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Turn memories into a book that you can pass through generations by preserving a loved one’s life experiences with the help of memoir writing services.

Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to preserve a memory for a lifetime?

Think about everyone’s favorite grandma, sure, getting photos of her sounds like a good idea but it doesn’t actually tell the real message behind the scenes.

Sometimes you might even forget what happened in that photo and the next thing you know, you ended up asking your relatives about it.

That works too if you ask me, but the best option is having a memoir writing service turn those precious memories into something that you can cherish for an entire lifetime.

LifeTime Memoirs Writing Services

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LifeTime Memoirs is a company that specializes in writing memoirs and autobiographies for families that launched in the US way back in 2019.

It was first recognized as LifeBook back then until they decided to change their brand into LifeTime Memoirs to be more specific on their writing services.

The writing company makes amazing compelling memoirs that turn your loved one’s life story into something enjoyable and touching for the reader.

The good thing about getting memoir writing services is that you don’t have to worry about writing, printing, and everything to make one. 

LifeTime Memoirs does all the work for you so you can have a precious book about your loved ones that’s professionally and wonderfully written.

To get started call 833-335-0002 and talk to someone about your project.

How does it Work?

You will first be getting a Welcome Pack that will be sent to you by LifeBook, where you will be writing down memories and ideas before you proceed to the interview stage.

In the next few days, a project manager will contact you to introduce the program and have you scheduled for an interview about the memoir.

A skilled ghostwriter will write the memoir for you after going through the interview process so they can easily put those memories into writing that you can preserve inside a book.

When you avail a LifeTime Memoirs package, it also includes a 60-minute audio recording where you read some of those memories to make your memoir extra special.

This way, the future generations will experience something that will stay in their lives forever even if you’re no longer with them.

How much does it cost to write a memoir?

LifeTime memoir writing services curates written materials that turns memories into a family treasure and you can choose between four different packages:

LifeTime Memoirs

Royal ($12,000)

This package comes with a personal memoir, 10 pcs of 9″ x6″ hardback books with 200 pages, 45,000 words, and 60 images, and a USB with audio highlights.

Imperial ($15,000)

The Imperial package comes with a large-format personal memoir, 15 pcs of 11.8″ x 7.9″ hardback books with 200 pages, 50,000 words, and 75 images, and audio highlights.

Together ($20,000)

The Together package comes with a couple’s memoir and 20 pcs of 9″ x6″ hardback books with 240 pages, 55,000 words, and 100 images, and two audio highlights.

Signature (25,000)

The Signature package comes with a luxurious memoir and 20 pcs (1 gold-embossed leather-bound + 19 linen-bound and gift-wrapped copies) of a 10″ x 9″ book with 260 pages, 60,000 words, and 120 images, and 10 audio highlights.

You can choose to pay any package in 6 installments to make it easier for you.

To get started call 833-335-0002 and talk to someone about your project.

Importance of a Memoir 

Memoir Writing Services

A memoir gives the reader an insight into someone else’s life and teaches them their lifestyles, favorite places, and experiences.

It’s like walking in someone else’s shoes while reading one especially if it’s about your loved ones.

Some people write their own memoirs and these are usually those who are experienced writers themselves, however, you can also get a memoir written for you by hiring someone.

Writing isn’t a skill that you learn overnight especially if you have never tried writing books before.

Can you hire someone to write your memoir?

People often hire ghostwriters to help them write their memoirs especially if they don’t know how to write one for themselves.

When you get someone with the right skills, you can easily organize your stories and turn it into something that doesn’t confuse readers.

Ghostwriters help people write their memoirs by letting the person share personal stories through writing and interviewing.

These skilled writers put themselves in your shoes to write a book in your perspective after you’ve shared those highlights in your lives.

Although memoirs are stories of someone’s personal experiences, when you get someone to write it for you, you don’t need to worry about the whole writing, editing, and printing process.

Memoir writing services, just like LifeTime memoir help families turn their memories in a form of a book that they can pass to their grandchildren’s grandchildren, and so on.

What is a memoir story?

A memoir is a story about the author that’s a little similar to an autobiography but it only focuses on smaller details.

It only emphasizes an important or interesting part of their life that they want to elevate to a larger theme or idea.

Autobiography, on the other hand, is much more detailed and it usually talks about the author’s life in general.

Some people sometimes use the two terms interchangeably, despite not knowing their differences.

Is ghostwriting legal?

A ghostwriter is an individual who writes content for books or any other written work for someone else who wants to publish a book in their name as the author.

Typically, ghostwriters are those who don’t want to earn the spotlight since some think it’s too much for them.

It’s 100% legal and they’re usually paid upfront for their writing services which means that they do not get royalties for their hard work since it’s part of their contract.

What makes a book a memoir?

Memoir Writing Services Reading

A book is a memoir if it tells a story or part of someone’s life to the readers.

It has no set story structure since it talks about how things were during the author’s time.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always exact since it’s generally based on memories.

Memoirs are usually between 250 and 400 pages depending on the author.

Some can even write longer or shorter depending on their theme and this usually happens when the author thoroughly explains all the problems and details in their book.

A memoir’s only purpose is to share a story about their personal life that they want others can relate to like a life-changing experience that made them who they are today.

It can be a point in their life where they accidentally burned their house that lead their family into bankruptcy, etc.

Some people also like to talk about their amazing experiences in other countries that turned out to be the moment in their life where they met their significant other.

The thing that makes a memoir interesting for some is that it also touches the lives of the readers.

It’s not always about every tiny detail of their lives since it’s not an autobiography, it’s just one of those things that they want readers to reflect on.

If you want to have a memoir written for you, we highly suggest giving LifeTime Memoirs a try, so you can share your amazing life experiences with your family and friends.

To get started call 833-335-0002 and talk to someone about your project.

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