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What if you could turn screen time into play, learning, and fun? 

That’s the idea behind Osmo and their Math Series, an award-winning platform that turns screens into a virtual playground for kids. 

While on their tablets, kids can explore different worlds, solve problems, and learn new skills. 

Our kids loved playing the various games that make up the Math Wizard Series.

We can’t get them to stop asking to play them!

Want to help your kids get in on the fun?

What is Osmo?

Osmo Logo

When it comes to teaching little ones about geography, science, math, and more, one of the most popular and effective ways to do so is through Osmo. 

Osmo is a digital platform developed by Tangible Play Inc., that’s designed to make learning fun for your kiddos by promoting hands-on play while using objects in the real world to interact with their screens.

The platform offers a self-paced learning experience, so children can work at their own pace and progress at their own rate. 

With games, activities, and lessons that can be customized according to your child’s age and interests, Osmo is the perfect way to introduce them to new topics or reinforce the knowledge they’ve already learned.

Who is it for?

Most Osmo games are suitable for ages 5-12 and can be used on iPads and Fire Tablets.

There are also other games for children ages 3-5 like the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit, Monster, and Super Studio.

How does it work?

Osmo utilizes a specialized tablet base, a camera reflector that attaches to a tablet, and real-world game pieces that your kids can use to interact with their screens.

Each time they move their game pieces, the camera captures their movements and reflects them back onto the screen.

How Osmo Works

What benefits does Osmo offer?

Osmo offers a few benefits for kids who want to improve their skills in different areas, such as: 

  • Building Vocabulary: With Osmo, kids can learn new words and expand their vocabulary. 
  • Learning Basic Math Skills: Kids can learn basic math concepts and how to solve problems. 
  • Improving Fine Motor Skills: Kids can also practice their hand-eye coordination skills with Osmo. 
  • Develop Critical-thinking Skills: Kids can also develop critical thinking skills by solving puzzles.
  • Develop Coding Skills: Osmo also offers games that will teach kids how to code. 

The Osmo Math Wizard Series

If you’re looking for an entertaining and engaging way to help your child learn math, then the Osmo Math Wizard series is the perfect solution!

The Osmo Math Wizard Series is designed to help kids learn basic math concepts while playing their favorite games.

The self-paced learning series consists of five games, each with its own set of math challenges.

They are also great for classrooms, as they can be used for interactive learning.

In addition to teaching math, the Osmo Math Wizard series also helps improve children’s problem-solving skills.

What’s Inside

The Osmo Math Wizard Series includes 5 games for 1st and 2nd graders with each game providing a unique way to learn math concepts.

Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck

Osmo Math Wizard Food Truck

The game uses mathematical concepts to demonstrate how food is prepared. 

It is a game where players must prepare orders for hungry customers using simple geometric shapes.

This simple game will get your kids to practice their spatial reasoning skills while having fun on the way.

The game comes with 1 Playmat, 1 Food Truck Manual, 34 Geometric Tiles, and a Storage Container

Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games

Osmo Math Wizard Series Enchanted World Games

The Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games is a game that helps improve your child’s analytical skills. 

Your child will be able to improve their skills in multiplication, addition, and subtraction by creating smoothies and making lunches to help their team win.

The game comes with 1 Lunchbox Mat, 22 Fruit Pieces, 1 Juice Mat, 12 Fruit Strops, and a Magic token.

Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop

Osmo Math Wizard Series Magical Workshop

The Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop is a fun, educational game for kids. It teaches them about addition and subtraction up to 120.

The concept of the game is to brew potions and help dragons fly by adding and subtracting numbers.

The game comes with 1 Mixing Mat, 2 Sticker Sheets, a Spell Book, 28 Counting Cubes, and 6 Counting rods.

Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons

Osmo Math Wizard Series Secrets of the Dragons

The Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons game provides an interesting learning experience for children.

It’s an exciting game where players are tasked with measuring and taking care of their dragons.

This game is a great way for children to learn how to use a ruler, as well as learn about measurements.

It comes with a Dragon Guide Book, 2 rulers, and 62 Food Tokens.

Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships

Osmo Math Wizard Series Amazing Airships

The Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships game is an interesting game that introduces algebra to your little ones. 

The objective of the game is pretty simple: players need to deliver packages by solving math problems to stay afloat. 

The game comes with 1 Magical Board, 16 Ship Pieces, 12 Balloon Pieces, and 16 Cargo Pieces.

