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Find out how codeSpark Academy teaches kids how to code in today’s MommyBear review.

Learning how to code can be done by anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

Coding is often considered a skill that many people will never learn, but for kids in the 21st century, coding is as natural as knowing how to read and write.

It does not only help them understand how things work, but it also gives them a head start for their future careers.

One good reason to teach children coding at a young age is that it encourages them to develop non-technical skills effectively.

Some schools are even starting to offer programs that introduce coding into the curriculum to help them understand how computers work and how to use them. 

But what exactly is coding and how do you get your child to become interested in it?

What is coding?

Coding is so much more than just an activity for computer geeks. 

There are massive opportunities in coding for all sorts of people, and it’s time to get your kids started so they don’t miss out.

Generally, coding is the process of writing instructions that tell the computer what to do.

There are many different types of coding languages for different purposes, but the most popular type of coding language is called JavaScript.

Our codeSpark Academy Review

codeSpark Academy Logo

It is important that children are introduced to coding as early as possible, ideally at the preschool level.

This way, they will have a better understanding of what it is and how it can be used to solve problems.

Coding not only gives children an edge for their future, but it also provides them with some valuable experience that many will need before they are able to land their first full-time job. 

Parents interested to get their kids to learn how to code, need to check out codeSpark Academy, an interactive game that your kids will surely love.

What is it all about?

codeSpark is a fun and engaging game for kids that’s founded in 2014 and teaches kids about coding.

The award-winning game gives your little ones a fun learning experience by solving puzzles and challenges, playing minigames, or even building their own game.

Grant Hosford and Joe Sochet are the people behind codeSpark that’s encouraging kids to be interested in the concepts of programming and computer science.

Who are the Foos in codeSpark academy?

The Foos are the animated characters in the game that will guide your kids throughout their journey.

As your kids complete the levels of the game,  they’ll start to develop a unique relationship with the Foos.

It’s actually a unique feature that makes your kids become more interested to keep learning and playing.

What age group is codeSpark for?

codeSpark Academy is a coding game developed for kids ages 5-9.

With codeSpark, kids can learn these concepts as they play the game: Sequencing, Loops, Conditional Statements, Events, Boolean logic and sorting, and more.

It also comes with an intuitive and word-free interface which is ideal for kids who don’t know how to read.

How much does codeSpark cost?

One thing we like the most about codeSpark is that they offer a 7-day free trial to have kids experience the game before committing to their subscription plans

Parents can either get the annual plan that costs $79.99 annually ($6.67 a month), or the $9.99 monthly plan that includes:

  • Unlimited coding challenges
  • New skills weekly
  • 100s of educational puzzles
  • Unlimited access to creativity suite
  • Access for up to 3 children

In case you didn’t know, the company gives back to low-income schools around the world for every family subscription.

Note: Subscription plans auto-renew

Is codeSpark free for schools?


The coding game is 100% free for teachers and librarians of public schools in North America.

Non-profit organizations are also eligible to get codeSpark for free.

Is codeSpark safe for kids?


CodeSpark Academy is COPPA-compliant making it a safe app for your kids to play as it doesn’t collect private information.

Kids can also play codeSpark Academy using a desktop computer through an internet browser. 

codeSpark awards

What are the system requirements of codeSpark?

According to their website, codeSpark can work with:

  • iOS 11 or higher with 2 GB of RAM or more
  • Android 4.4 KitKat or higher with 1 GB of RAM or more
  • Amazon FireOS with 1 GB of RAM or more
  • Chrome or Firefox on a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook with at least 4 GB of RAM. 

Pros and Cons of codeSpark

Despite codeSpark being a great coding game for kids, it also has its pros and cons that you need to know.


  • Comes with a 7-day free trial
  • Child-friendly interface
  • New games weekly
  • Up to 3 kids per account
  • COPPA -compliant
  • Provides educational value
  • Game and story creation mode
  • Suitable for kids who are still learning how to read


  • Auto-renewing subscriptions
  • Younger kids may find a few concepts a little advanced

Our experience with codeSpark Academy

Our kids ABSOLUTELY LOVED codeSpark.

We signed them up for the 7 day trial to give it a run, and they couldn’t get enough.

The 3 year old liked playing the games (especially serving people at the diner), although he obviously needed some help with the coding.

Our 5 year old took to the game pretty well. She needed some help figuring out some of the levels, but found her doing many levels on her own. She really enjoyed the water balloon fights and collecting gems to solve math problems.

They’ve both been begging us to sign up so they can keep playing, and even offered their piggy banks to pay for a subscription. Super cute!

Why is coding essential for kids in 2022?

In recent years, computers have become increasingly accessible, and it is easier for kids to have access to a computer than ever before. 

However, sometimes parents are unaware of the great benefits that come from teaching their children how to code. 

In fact, coding teaches kids new skills in a way that traditional math and science often can’t do.

It gives them a chance to create their own games and apps while learning valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives. 

The sense of accomplishment when overcoming a unique coding challenge is also something any parent would want their child to experience. 

At what age can a child start coding?

Coding is indeed a simple way for kids to get more involved in the digital world and it also gives them a huge advantage over those who don’t.

Children ages 4+ can start learning the concepts of coding since there are lots of games out there that are suitable for them.

While most 4-year-olds wouldn’t know how to work with complex coding languages, they can start with simple commands that will teach them the basics.

By playing these games, children can start learning about loops, functions, and variables without having to be in an actual coding class.

Does coding require math?

Some think that coding requires math skills but in reality, coding uses logic and reasoning skills more than anything else.

According to research, coding can help improve problem-solving and mathematical skills in children.

Can you buy codeSpark as a gift?


It is possible to buy codeSpark as a gift and you can choose from the available plans listed  below:

  • 6 months – $59.99
  • 12 months – $89.99
  • Lifetime – $199.99

Each plan gives the receiver unlimited access to puzzles, game creation, story creation and so much more.

Plus, it also allows them to redeem the gift code for up to 3 kid profiles.

By the way, you should also take note that the 6-months and 12-months plans do not auto-renew so you wouldn’t be charged once their subscription has ended.

What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is a global movement that started in 2013 that introduces people to coding in one hour.

It was launched by three Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Hadi Partovi, Ali Partovi, and Dan Shafer, and has grown into an international effort that reaches more than 100 countries each year.

Its purpose is to “show that programming can be easy and fun” and encourage more people to learn how to code. 

This program provides anyone – children and adults, teachers and students – with the opportunity to explore coding, no experience required.

The more people that participate in this campaign, the better chance it has at spreading awareness of computer coding as a viable career path.

What programming languages are suitable for kids?

Programming is a big part of what computers do and knowledge of programming languages can be very valuable.

They are often seen as complex and difficult for kids to understand due to a large amount of vocabulary and syntax that needs to be learned in order to use them.

Luckily, there are languages designed specifically for children and teenagers that teach them how to code without having to worry about syntax or vocabulary such as:

  1. Ruby
  2. Java
  3. Lua
  4. Python
  5. Scratch

The different programming languages can be difficult to understand at first, so it’s best for kids to learn them while they’re young.

Is codeSpark worth the money?


There are many advantages to codeSpark when it comes to teaching kids to code.

Not only does it teach them how to code, but it also helps them develop critical-thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

This program is a lot more interactive than other programs in the industry because it’s loaded with challenges that get updated every week.

Their courses are structured in a way that is fun for the student and easy for the parent to monitor progress.

Watch the video below to learn more about codeSpark.

Interested to get codeSpark? Click here to give codeSpark a try today.

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