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Best Job Sites

With so many ways to recruit employees, many businesses think they will find someone eventually, but what if you need to find someone now?

What if that person has to have specific skills and education?

The best job sites for employers incorporate recruitment tools that make it easy to find the right employees.

However, there are also hundreds of job sites out there that don’t offer modern tools, like mobile apps, job description templates, and automated algorithms that match you with the best employees.

We look at the top 9 job sites employers should post their job openings on today, including the best one based on modern features, employer satisfaction, and pricing.


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Why Should Employers Post on the Best Job Sites

Chances are this is your first time posting a job online in awhile.

The same job search engine you used 10 years ago has definitely gone through some changes, particularly when it comes to smart tools that automatically find qualified candidates and mobile apps.

Even though Monster used to be on top, the site has fallen behind other startup job boards that are more mobile-friendly and engaged with social audiences.

In most cases, new job sites really save time and money for companies used to traditional hiring methods or going through expensive recruiters.

The New Job Recruitment Process

Today’s most skilled prospect employees aren’t always actively applying. Most of the time, they’re putting up resumes in online databases, then allowing employers and recruiters to come to them with offers.

This is a new preferred way for job seekers to interact with employers, because it takes the work out of job hunting. A candidate can post a resume to a database or send to a potential employer online, then receive a response or not.

They can also take advantage of multiple career opportunities at once, applying on a traditional job board or looking for open roles on a job network site specifically made for tech industry workers or finance and accounting jobs.

Hiring Manager Spends Less Time on Qualifications

You can automatically see who the best candidates are for an open position, just by adding screening and qualification questions to your online job posts.

Applicants have to answer these questions before submitting. Best of all, questions can be set up so that the candidate doesn’t know what the “right” answer will be to get the job.

This whittles down the results to only those who match what you’re looking for.

Smarter Ways to Find Employees Online

Then there are some job sites that allow both.

Job seekers can actively find and apply to job postings, while also putting up their resume.

Employers can search through the resume database, or with some newer applications, job boards actively seek out matches to their newest job postings and send qualified matches.

More Qualifications and Skills Testing

Perhaps you’re looking for entry level trainees and don’t mind what their skill levels are, but you still want to check that the applicants received some education, such as an associate’s or certification.

These questions and qualifications can automatically be included in your job posting, whittling through applicants easily to find the best matches.

This saves employers so much time.

AI Recruiters Cost Less

You’ve probably heard the power of AI is growing.

Well, AI has also made some job boards smarter than others.

In fact, it can almost feel like a job site is a robot recruiter, sending you matches for you to select, then vetting them further with skills testing.

All of the scheduling and communication can also go directly through the new application, streamlining the hiring process.




The Top 9 Job Sites for Employers

When we chose the best sites for employers to find employees, we looked at sites that were easy to use and got the best replies.

Some of these sites have been around for years, while others have become more popular in just the past two years.

At the bottom, we give you our #1 job site for employers based on features, price, smart tools, and customer satisfaction.




9. Craigslist Jobs: For Those Who Like Classifieds

We wanted to start off with one of the older, more traditional job sites, because it’s still one of the simplest ways to find local, hard working employees who are actively looking for employment.

It’s also free to post ads in most locations (besides areas like San Francisco).

Craigslist is a classified ads site based in the United States. Each city, town, and borough may have their own craigslist, typically styled as orlando.craigslist.com or https://newyork.craigslist.org/search/brk for Brooklyn (borough).

Each Craigslist also has its own jobs listing section.

Everything is manual on Craigslist, but you can receive replies to your email inbox or link them to your own hosted job listing.

Many employers like to share their job listings on Craigslist to get more visibility with local communities.

Free in most cities, check with Craigslist to see ads pricing for your area

Pros of Craigslist

  • Easy to use
  • Mostly free
  • Locally supported

Cons of Craigslist

  • Takes time to create job listings
  • Not very visible
  • No skills or qualifications testing



8. Snag (Formerly SnagAJob)

If you are looking for hourly workers, Snag is the right site to go with.

The company posted a report that showed over 5 million workers were hired on the website last year, which makes it one of the best sites for employers who want to start hiring entry-level employes.

While most of the jobs are for the service industry, Snag has grown considerably and offers some organization tools, such as onboarding and shift scheduling.

This robust job site makes it easy for employers to host and publish their job listings if they don’t have their own website to do so.

$89 per ad/per month

Pros of SnagAJob

  • User-friendly
  • Applicant tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Best for finding service industry workers

Cons of SnagAJob

  • Overpriced
  • Featured ads not available



7. Monster

Monster has always been one of the top job sites.

For over a decade, the site has led the way for employers and job seekers, which means that it has a large resume database and plenty of tools for recruitment.

Monster also shares your ad across 500+ other job and “news sites.”

Pricing is based on the number of postings you purchase per month. If you buy more posts, then you’ll get a cheaper price.

Monster works for some employers because its easy to use and offers simple listings help. However, pricing is also higher than most of the basic job boards out there, but it doesn’t offer more tools or added value.

However, you do get recommended resumes for each job posting, and the site boasts 680,000 new resumes added each month.

$279 for 1 job posting for 30 days, up to $899 for 3 months to view 900 resumes

Pros of Monster

  • Over 500+ shares of your job listing to other job boards and sites
  • 20 recommended resumes for each post
  • Candidate management tools
  • Response tracking reports

Cons of Monster

  • No free postings
  • Extra fees for all talent recruitment and other services
  • Skills testing not accurate



6. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is another top job board, and it recently became part of Indeed’s parent, Recruit Holdings.

