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STEALTH Core Trainer Review Distract yourself during dynamic planks and get better results by gaming while you plank. Star rating: 5 Star Rating

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You’ve likely seen ads for the Stealth Core Trainer dynamic plank board all over Facebook and Instagram.

You probably think it looks like fun, and want to know a little more about it.
After all, it looks like a fun way to get ripped at home, but exercise and fun combined usually seem too good to be true.

Rest assured that the Stealth Core Trainer is rising in popularity, and I don’t believe that it’s a fluke.

I’ve just come off of a successful stint losing weight with Noom, and wanted to bulk up and gain some muscle.

Stealth seemed like a good solution to get healthy and appease the gamer in me.

My plank board arrived in the mail this past Friday, and after several days of use, I’m ready to make an honest review.

What is the Stealth Core Trainer?

Stealth Core Trainer is a dynamic plank board that combines core workouts with distraction gaming.

Having been working on planking on my own for the past 5 months, I know that doing planks is hard. Mostly hard mentally as you fight to stay still and get the benefit of working your core.

At my best I was able to get up to 70 seconds doing a normal plank on the ground. My first round on Stealth and I got 1:50, and full 40 seconds longer than normal.

The secret?

Stealth provides a fitness app for your phone. The board has slots that allow you to place your phone into your core trainer board and play motion games.

While you are distracted playing games, you are actually doing dynamic planks, which are more beneficial than normal planks as you are working more muscles.

The games keep you distracted and planking longer.

It’s all a win-win situation.

What is a Dynamic Plank?

While a normal plank mostly works your core and involves being still in the plank position, a dynamic plank requires extra movement on your part and triggers different muscle groups than you target with a normal plank.

The dynamic plank that the Stealth Core Trainer facilitates allows you to target not only your core, but also your shoulders, lower back, glutes, legs, calves, and arms.

All of this is taking place while you are distracted and motivated by fun mini games.

Stealth Core Trainer Dynamic PlankStealth Core Trainer Review

What Games Are Included with the Stealth Fitness App?

The free games in the Stealth Fitness App include Galaxy Adventure and Speed Gliding.

You would honestly be fine using just these 2 free games, as they are engaging enough to keep you going, and you can continually work to beat your previous best score.

Galaxy Adventure involves moving your target around to destroy planets (which totally spoke to the nerd in me) and Speed Gliding involves flying through the air on a hang glider, all while trying to avoid trees and birds and fly through rings for extra points.

Free Stealth Core Trainer Games

My wife has the app and only uses the free games when she does Stealth on her off-days. She’s been fine with using the same games, as I think most people would be.

All games come with the option of doing a timed challenge (set the countdown timer and try to last until it hits zero), or an endurance challenge (see how long you can last as the clock counts up).

If you are the type of person who is motivated by more variety, like me, then you may want to opt in for the Stealth Premium Games.

How Much Are Stealth Premium Games?

As of this writing you will pay $20 per year to access the 9 premium games available on the Stealth Fitness App.

For $1.66 per month, this was a no-brainer for me. I like the variety.

If you are going to complain about $1.66 per month, as I have seen many people in the reviews have, then I doubt you would be motivated enough to use Stealth enough to make a difference in your life anyways. The price is negligible.

But, as I stated before, the extra games aren’t necessary if you are just looking for exercise and distraction.

I don’t get paid any extra for selling you on the Premium subscription, it’s just a good deal in my opinion.

What Games are Included with Premium?

Here is a quick list of the extra games included with your premium subscription. Also note that they are currently adding a new game every month.

Stealth Invaders

Stealth Invaders

I broke my personal record on this game it was so much fun. Old school Space Invaders controlled by your plank. Good for nerds who want to get fit!

Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory

Like the old Simon Says game? Memory meets ab workout in this blast from the past.

Racquet Ball

Racquet Ball

A simple and fun Stealth game that involves a back and forth plank. The ball gets smaller as you go to make the game harder over time.



It’s like PacMan that you control with your plank.

Space Escape

Space Escape

Ever play Doodle Jump? Ever want to control the alien with your abs?

Bubble Blast

Bubble Blast

One of the more advanced Stealth games in my opinion. This game requires you to hit a certain angle on the board and hold it for a set amount of time.

Archery Adventure

Archery Adventure

Never quite got the hang of this one. Seems like you actually have to spin your body around to hit the targets.

Mini Golf Mania

Mini Golf Mania

This is one of the funner games available, but requires some precise movements if you want to collect all the coins and get the ball in the hole.

Mountain Bike Madness

Mountain Bike Madness

This was either a very slow mountain bike, or I didn’t know how to play the game. Not a big fan of this one.

Color Chase

Color Chase

One of my favorites. You play with the phone in the vertical slot and try to hit the right colored ball as it rolls down the ramp.

Mighty Maze

Mighty Maze

Like mazes? This game involves rolling a ball through a maze and collecting a coin. As soon as you hit the coin, another one appears on the other side of the maze. Rinse and repeat.

Fun Runner

Fun Runner

Similar to the Temple Run, this one is just a guy running through a town and avoiding obstacles. Still just as fun as Temple Run, but a much better workout.

Video: Unboxing and Demonstration of Stealth Core Trainer

My Overall Review For the Stealth Core Trainer

I was able to go from a 70 second plank to 1:50 dynamic plank on my first try with Stealth, so I don’t really have a choice but to rate it at a 5 out of 5 stars.
Not only did my time improve, but I wanted to immediately try the other games and do multiple plank sets instead of just my usual one.

The motivation that this plank board provides pays for itself in the health benefits I get from the product.

A lot of the negative reviews come from the fact that the company charges $20/year to get the Premium games, but as I stated earlier, if you are complaining about $1.66/month, then you won’t have the motivation to do dynamic planks with the Stealth every day.

If you are okay doing planks and want that extra push to take it to the next level, then the Stealth Core Trainer is definitely for you.

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