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Crossrope Review Summary

With quick shipping, variable rope sets, and high-quality jump ropes, Crossrope solves all the annoying problems that usually come with jumping rope. The company helps blend jump rope into your HIIT workouts, and brings new definition to strength training.

Star Rating: 5 Star Rating

Start Jumping With Crossrope Today!

Jumping rope isn’t just for little kids anymore thanks to Crossrope.
Okay, it never was just for little kids, but society and the media make it seem that way.
Remember Sylvester Stallone in Rocky? He used jump ropes to train for boxing and we all know we wouldn’t want to pick a fight with Rocky or Sly.
Losing fights with fictional characters aside, Crossrope is aiming to bring jump rope workouts back to serious exercise enthusiasts with different sets of weighted jump ropes.
The benefits of weighted jump ropes in your workout are amazing, and we will go over that and more in this Crossrope review.

What is a Crossrope?

Crossrope is a newer company to the fitness industry that is working to revolutionize the use of jump ropes in workout routines.
They sought out to create ultra-high-quality jump ropes that have varying weights that are easily interchangeable. They also wanted to work to better include jump rope into other types of HIIT and strength training workouts.
The workouts included in the app are a combination of crossfit and jump rope, giving you high-intensity workouts on top of calorie-torching jump roping.
The company also has their marketing geared towards being able to workout at home during the pandemic, which is a major plus.
Each of my jump rope sets fits easily into the carry bag, so portability is a big plus to be able to keep workouts up during business travel and vacations.

What Makes Crossrope Jump Ropes So Special? 

The problem with including jump ropes in workouts is usually the inability to easily switch weights of rope.
There is also a problem of jump ropes breaking in a short amount of time from wear and tear. I know that I’ve had this problem with exercise jump ropes I’ve purchased from Wal-Mart. The ropes usually don’t last more than half a dozen sessions.

Be Different. Go Jump. Jump Rope.

Cross rope solves these problems with braided steel ropes and pro-grade ball bearings to reduce wear and tear on the rope and handles.
They also incorporate a patented “fast-clip system” that allows you to switch out weights of rope quickly during your workout. I’ve tried this feature out, and as you can see in the video below, it is a very fast switch.

Why Are There Different Weights of Jump Ropes?

A weighted jump rope is varying weights of rope used in jump rope exercises.
The point of different weights is to target different goals.
If you are looking to burn fat and maximize your number of jumps, then a lighter rope weight is what you will want.
If you are looking to gain strength, then you want to go more on the heavier side for your rope.
The Get Lean (2020) Crossrope set comes with a 1/4lb rope and a 1/2lb rope. These are meant to be for your HIIT workouts to pump up the intensity and burn fat.
Heavy weight jump ropes come in the Get Strong (2020) kit, and includes a 1lb rope and a 2lb rope. These will definitely increase your use of muscles all over the body and work to get you in shape.

Which Crossrope Set Should You Get?

Which Crossrope set you should get really depends on what your goal is.
For this Crossrope review I was given both the Get Lean and the Get Strong sets. These come together in the Get Fit combo pack.
If your goal is to lose weight, then you want HIIT-style workouts and the Get Lean set.
If your goal is to build muscle, then you want heavier ropes and the Get Strong set should suit your needs.
A few notes.
You will still be working your muscles plenty with the lighter set of ropes, just not quite as much as you will with the heavier ropes.
Also, if you are good with jump ropes already and looking to really increase your strength, Crossrope does have an even heavier duty set that has ropes up to 5lbs.
For those just starting I would go with the Get Lean set and work your way up from there.

Crossrope Get Lean (2020) Jump Rope Set

Get Lean (2020)

Crossrope Get Strong (2020) Heavy Jump Rope Set

Get Strong (2020)

Weighted Jump Rope Benefits 

2lb Jump Rope

2lb Jump Rope

Since you are working your muscles with the lighter jump rope set, do you really need a heavier weighted jump rope?
There are many benefits to a heavier weighted jump rope.
For starters, all of the muscles you were working with the lighter set of ropes will work on overdrive to consistently swing the larger rope. Even a 2lb rope, which may not seem like much weight, will cause intense muscle firing because of the swinging motion and the number of reps being performed.
Next, jump rope movements are rapid fire, and there are many benefits to fast muscle firing over slow. These fast movements with heavier weighted ropes intensify the benefit you get from rapid fire movements.

You will also be able to improve your balance as it will take more balance and better timing with a heavier rope.
Being able to quickly change out rope weights is an added benefit on top of all this, as you will give varied workouts to your muscles, as well as being able to switch between rapid cardio with a lighter rope, and more intense strength training with a heavier rope.
Crossrope gives you this benefits with their different jump rope sets, rope weights, and interchangeable handles.

