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Sleep plays an important role in our life. It helps our brain to work properly and to boost our immune system, especially babies.

Getting the right amount of sleep is essential to a child’s development. Good thing, we have found something that will help your babies or children to get better sleep.

Well, are you looking for a Baby night light with a soothing warm light that is perfect for the nighttime of your newborn baby?

You are absolutely on the right page!

Fravita is now on Mega-sale and offers up to 60% off!

After reading this article, you will know why the Fravita baby night list is important especially for your children, and know what will help them fall asleep faster.

Let’s dive in!

What is Fravita Baby Night Light All About?

Fravita Logo

Fravita offers a wide variety of products and services. Their vision is to help parents live a simpler and healthier lifestyle with their babies and family.

Example of their products is mattress protectors, sound machines, night lights, organizers, diffusers, timers. You can also purchase clothing, travel products, and safety items.

The best product that they have is the Fravita Baby Night Light.

It was designed for your beloved little ones that can help your family to have a quality of sleep. You can adjust the color of the light to dim warm for your convenience as this company was creating items that are beneficial to utilize.

Why not get one for your baby too as well?

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How do you turn on a Fravita Night Light?

Fravita Night Light

Fravity night light is so easy to turn on. First, you can turn it on properly by pressing & holding the center spot of the light for 1 second. 

If you want to turn it off, just press the center spot three times. 

Plus there is also an option to put the light to sleep mode and it will turn off automatically after 4 hours of inactivity. Just enter sleep mode by flipping the light upside down, and flipping back up to exit sleep mode.

How to adjust the brightness of Fravita Night Light?

If you want to adjust the Fravita night light, you can follow these steps:

1) Ensure the night light is already turned on.
2) Adjust the brightness and color tone by pressing and holding the center of the light. The brightness and color tone will begin to shift once you do so and release the press once it reaches your desired brightness and hue.
3) To reverse the brightness and hue. Press and hold the center of the light again.

What color light is best for a baby at night?

Newborn babies are still sensitive to bright light, so they are more likely to open their eyes in low light. The night light should not be too light to disturb the baby’s sleep.

The perfect color light that is best for your baby is the Sunset warm light. It can soothe the baby throughout the night in a dim brightness.

Are Night Lights okay for babies?

Fravita Baby Night Light

It is highly recommended for babies to use warmer color light for nights to ease the baby’s tension and let them feel that they are safe.

You can choose with the different color temperatures that FRAVITA Baby Night Light can offer.

They offer natural warm red to cool white and perfect lighting for your bedroom.

How much is the top savings I can get when using a coupon at FRAVITA?

With Fravita, you can enjoy the best discount which is the FREE SHIPPING + MEGA-SALE up to 60% off. Promo is until the 25th of December 2021.

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How to Apply Your Fravita Discount Code?

Once you have chosen an item to purchase, you may proceed to checkout.

To apply the discount code, copy the promo code from the page and paste it directly to the appropriate box that says “Discount code”.

Does FRAVITA offer free shipping?


Fravita offers free shipping. All U.S customers are entitled to free shipping when they buy items that are above $35.

Non-US customers can enjoy free shipping when items are above $50.

How long is the Delivery?

Once you placed an order, please allow up to 2 business days (weekends and holidays are not included) to process and pack your order.

For the standard shipping, expect the delivery within 9 to 12 business days if within the United States.

International shipping will take 15-30 business days and still depends if the area is either rural or remote.

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