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Numbers are an essential part of everyday life.

We need to be able to add and subtract in order to make things work, shop for groceries, and even manage our time.

Teaching kids how these two math concepts work can be tricky.

But if you are able to find ways to make it extra fun for them, then it will be much easier for them to understand.

Want an addition and subtraction game that makes math fun?

Osmo’s Math Series Magical Workshop is just the magic you need!

Addition and Subtraction

As parents, we always want what’s best for our kids, and we know that one of the things that will help them thrive in school is by helping them develop a solid foundation in math while they’re still young.

Addition and subtraction are two of the most fundamental math skills that can be taught quickly to young children, as long as you provide them with the right tools for learning.

By teaching these concepts early on, children will be better prepared for more challenging math concepts later on in school.

Although it might sound tough, luckily, there are plenty of ways to give your children the skills they need to excel in math without having to sit down with them one-on-one.

How playing games help kids learn addition and subtraction 

Games that involve mathematics can help children understand math concepts more quickly.

That’s because playing games can engage students and stimulate their minds, which can help them retain information easily.

This builds confidence in those who are struggling in math and helps them to feel comfortable tackling the subject.

Additionally, since math games are so varied, they can be used to teach a variety of topics including basic algebra, geometry, fractions, and many more.

One fun way to teach kids addition and subtraction is by playing games from Osmo.

Osmo is an interactive learning platform that helps kids learn addition and subtraction using AR technology.

Rather than just giving kids flashcards or worksheets, Osmo makes it extra fun and engaging so they can easily practice and improve their math skills by playing games.

The app also has a variety of fun games and activities that are tailored to different ages ranging from simple counting games to more complex problem-solving exercises.

How Osmo works

How Osmo Works

When students are using the Osmo app to play games, they are encouraged to use real-world objects to interact with objects on their screens.

Osmo apps require two specialized equipment to work: an Osmo base, that holds the tablets in place, and a camera reflector that captures how your child interacts with real-life objects and reflects them back to the screen.

Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop: The Best Addition and Subtraction Game for Kids

Osmo Math Wizard Series Magical Workshop

Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop is an exciting game from Osmo that helps children learn addition and subtraction up to 120, counting, comparing numbers, and more.

In this fun game, players are required to accomplish different tasks in the workshop to unlock new levels.

Kids are tasked to brew potions for villagers by adding and subtracting game pieces so they can return to normal.

The game is ideal for children ages 6-8 years old who are already familiar with numbers and counting.

It also comes with a Mixing Mat, 2 Sticker Sheets, a Spell Book, 28 Counting Cubes, and 6 Counting rods.

The Osmo Math Wizard Series

The Math Wizard series from Osmo includes five educational games that help develop your child’s math skills:

  • Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons
  • Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck
  • Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games
  • Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships
  • Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop 

Each game introduces a new math concept to kids, such as counting, adding, subtracting, and so much more.

With each level, you’ll see your child progress in terms of skill development and confidence.

Why Osmo?

Learning math is often seen as a difficult task, but with the help of Osmo, that is not always the case.

The Osmo app helps teach math concepts in an intuitive and fun way, while also encouraging students to be motivated and learn at their own pace.

With Osmo, students are able to learn without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

Additionally, Osmo makes math more enjoyable by incorporating games into the learning process.

By playing these games, students are able to get a better understanding of the material being taught.

At what age should a child learn math?

Adding and subtracting numbers is a skill that kids need to learn in order to do math correctly in school and in their daily lives.

It’s not always easy for them, but it’s important that they learn how to do it correctly so that they can solve math problems on their own.

According to MedicineNet, 6-10-year-olds should start learning how to count, understand how numbers work, identify different shapes, count to 100, and so much more.

Children should also continue learning math through middle and high school, where they will be able to understand more complex concepts and use math in their everyday lives.

Why do kids hate learning math?

Math is one of the subjects that many children hate.

They may have difficulty understanding or remembering the formulas or procedures, and may feel frustrated when they have to solve problems.

Here are three common reasons why kids hate math:

Why do kids hate learning math

1. Math can be boring. When children are struggling with math concepts, they may find it difficult to pay attention. This can make the lessons tedious and frustrating, leading them to dislike the subject.

2. Math can be confusing. Kids unfamiliar with basic math operations or terms may have a hard time following along with a lesson. This can lead to frustration and decreased motivation to learn.

3. Math can be frustratingly difficult. Many children find basic arithmetic concepts particularly challenging. This makes the learning process daunting and often discouraging.

However, there are ways to make math fun and easier to understand.

By breaking down the math concepts into smaller pieces, kids will be able to better comprehend them.

And by incorporating creative activities into their lessons, you can help reduce the fear factor associated with mathematics.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to help kids love math – by making it fun and engaging from the start!

Parenting Tips: How To Make Learning Addition and Subtraction Fun For Your Kids

When it comes to math, most parents want their kids to be able to do addition and subtraction.

However, many parents don’t realize that there are other ways to approach math that can be just as successful.

Here are a few tips for teaching kids addition and subtraction:

1. Make sure your child understands how numbers work.

Numbers can be confusing at first, so it’s important that your child has a basic understanding of how they work before starting lessons on addition and subtraction.

2. Start with small tasks.

Teaching your child addition and subtraction one step at a time will make the process much easier for both of you.

This way, your child won’t get overwhelmed and can retain the information better.

3. Use visuals when teaching addition or subtraction.

For example, use a popsicle stick as a counting tool when adding up to 10 or 20.

This will help the child learn how to count and keep track of what they are doing.

4. Encourage kids to ask questions.

Always encourage your kids to ask questions when they don’t understand something.

This will help them learn and remember the information better.

5. Make learning math extra fun.

A lot of kids find math boring, but if you make it fun they’re more likely to stick with it.

Try incorporating games into your lessons so your child has something enjoyable to focus on while learning the basics.

6. Practice makes perfect

Don’t expect your child to pick things up overnight.

If your child is struggling with solving a math problem, try going over it again and again until they master it.

This will help them remember the process better and will make them feel more confident in their abilities.

7. Get Osmo to teach kids addition and subtraction.

Osmo helps introduce different math concepts to kids especially when you get the Math Wizard Series for them.

This is a great way to motivate them and keep them interested in learning.

The games are fun, and they help kids learn important math concepts through play.

Interested to check out what Osmo has in store for your little one?

Click here to learn more.

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