Our Experience

The kids have been having a BLAST playing the Osmo Math Series games.

Playing is mostly being run by our daughter who is turning 6 soon, as the games are recommended ages 6-8.

Both kids have agreed that their favorites are Secrets of the Dragons where they measure dragons in centimeters and inches and then feed them, and the Fantastic Food Truck where they use geometric shapes to make different foods and feed customers.

They already loved Osmo from the previous kits we purchased, and getting these given to us for this review had them super excited. They ask to play them all the time, and we’re so happy to have Osmo on hand as awesome STEM activities.

Check out some photos of the products and the kids playing.

Is Osmo augmented reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows digital information to be overlayed onto a user’s view of the physical world. 

Osmo offers AR games for kids that utilizes a tablet as the display device and allows kids to interact with digital content in real-time using their hands. 

Each game provides a different learning experience that can help young minds grow and develop skills. 

Do you need WIFI for Osmo?


Your child’s tablet doesn’t always have to be connected to the internet whenever they’re playing. 

However, if you’re setting up a new account, updating the app, syncing the game process, etc, an internet connection is required.

Can you play Osmo without the base?

The Osmo base is a necessary purchase for anyone who wants to play the game to its fullest potential. 

It is designed at a specific angle that allows the camera reflector to see how your child interacts with real-world items, which in turn improves their overall gaming experience.

Does Osmo help with reading?

Osmo is a new app that parents and teachers can use to help kids learn to read.

Osmo works by using technology to engage kids in activities that improve their literacy skills.

The app offers games and puzzles that are designed to help kids learn how to read such as:

  • Early Literacy Bundle
  • Literacy Bundle
  • Ultimate Expansion Bundle
  • Pre-K BYJU’S Learning Workbook Bundle: Disney
  • Kindergarten BYJU’S Learning Workbook Bundle: Disney
  • Grade 3 BYJU’S Learning Workbook Bundle: Disney
  • Grade 2 BYJU’S Learning Workbook Bundle: Disney
  • Grade 1 BYJU’S Learning Workbook Bundle: Disney
  • Kindergarten BYJU’S Learning Premium Kit: Disney
  • Pre-K BYJU’S Learning Premium Kit: Disney
  • Grade 3 BYJU’S Learning Premium Kit: Disney
  • Grade 2 BYJU’S Learning Premium Kit: Disney
  • Grade 1 BYJU’S Learning Premium Kit: Disney
  • Explorer Starter Kit

You can get these kits at playosmo.com.

So whether your child is just starting out on the path to reading success or they’re already advanced readers, Osmo can be a helpful tool in their journey.

Do Osmo apps cost money?

Osmo apps are free but you will need to buy game pieces in order to play the games along with the Osmo base and reflector.

Take note that Osmo offers AR experience to your kids, which means that the app will only work if you have the game pieces so kids can interact with their screens.

Is AR good for kids?

Augmented Reality (AR) offers a new way for kids to learn and explore.

AR can be used with games, apps, and other children’s content to make learning fun and exciting.

It also helps them focus on what they are learning by providing supplemental information in a way that is easy to access and interact with.

How many hours of screen time is too much for kids?

While there are some benefits to screen time – such as helping children learn how to use computers and navigating the internet – too much exposure can have negative consequences.

According to Mayo Clinic, it is recommended for children aged two and under to not have more than one or two hours of screen time a day.

This is because excessive screen time can lead to behavioral problems, irregular sleep, obesity, etc.

It’s important for parents to carefully monitor their child’s screen time so they know when enough is enough and can begin taking away screen privileges if necessary.

Is Osmo worth it?

If you want to gamify your child’s learning, there is no better option than Osmo. 

Osmo makes learning fun by incorporating engaging gameplay with challenging puzzles and activities.

This educational app is not just a game; it’s an immersive learning experience that will keep your kids entertained and learning at the same time.

Get the Osmo Math Wizard Series Today

Build and improve your child’s math skills by getting the Osmo Math Wizard Series Today!

The Osmo Math series is a revolutionary learning tool that helps students learn math faster and more effectively.

Unlike traditional methods, Osmo makes learning mathematics even more interesting to kids by playing games with adorable characters and engaging storylines.

Plus, with the Osmo Math series, kids get to explore math concepts through interactive stories and games while having lots of fun.

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