Benefit of Jump Ropes in HIIT Workouts

Jumping rope can be quick and intense to torch fat, or it can be slightly less quick and methodical for strength training.
With lighter ropes you get the fast-action calorie torching workouts that are associated with the term HIIT.
HIIT stands for “High-Intensity Interval Training”. This is basically the definition of a light jump rope.
Jumping rope is very intense and involves the use of your entire body.
Adding jump ropes sets between the lunges, pushups, and mountain climbers in you HIIT workout will give you an extra intense calorie burn.
Crossropes workouts on their apps include these other types of HIIT workouts in their exercise routines.
There are only so many ways you can jump rope, and Crossrope is smart enough to know that you need to vary your HIIT workouts and intersperse jumping sets with sets of other body weight exercises.

Light Rope Vs Weighted Rope

Photo Credit: Crossrope Website

The Crossrope App

The Crossrope app is filled with a library of workouts that incorporate popular body-weight exercises with sets of jump rope and rests in between.

Get Started with Crossrope


Looking at the Crossrope app right now, I am seeing 10 unlocked workouts.
I am not subscribed to their subscription plan, or I would be able to access the hundreds of workouts they have locked, as their entire back catalogue of workouts is included with Premium.
It appears that what you get are the latest workouts, so if you find one you like, you won’t be able to access it after awhile without upgrading. It will get pushed down into the locked section in place of new workouts.

Crossrope App Workouts

Within each workout you get an overview of what you will be doing. The little animated guy is helpful as he actually moves and shows you the motion of what you will be doing during that stage of the workout.

Take the HIIT Workout
Preview of Crossrope Jumprope Workout

Once the workout starts the timer will start counting down and showing you which step you are on. You will see the animated guy again, showing you how to do the workout step you are currently on.

Crossrope Workout Timer

Just a warning. Some workouts have some advanced jump rope techniques in them, such as alternating feet, jump rope jacks, and boxer steps. Make sure to preview your workout and verify that you have the skill to do these exercises before beginning.
Alternatively, you can just do normal jump roping during those steps and you will still get great benefit from the workout.


Challenges are included to help you stay motivated to keep going with your jump rope exercise routine.
This will keep you on track by giving you a new exercise to do daily.

Jump Rope Beginner Challenge
Get Lean Crossrope Challenge

Once you pick a challenge, you will see the daily breakdown of what is expected of you that day, and show your marked progress in that challenge. You will also see the time requirement they will be asking of you for each day.

Jump Rope Challenge Daily Breakdown

Each day is then broken down like a regular workout, with the animated guy showing you the different steps of that specific workout.

Get Lean Challenge Summary

What You Get With Crossrope Premium

Crossrope Premium Pricing

With Crossrope Premium you unlock all the features that the app has to offer.
You will get:
Unlimited access to full database of Crossrope workouts
Unlimited access to all fitness challenges
Quick workout filtering options
Access to new jump rope counter mode
The jump rope counter seems intriguing, since you often will wonder how many jumps you are able to do in a set without messing up. I don’t have premium so I can’t test this feature out for you.
The price for Crossrope premium is $9.99 per month. You are able to save $20 by going with the annual subscription for $99.99.

Crossrope Review and Unboxing

To help you see more behind-the-scenes of the Crossrope, I made a quick unboxing video to show you what is in each of the sets, and a little bit of the workout in action!

Is Crossrope Worth It: My Overall Review

I’ve had an excellent experience with my Crossrope so far.
Shipping was quick and the items were well packaged. The ropes were also very high-quality, and while they seem a little rough from a few uses, they don’t appear to be wearing down or breaking.
When I used to jump rope with the Wal-Mart workout jump ropes I would easily break them. Some snapped in the middle and others broke at the handle. Crossrope seems to have put these 2 issues to bed, which makes me excited to include jump rope into my workout again.
Jump roping is something I can easily work into my existing workouts, and if I want to change things up I can try some of the varied workouts available on the app.
Since it’s not my main exercise, I likely won’t be paying for the yearly subscription to the app, but the products are very high-quality and well worth the investment to add this awesome boost of cardio to my workout.
The fact that I used to walk last summer for 20 minutes as my main form of exercise and likely only burn 100 calories, but now I can jump rope for 10 minutes and burn around 166 calories is amazing. Now I can burn more calories in less time and spend the rest of the time on my other workout sets.
My overall experience with Crossrope has been awesome, and therefore I have no issue giving these products a 5/5 star review.
If you are ready to torch calories and gain muscle, check out Crossrope.

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