Hello out there Mommy Bears!

Today I wanted to play a little game!

I want to see what types of products my readers would buy if they had $200 to spend in the Baby Department. This will help me better understand which types of products I should be reviewing in the future.

Plus, shopping sprees are always fun, right? Check out the rules below, and join the discussion!



The Rules of Our Shopping Spree

  1. Use THIS LINK to go to the Baby Department on Amazon (it’s an affiliate link, so actual purchases will give me a little kickback and help support the site).
  2. Find $200 worth of baby products that you would buy (this is hypothetical money, not real. Don’t actually buy things unless you want to use your own money to do so).
  3. Grab a scrap of paper and make a list of the items you would buy, and comment the items down below in the comments!
  4. Also add an explanation of why you would buy those items.
  5. Share this page so other Mommy Bears can participate. Use #mommybearreviews in your share, and use these sharing links:


*MommyBear.org does not take any type of responsibility for items you actually do purchase. This is a hypothetical game to get some insight on my readers and have a little fun with some fake shopping.

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