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If you are looking for a great service to write a story of you or your loved one, give LifeTime Memoirs a call and speak with them to see what they can do to help you preserve precious memories.

Did you know that it’s easier to hire a memoir writer than to have your loved ones write it for themselves?

Sure, everyone knows how to turn their memories into words with a pen and paper but why spend hours, days, or even weeks when you can have it made for you, right?

Ghostwriters are sometimes called ‘heroes’ for their services since they can get content written for  people who have busy lives and it only takes a series of interviews for them to get started.

So what exactly is a Ghostwriter and how much money do they make?

What is Ghostwriting?


Ghostwriting is when a ghostwriter writes content for someone else who is later credited as the author.

Some people hire a ghostwriter to write a novel, article, research paper, and even a memoir depending on what they want.

Experienced ghostwriters can make more than $20,000 for a book and sometimes some freelancers charge $1 per word.

Meanwhile, beginners can earn around $5,000 per project depending on how long the client wants their book written.

This type of job may require excellent writing skills and to be honest, writing isn’t a very easy job that’s why some people may find their services to be very expensive.

You’re also not doing anything wrong with ghostwriting since it’s legal and contractual.

Can you hire a memoir writer?

Memoirs are very interesting since it’s a book that preserves a highlight or memories in your life that turned you into the person that you are today.

Interestingly, you can hire a memoir writer by getting a ghostwriter who will have it written for you.

Some can be found on the web as a freelancer, and some can be found in a company that specializes in writing services.

Getting a freelance ghostwriter is good, but if you want to have written content that already went on a series of proofreading then you should hire one from a company like Lifetime Memoir.

Hire a Memoir Writer on LifeTime Memoir

LifeTime Memoirs Logo

LifeTime Memoir is a company that has an excellent team of ghostwriters, editors, etc. who write the best memoirs for your loved ones.

In fact, their services have been touching people’s lives by preserving their stories inside a book.

This means that those precious memories are guaranteed to last more than a lifetime and you can pass them to different generations in your family.

Although photographs are also a great way to keep memories, memoirs have the power to tell the reader what may have happened during a specific time of their lives.

The company actually started under the name LifeBook in 2011 until it was changed to LifeTime Memoirs in 2019.

Since then, the business has been helping families with their memoir writing services.

If you want to know more about LifeTime Memoir, you can also check our review by clicking here.

How much do their services cost?

Interested to hire a memoir writer?

Memoirs serve as a non-fictional book where the author is telling a story about the significant events in their life.

Having LifeTime Memoir write a memoir for you makes it extra special since they offer four amazing products that work great as a gift for your loved ones.


Royal ($12,000) – for personal memoirs

  • 1 USB with audio highlights
  • 9″ x 6″ book, section-sewn and linen-bound
  • 10 copies of beautiful hand-crafted book
  • Up to 200 pages, 45,000 words, and 60 images

Imperial ($15,000)- for personal memoirs

  • 1 USB with audio highlights
  • 11.8″ x 7.9″ book, section-sewn and linen-bound
  • 15 copies of beautiful hand-crafted book
  • Up to 200 pages, 50,000 words, and 75 images

Together ($20,000) – for couple memoirs

  • 2 USB with audio highlights
  • 9″ x 6″ book, section-sewn and linen-bound
  • 20 copies of beautiful hand-crafted book
  • Up to 240 pages, 55,000 words, and 100 images

Signature ($25,000) – BEST GIFT CHOICE

  • 10 USB with audio highlights
  • 10″ x 9″ book, section-sewn and linen-bound
  • 1 Gold-embossed leather-bound book
  • 19 copies of beautiful hand-crafted book
  • Up to 260 pages, 60,000 words, and 120 images

LifeTime Memoirs can help you write an autobiography that will serve as your family’s greatest treasure.

This treasure is an excellent gift that you can pass to your grandchildren’s grandchildren that they can also pass to the next generation.

To get started call 833-335-0002 and talk to someone about your project.

Can You Write Your Own Memoir?

hire a memoir writer

Generally speaking, memoirs are written by the star (you) of the book.

It’s actually a little similar to autobiography except that it doesn’t involve all the events in your life.

A memoir is only a collection of the highlights in your life that you want to keep as a treasure or as a gift to someone else.

And since it’s based on your own experience, there are also a bunch of things that you need to know before writing your own memoir.

But if you want to skip the long process of writing, you can just hire a memoir writer.

However, if you want to give it a try, then let’s talk about how you should write your memoir in the next section.

How to write your memoir

Before you even start writing your experiences in a book, take time to organize your thoughts and write those memories on a sheet of paper.

You want to make a good impression here so you need to categorize everything smoothly.



Most memoirs usually start with a dramatic story that makes the reader curious enough to keep reading.

The first sentences of your first chapter need to be engaging and powerful enough that it establishes trust with the reader.

Don’t go spilling the tea right away.

Just keep it simple and write something that hooks their interest.

Another way to make it more engaging is to write something hilarious and makes the reader laugh.

It doesn’t have to be like a joke but it has to be something that gives them a quick ride to memory lane and it makes them laugh when they think about the incident too.

Your introduction plays an important role since you want to give your reader a good impression that encourages them to know more.

Once you’re done with your intro, it will be a lot easier for you to tell more stories in the next chapters.



Proofreading is the next step of writing your memoir since you need to check everything again to ensure that your grammar isn’t bad and the content doesn’t make the reader confused.

Most people hire someone to proofread for them so they know which parts need to be fixed or you can also do it on your own.

Proofreading Pt. 2


The next step is to edit those mistakes by revising and proofreading once again before it is ready for printing.

Some people can take months to finish writing their memoirs since it’s a very long process that involves a series of doing revisions.

However, you can easily skip this long process by having LifeTime Memoir write it for you instead.

And since the company will handle everything for you from writing to printing, then all you have to worry about is when you will get your memoir.

It’s that easy!

To get started call 833-335-0002 and talk to someone about your project

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