dolls.

Click here to start shopping for the rarest American Girl Dolls!

What age are the American Girl books for?

Want to buy something for your kids to read?

American Girl Books are specially made with love, so children ages 5 and up can embark on new adventures.

Do Barnes and Noble carry American Girl doll books?


You can find their books on Barnes and Noble, along with dolls, clothes,  and accessories to make your child inspired with American Girl.

Plus, you can also find Wellie Wishers on their website.

Does American Girl ship internationally?

American girl Kira
Kira Bailey Doll, Book & Accessories $165


The company ships their products internationally.

However, shipping rates are different per country so it’s best to contact their responsive customer service department.

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