Your job post includes placements on 100+ other job boards. It also has a mobile application, but the site is in need of a refresh.

Many of the jobs have expired on the website, which leads job seekers to look elsewhere for updated job listings.

While relatively fast to post, employers may spend more posting on SimplyHired without the same tools as others on our list.

Some features include candidate management and communication tools, but it’s not as easy to test for certain skills or get recommended resumes.

$199/month for 1 active job, up to $1,599 per month for 20 active jobs

Pros of SimplyHired

  • Job description templates
  • Applicant management
  • Organizational tools

Cons of SimplyHired

  • Too expensive for most small businesses



5. Glassdoor

Even though Glassdoor started out as an employer review website, it’s become a job board in the past five years. Now job seekers can visit Glassdoor, see written reviews, salaries, ratings, and jobs available.

To fully take advantage of Glassdoor’s services, you’ll need to set up an employer account, then upgrade to premium to get job posting slots.

From here, you can use Glassdoor’s tools to post a job description and applicants can apply for the job on the website. However, you won’t be able to search any resumes or find employees on your own.

The main benefit of using Glassdoor is that it’s actively used by job seekers to find great places to work. If your company has a high employee satisfaction rating, you’re likely to get more responses and highly qualified prospects.

$199+ per job slot

Pros of GlassDoor

  • Easy to navigate
  • Applicants can easily apply
  • Used by skilled workers to find the right employers

Cons of GlassDoor

  • Fairly expensive
  • Bad reviews and ratings lead to less applicants



4. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is one of the historic job boards that employers have always used for employee recruitment. The site also powers more than 90% of all Fortune 500 company recruitment processes and has over 20 million visitors per month.

The site has updated its tools and now includes advanced search, job market analysis, talent sourcing, employment screening, and much more. Companies like Hilton, IBM, and Home Depot use Careerbuilder as well.

Careerbuilder is probably best for those hiring managers who want to find mid to high-level skilled professionals.

You can search over 140 million resumes in CareerBuilder’s database and communicate with prospects right on the website.

Additionally, some pricing plans include email boost tools to communicate with prospective talent directly.

$375+, basic plan includes 1 job posting per month

Pros of CareerBuilder

  • Excellent tools for applications and communication
  • Optimized for mobile
  • 70+ ATS integrations
  • Search over 140 million resumes

Cons of CareerBuilder

  • No free job posts
  • Pretty expensive and job posts/email boosts don’t roll over to next month if not used



3. LinkedIn

The most famous social network for professionals, recruiters, and employees is LinkedIn.

Thanks to its Facebook-like timeline, groups, blogs, and other features, it’s one of the most popular free ways to find new employees. You can set up a company page for free and post a link to your job on your feed.

However, if you want to use their advertising platform to post jobs and advertise your listings, you can do that as well.

There are 630 million active professionals on LinkedIn, so it’s one of the top places to recruit talent, especially when you are looking for higher-level teams and executives.

Pro LinkedIn costs $119.95/month

Pros of LinkedIn

  • Large, highly qualified pool of candidates
  • Find candidates from all locations and industries
  • Target specific talent with recruitment ads
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Real-time analytics for ad performance

Cons of LinkedIn

  • More ATS integrations needed
  • Cancellation is difficult after you’re finished recruiting



2. Indeed

For many years, Indeed has been the go-to for millions of employers, particularly small to medium businesses who wanted to find the best talent possible for their open positions.

With its pain plan, you get several tools for recruitment. The website also has over 250 million visitors per month.

Thanks to years of being at the top, Indeed has a large resume database with millions of possible prospects to actively search for. You can search by salary level, education, title, work experience, and other keywords.

Start for free
Pay-per-click style of advertising, you choose the budget

Pros of Indeed

  • Search 150 million resumes
  • Manage candidates and interviews
  • Qualifications and skills testing
  • Available in 50 countries and 29 languages
  • Runs pay-per-click campaigns, no minimum budget

Cons of Indeed

  • May not reach any candidates with small budget
  • Must subscribe to plan to contact candidates if using only resume database



1. ZipRecruiter

As the newer, rising job recruitment website, ZipRecruiter has rapidly changed and grown in the past few years.

With 7 million active job seekers per month, a robust mobile app, and over 40 million job alert email subscribers, ZipRecruiter works as your active robot recruiter, finding you talent automatically based on your job description and requirements.

ZipRecruiter is one of the only sites to include a free trial that allows you to post, sending your job to over 100 job board sites instantly.

For small businesses, it’s the best way to find top talent without spending thousands of dollars.

The interface is easy to use, particularly when it comes to posting jobs and managing candidates. You can use the job templates to post your job description, then add qualification and screening test questions to ensure that you only match with the right candidates.

ZipRecruiter sends you these notifications and alerts in real-time, and you can access your dashboard right from your phone.

Free trial
Starts at $249/month for 3 active job slots

Pros of ZipRecruiter

  • Free trial (includes job posting)
  • Shares job posting to 100+ job boards
  • Pre-screening and qualifications questions
  • Easy resume search
  • 30+ ATS integrations
  • Amazing customer phone and online support

Cons of ZipRecruiter

  • Costs extra to share post on LinkedIn, Monster, and other high profile job boards
  • Only posts jobs to US and Canada

Depending on your hiring goals you can’t go wrong with most of these sites, but some will make the process way easier for you without breaking the bank.

Click the banner below to get started on a free trial with our #1 best job site, ZipRecruiter.

Best Job Sites

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