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When you think about cooking and recipe boxes, you usually think about getting pre-packaged food in the mail and cooking the recipes on your own. When I was emailed by Raddish Kids, a company that delivers a cooking class for kids in a box, I was really intrigued.
Little Cub has really shown a love of cooking with her dad since she turned 3, so we were more than happy to accept the offer of a free box in exchange for writing content.
We were so excited to dig in once our box was delivered. This article is our results from unboxing to the finished recipe!

What is Raddish Kids?

Raddish Kids is a subscription box company that sends you a box each month that contains 3 recipes, a new cooking tool, some food-related topics to discuss as a family over the dinner table, and other fun activities. 

Their goal is to help you make memories of cooking as a family while giving kids lessons in math, different cultures, culinary arts, and more.

The website states that boxes are designed by expert chefs and educators with over 14 years of experience in teaching kids how to cook.

With the recent uptick in parents homeschooling children because of school closures and shelter-in-place orders, they are even starting to offer more free activities and recipes on the website for you to cook with your kids at home, free of charge.

I’d like to note that Raddish Kids says their boxes are for kids ages 4 to 14+. My Little Cub is 3-and-a-half, but that age is not necessarily recommended by the company.

What’s In the Raddish Kids Box?

The box that we were sent was all about Springtime, so our activity was teaching us about Springtime poetry.

The 3 recipes that we got were Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Spring Party Toasts, and Carrot Cake Cookies.

The cool part is that the free tool that you get every month is used in recipes given to you, so not only do the kids get to learn about a new cooking utensil, they get to use it plenty with each box that is delivered!

The tool this month was a scooper scraper which helps scoop and spread cream cheese frosting in the Carrot Cake Cookies, and putting herb spread on the Spring Party Toasts.

Each box even comes with an apron patch that the kids get to put on their aprons (if they have one) to show their accomplishment of participating in that month’s recipes. This month’s patch was a carrot, so it went well with our Carrot Cake Cookies.

Check out Little Cub’s unboxing video and pictures below as we see what was in the Springtime box!

Making Carrot Cake Cookies

We opted to make the Carrot Cake Cookies for this blog post, as we were in the mood for something sweet and delicious!

There were quite a few ingredients with this one, but Little Cub had a lot of fun mixing everything together.

The hardest part was putting the dough in the fridge for a half-hour and waiting for it to set before we could ball it up and put the cookies in the oven. We were ready to eat sooner rather than later, but we practiced patience and waited with a TV break.

Once the dough was ready Little Cub had a blast making (and snacking some) cream cheese frosting as the cookies were baking.

Lastly came the fun part where we frosted the cookies and put them together as sandwiches

Check out some photos from our fun in the kitchen with our Raddish Kids box.

How Much Is Raddish Kids and Where Can I Get It?

Raddish Kids has a variety of plans that you can subscribe to, including monthly, 6 months, and 12 months.

As a reader of mine, you have access to a couple of discounts off your Raddish Kids subscription, since I am an affiliate.

You can get $15 off a 6 month membership by clicking here and using code: ATHOME.

You can also get $20 off a 12 month membership by clicking here and using code: CHEF20.

If you are interested in cooking with your kids and teaching them the vital life lessons of cooking while creating amazing, fun memories that will last a lifetime, jump on these deals while you have the chance!

My Overall Review of the Raddish Kids Monthly Subscription Box

This was a fun little break from the norm. We were able to get some new recipes to add to our normal routine, and Little Cub loved making the Carrot Cakes Cookies with us.

I think it would have been an even better experience if she was a little older and able to participate in the Springtime poetry and learning about the different cooking techniques and cultures these recipes derived from.

We would love to get a subscription when Little Cub is a little bit older and can really start to enjoy the whole experience. This was a great test run of the product for us, and we hope that some of you out there sign up and start making memories with your little ones as well!

The activity of getting the new recipes and cookies together was a really fun experience, but I can’t really comment much on the rest of the box since she is so young, other than saying that it is well put together and will likely be a richer experience for people with kids a little older than 3-and-a-half (again Raddish recommends kids 4 and up).

All I can say is take advantage of the $15 off of the 6 months subscription and also the free recipes they are providing on their website during shelter-in-place and school closures.

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