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***UPDATE 11-10-17

Little Cub is obviously way too big this year for the Cozy Cover, and I miss it SO MUCH! It was so easy to keep her warm last winter, and now we are trying to find a nice balance between not enough coat, and too much coat (too much coat because they make car seats less effective, and your little cub can get too hot on long car rides). Can’t they invent something for older kids like this?



Hey Mommy Bears!

Today I really want to tell you about our Cozy Cover, a wonderful cover to keep my baby warm in her car seat.  As most of you that live in the Midwest have noticed, it got cold and it did it all of a sudden!  Brr!


Purchase a Cozy Cover

Get a Cozy Cover to keep your little bear warm in this cold weather! It has worked wonders in keeping my little cub warm this winter from not only cold, but wind as well! Use my affiliate link on the left at no extra cost to you to help support my site!


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Keeping Baby Warm With Your Cozy Cover!

The cold is no good place for a baby, especially with so much wind.  Therefore, we broke out our Cozy Cover this weekend and I love it. It fits over our Graco Car Seat well and covers my baby up to help keep the wind away. You just simply slip it on to your car seat, and once your baby is inside and buckled in, when you are about to go outside in those harsh winter winds, just zip up the bottom on two sides and velcro the top to keep the wind away. (P.S. don’t worry, baby can breathe just fine; there are always small cracks on the sides that don’t let wind in, but still let oxygen in).

The only thing that isn’t super fantastic about this product is that it makes it just a tiny bit more difficult to put the already bundled up baby in and get all buckled up with the cover on.  You could always keep putting it back on after putting baby in, but I don’t quite think it is too bad to just unzip the flap and stick her in.

My Review For The Cozy Cover!

I am very thankful for this product as we come up on Thanksgiving this week, and I thought it would be appropriate to mention my thanks!  I love that this keeps my baby protected and I can worry a little less about the cold getting to my baby.

I give this a 5/5 star rating.

Connect With Other Moms

How do you keep baby warm in the winter? Do you use Cozy Cover, or something else?

Sound off in the comments below and help each other keep our little cubs warm and toasty!

Please, if you have comments or questions, you can also ask me below! 🙂 I’d be happy to reply.

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