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Signature DIY Gallery Designer Wall Art Set

Wall of Art From Crayola

Want to do something with your empty wall that looks boring? Create wonderful pieces of wall art using this unique arts and crafts kit from Crayola. The kit comes with Pearlescent Paint Markers, Pearlescent Gel Sticks, 8×10 Quartz Paper, 5×7 Quartz Paper, 3×5 Quartz Paper, 5×7 Textured Paper, 3×5 Textured Paper, 3D Origami Sheets, and an Origami Instruction Booklet. This art kit is safe and best for adults and teens ages 14 and above.

Signature Crayoligraphy Activity Set

Calligraphy Kits

Practice lettering with this Premium Calligraphy Writing kit from Crayola that will guide you to make eye-catching writing styles that you can use in every occasion. This set comes with Instructional Practice Pages, Gel Pens, Dual-Ended Markers, Frameable Art Pages, Place Cards, Gift Tags, and a Paperboard Photo Frame, that serve as the perfect tools to help you get started with calligraphy. Who knows, you might start your own calligraphy business someday thanks to this practice kit from Crayola.

Signature DIY String Lights Craft Kit

Make String Lights

Having string lights not only lights up the room, but it also improves your mood and make you sleep better. This DIY kit from Crayola lets you create a colorful garland of string light flowers in less than a day to brighten up any part of your house. It comes with 6′ LED Lights with Battery Box, Watercolor Paper Sheets, Small Leaf Cardstock Sheets, Dual Ended Sketch & Detail Markers, and an Instruction Guide. However, you should provide your own AA Batteries since it isn’t included in the kit. You can have it as a gift for someone or for yourself.

Custom Candle Keepsake Craft Kit

Arts and Crafts Candles

Looking for the perfect activity for the whole family? This Custom Candle Keepsake Craft Kit from Crayola will have kids and family members spend quality time together. It comes with an Electric Candle, Permanent Markers, Tracing Paper Sheets, a Stencil Sheet, 8oz Paint Glaze, a Paint Brush, and an Instruction Sheet that will serve as your guide. It’s also a perfect gift for that special person of your life. Start getting crafty now!

Crayola Craft Fingerprint Paints Paint Set

Kids Fingerpainting Crayola

Encourage your kids to create wonderful masterpieces as they learn how to paint using their hands with the Crayola Craft Fingerprint Paints Paint Set that has all the materials to get them started. The paint set comes with Paint Pots, a Paint Brush, a Marker, Printed Sheets, Blank Sheets, Sticker Sheets and an Instruction Sheet. You don’t need to worry about the paints getting everywhere since they’re washable paints. This product is completely safe and suitable for children aged 5 years and above.

Signature Asymmetrical Wreath Craft Kit

Wreath Decorating

Bored at home and want to try something new without breaking the bank? Learn how to create a decorative homemade wreath in less than an hour with the Crayola Asymmetrical Wreath Kit. This wreath can add life in any space while giving off rustic vibes. It comes with a Wooden Embroidery Hoop, Watercolor Paper Sheets, Dual Ended Sketch and Detail Markers, and an Instruction Guide. The kit is safe and recommended for adults and teens.

Signature DIY Hanging Planter Craft Kit

Create Hanging Planters

Can’t seem to find the right hanging planter? What about making one for yourself instead? Create your very own hanging planter in less than an hour with this DIY Hanging Planter Craft Kit from Crayola that you can hang around the house. Plus, you wouldn’t have to water the plants since the succulents aren’t real. The kit comes with three packs of Air Dry Clay, Acrylic Paints, Faux Succulents, Nylon String Bundles, a Paint Brush, and an Instruction Booklet. Don’t forget to prepare some scissors, paper towels, and water when making one!

Colors of the World Skin Tone Crayons, 24 Count

Crayola Skin Tone Crayons

Getting the right color that represents diversity can be hard when you’re only mixing different colors just to achieve the perfect skin tone for your portraits. Luckily, Crayola answered the prayers of every artist by creating 24 specially formulated colors to make your art creations look more detailed and realistic. This set of crayons features all the different skin tones of people around the world that has three main shades: Almond, Golden, and Rose. It also comes with all the darker and lighter shades in between. This set is perfect for kids and artists who want to create wonderful portraits without having to manually produce the colors by mixing paints.

Aroma Putty Fall & Winter Gift Set

Aroma Putty

I know you’re probably wondering why I labeled this one as the silliest and most useful gift set for your loved ones. That’s because each time you knead, stretch, and squeeze these putties, it gives off wonderful and soothing scents that remind you of different seasons in a year. These aromatic putties are created for everyone who wants to de-stress in a fun and unique way, compared to the traditional ones we use. Don’t worry! No residue is left behind so you can enjoy your quick escape from reality with them. It can also be used as a gift for teens and adults. Click the pin for more details on where to get one for yourself.

Slime Kits

First Slime at Home

Slime comes in different textures and colors that everyone loves that’s why a lot of people are making one in their homes. It’s also a good stress-reliever since it produces satisfyingly weird squeaky sounds whenever poked and squeezed. Did you know? There are different types of slime that you can create with Crayola’s Slime Kit Materials that you can easily find on their website. To make slime, you will be needing the main ingredient, Crayola School Glue, and other essential materials that you can easily find in your house. Depending on your slime of choice, you can also get materials to make Marbleized, Pastel, Butter, and Sparkle slimes. The recipe is still the same except for the coloring agent used since it has quite an impact on the appearance of the slime. Start creating your own lime now!

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