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If you are a teachers looking for a fun and innovative way to teach coding to your students, be sure to check out CodeMonkey.

Ever since the pandemic started, everything has gotten virtual including the education system.

From blackboards to computer screens, teachers and students are now having their classes online.

Internet and electronic devices especially computers and mobile phones have gotten essential for every human being in today’s world.

Although you might be considered lucky if you have access to these things, you can still get a little confused since technology has gotten complicated as time goes by.

Before, teachers would just write everything on the board or use a PowerPoint Presentation as a visual aide.

Now, they’re just flashing their lessons onscreen for their students and if you think it’s easier this way, it is definitely not.

One disadvantage of online classes is that it might be hard for teachers to teach students skills over the internet.

Some skills like sewing, cooking, drawing, and more, can be taught online, but what if you’re teaching them advanced stuff like coding?

That can be a huge problem since coding can be a very complicated lesson.

Luckily, there’s an online tool that teachers can use to teach their students basic coding skills.


CodeMonkey Logo

CodeMonkey is a digital platform that teaches students of all ages how to code using real programming languages.

The platform has a curriculum that promotes user interaction through games and apps that are designed for schools, home-use, and extra-curricular.

CodeMonkey Studios is located at Tel Aviv and the company started in 2014 with a team of experts in gaming, technology, and pedagogy.

Their amazing team is dedicated to bringing educational content that’s both fun and highly interactive especially for kids or anyone interested in coding.


CodeMonkey Main Features

CodeMonkey teaches students about coding through a monkey that needs help in retrieving bananas.

Students will be encouraged to use real programming language to help the monkey catch bananas and finish a level.

It’s like an interactive puzzle game that lets them write real codes in CoffeeScript or Python in order to pass a level.

Every time a student passes a level, they will learn a new function, and the level of difficulty increases slowly as they proceed to the next.

However, if they find it hard to pass a level, there are lots of in-game hints that they can utilize or they can also ask their teachers for help.

In case a student finishes with high achievements, they can create their own challenges for their classmates and also an application for mobile devices.

CodeMonkey has a wide range of courses that you can choose depending on the age and experience level.

They even have CodeMonkey Jr. which is available for the youngest students who want to learn how to code.

This makes it a very good tool for learning how to code while having tons of fun on their digital platform.

Hour of Code

Is an international movement with a primary goal of teaching students across countries about the basics of coding.

It is also a week-long activity that takes place during CSED week during December.

CodeMonkey Hour Of Code

CodeMonkey has a free hour of code courses for students to learn basic lessons on Computer Science.

What is Coding?

In general, coding is the process that utilizes a programming language to give commands to a computer.

It is used mainly used in programming websites, apps. and other things, however, it is also a very difficult skill to learn.

With CodeMonkey, programming is a lot easier especially for younger students who want to learn how to code.

CodeMonkey uses CoffeeScript and Python, which are simpler versions of JavaScript, that’s more advanced.

Importance of Coding with CodeMonkey

Coding is not only a skill in computer science but it’s also a positive way to nurture a variety of fundamental skills.

Students especially little kids will improve on creativity, logic, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

The reason why CodeMonkey encourages younger kids to start coding is that it lets them have insights as preparation for technological advances in the future.

Who knows? They might also get interested in becoming software engineers, web developers, and anything related to information technology.

Pros and Cons of CodeMonkey


  • Highly educational
  • Best for beginners
  • Impressive support team
  • User-friendly interface


  • Advanced students and struggling students might delay lessons

CodeMonkey Pricing

CodeMonkey Free Trial

CodeMonkey offers a 30-day-free-trial for teachers that includes:

  • Classroom dashboard
  • 30 challenges
  • 30 student accounts
  • 5-hour courses
  • Lesson Plans

The usual pricing for CodeMonkey is:

  • Super Teacher – $49 annually with certification and access to special features
  • Home full – $39 annually per child
  • Home School – $129 annually for 5 students

Additionally, CodeMonkey also offers custom plans for schools and districts, that cover unlimited teacher accounts and more.

CodeMonkey System Requirements

CodeMonkey works best on devices that have a keyboard and mouse and has an updated web browser.

Several courses like Dodo Does Math and Coding Adventure can also work on an Apple iPad.

However, it is highly recommended to use a computer since most courses can only be accessed through it compared to mobile devices.

Is CodeMonkey worth it?

CodeMonkey Awards


Coding can be a difficult skill to learn for some, but CodeMonkey makes it a lot easier and an enjoyable learning experience.

It is the perfect platform for students to learn basic and advanced computer science lessons while having loads of fun.

CodeMonkey is also an award-winning educational platform that has taught millions of students about coding through their interactive courses.

Teachers can also monitor their students’ progress easily on CodeMonkey.

This makes it easier for them to know who’s having difficulty on the levels and can provide assistance immediately.

Click here to get started with CodeMonkey

Why is CodeMonkey recommended for students?

CodeMonkey Features

Compared to the normal teaching methods, the game-based environment of CodeMonkey will make coding a fun learning experience.

This way, they’ll feel more interested and excited to learn more with the platform’s interactive courses.

Students can also team up to solve difficult challenges on the platform and it is also a good way to encourage them to have discussions with their classmates.

CodeMonkey also has a user-friendly interface, so students will have an easy experience on their website.

Why is CodeMonkey highly recommended for teachers?

CodeMonkey Features for Teachers

CodeMonkey might be a gamified platform for students but it also provides awesome features for teachers with or without experience.

Teachers aren’t specifically required to have knowledge on programming when teaching coding through CodeMonkey.

They will be provided with lesson plans and access to a dashboard that’s exclusive for teachers to check how their students are doing.

This way, they can see their students’ solutions and discuss them during class.

Free webinars, support, tutorials, and professional development tools are also provided for teachers who are new to the platform.

Can adults use CodeMonkey?

CodeMonkey is suitable for individuals of all ages including adults.

Even though the platform is specially created for kids, adult beginners are also encouraged to utilize their interactive courses to learn coding.

Learning how to code has many advantages other than as a stepping stone for software development and other techie stuff.

So if you don’t know when is the best time to start coding, now’s the chance!

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