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The original seven strangers from the hit series, The Real World, are finally back with brand new episodes on The Real World Homecoming.

Thirty years after the original series, the original cast from the first season goes on a reunion on their old New York loft, where they’ll talk about their experiences after being on the show and many more.

If you used to watch the reality series before, then you’re quite familiar with how hard the different casts of the show struggled to fit in with their roommates and how their ‘wild’ experiences made them huge stars of the show.

The Real World gives its viewers a dose of reality because of how true and relatable their daily encounters could be and sometimes you can also admit that you can’t deal with people like the casts of the show.

Since The Real World Homecoming is back, let’s have a quick recap and find out more about where we can watch their old and new episodes.

What is The Real World show all about? 

The Real World (previously called Real World from 2014 until 2017) is inspired by the 1973 PBS documentary series, An American Family, and is also one of the longest-running programs in MTV history that first aired in May 1992.

The reality show is about seven strangers that instantly become roommates in a New York loft, where they have to deal with each other’s different personalities on a daily basis while being filmed non-stop.

Producers Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim recently aired the show on Facebook Watch after its final airing on MTV from 1992 until 2017.

The reason was that the thirty-third season was sold to Facebook Watch on June 13, 2019, along with its international versions.

The Real World has 33 seasons and 614 episodes.

Where are The Real World cast now?

Due to the show’s huge success that opened doors to amazing opportunities, the different casts of The Real World had successful careers on the entertainment industry.

They also appeared on the show’s spin-off series, The Challenge, which is a reality game show from MTV.

Where can I watch old episodes of The Real World?

If you think re-watching the old episodes of The Real World is impossible, fear not because Paramount Plus is here to give you access to 20 seasons of the hit MTV show when you sign up for their streaming services.

You can sign up for Paramount Plus here.

Is The Real World scripted?

As the title of the show says, The Real World is completely genuine.

Although the producers may have interfered, it’s only whenever they’re looking for certain types of people to cast since they don’t just pick random people anywhere and ask them to be part of the show.

What is The Real World Homecoming all about?

The Real World Homecoming is a reunion season about the original cast from season 1 who are back with their spin-off miniseries on the same New York loft where they used to get on so many shocking moments with each other.


Norman Korpi, Julie Gentry, Becky Blasband, Kevin Powell, Andre Comeau, and Heather Gardner, are all back on reality TV on the first episode of the show where they are catching up on each other without their former roommate, Eric Nies, who just recently contracted Coronavirus.

Since it is a show with content based on reality, Eric was forced to participate remotely while being isolated.

If you want to know what happened on the show, catch more episodes of The Real World Homecoming here. 

Is the Real World Homecoming Canceled?

Although there is still a pandemic going on, the show is not canceled and is currently streaming on Paramount Plus (previously CBS All Access) that premiered last March 4.

Will The Real World Homecoming be on Netflix? 

NO, The Real World Homecoming is not available for streaming on Netflix today, but since some MTV shows are on the streaming platform, there may be a possibility that the spin-off may be featured soon.

In the meantime, you may catch brand new episodes of The Real World Homecoming on Paramount Plus here.

Where can you watch The Real World Homecoming?

The Real World Homecoming is now streaming on major platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Paramount Plus.

How many episodes Is The Real World Homecoming? 

As of this writing, there are six episodes of The Real World Homecoming that you can watch exclusively on Paramount Plus on any device.

Check out full episodes of The Real World Homecoming on Paramount Plus here.

How to watch The Real World Homecoming?

Watching The Real World Homecoming is easier with Paramount Plus.

Enjoy watching the miniseries on the hassle-free streaming platform with a few easy steps.

Simply sign up on Paramount Plus here, and enjoy a 7-day free trial so you won’t miss out on The Real World Homecoming.

Paramount Plus offers subscription plans that are very affordable and worth your money.

The Basic Plan is a $6/Month Ad-Supported Plan where you can stream your favorite shows with limited commercials.

Paramount Plus also offers a $10/Month, Ad-Free Plan if commercials aren’t your thing.

Where is The Real World Homecoming Streaming?

The Real World Homecoming is now streaming on CBS All Access (now rebranded as Paramount Plus).

Is The Real World Homecoming on Amazon Prime? 

YES, You can also catch the latest episodes of The Real World Homecoming on Amazon Prime Video on your Android TV, Apple TV, and mobile devices.

Where is the best place to watch The Real World Homecoming?

Although there are so many streaming platforms available today, we highly recommend Paramount Plus as the best place to watch The Real World Homecoming because you can catch all the new episodes there.

Plus, all the other seasons of the reality show are also available for streaming on Paramount Plus, so you can re-watch and feel nostalgic all over again.

What other reality shows are on Paramount Plus?

Since Paramount Plus is the best streaming network today, you can easily get unlimited access to reality shows similar to The Real World such as RuPaul’s Drag Race, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Love Island, Big Brother, and many more.

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