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Fat Brain Toys is your one-stop toy store that has all the coolest and most awesome educational toys for your little ones.

When we were still young, our world revolved around playtime, and getting a new toy on Christmas Day was probably the best part of being a kid.

Giving your child a new toy lets them develop skills and learn new things even if you’re not always around them.

Plus, it also lets them have loads of fun through imaginative play that has a positive effect on them.

What is Fat Brain Toys?

Fat Brain Toys Logo

Fat Brain Toys is a company that manufactures and retails educational toys and games that brings the whole family together.

The company is founded by Mark Carson and his wife, at their very own garage where they first sold toys for their local community.

What motivated them to start their company was when their 10-year-old son, Adam Carson, was having a hard time looking for Geomag, a magnetic building toy, online.

Young Adam then told his dad, a web developer, to put up an online store that exclusively sells magnetic toys.

The family didn’t expect to ship more and more toys out of their basement and is now a popular toy company in the United States.

Now, they specialize in the manufacture of building toys, brainteasers, and games that are safe for everyone.


Toy Categories

Click the category title below to shop Fat Brain Toys.

???? Active Play

Active Toys-Gonge Riverstones
Gonge Riverstones

Features different types of toys that develop your child’s motor skills, while motivating them to exercise.

???? Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts-3-D Home Kit
3D Home Kit

Bring creativity to a whole new level with their amazing toy collection that features arts and craft kits for adults and kids to enjoy.

???? Baby Toys and Gifts

Baby Toys-Deluxe Busy Time Play Cube
Deluxe Busy Time Play Cube

Looking for quality toys for babies?

This selection features classic and innovative toys that are safe for babies to play with.

???? Bath Toys

Bath Toy - Stacking Ship Set
Stacking Ship Set

Let your child enjoy bath time with toys that are way better than the classic rubber duckie. 

???? Brainteasers

Acuity from Fat Brain Toys

If you want your child to develop their thinking skills, this toy collection has the best brainteaser games and puzzles that that will help them to become smarter.

???? Building and Construction

Building and Construction-Roll and Bounce Tower
Roll and Bounce Tower

Encourage your kids to spend more hours creating masterpieces or even buildings from scratch using this collection of toys.

???? Classic and Retro toys

Classic Toys Fun Water Game
Fun Water Game

Featuring classic toys that used to be part of our childhood, these toys are guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic.

???? Dolls and Dollhouses

Dolls- My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage
My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage

Dolls need houses too, that’s why they also have baby dolls, dollhouses, and accessories for your kids to develop life skills during playtime.

???? Early Learning Toys 

Montessori Toy- Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run
Roll ‘n Go Wooden Marble Run

Educational toys that teach your little ones about the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, and more.

This category also features Montessori Toys that stimulate learning while spending hours of fun.

???? Games

Games-Box and Balls
Box and Balls

Features toys that are perfect for the entire family to create memories while spending quality time with each other.

???? Gear and Apparel

Gears-Teebee - Play and Store Toy
Teebee – Play and Store Toy

If you’re looking for essential stuff like backpacks, lunch boxes, clothing, etc, then this selection is the one for you.

???? History and Geography

History and geography-Giant 100 Piece USA Map Puzzle
Giant 100 Piece USA Map Puzzle

Explore new places in the comforts of your home with this collection of toys that lets kids learn more about history and geography.

???? Imaginative Play

Imaginative Play-Deluxe Outdoor Explorer
Deluxe Outdoor Explorer

Let your kids become a designer, a magician, or even an explorer for a day with this huge collection of toys that encourages imagination.

???? Kites, Planes and Rockets

Kites Planes and Rockets- Air Glider
Air Glider

Featuring toys great for the outdoors that will bring the whole family together.

???? Magnets and Magnetism

Magnetic Ball Run
Magnetic Ball Run

Be creative with magnetic toys that  develop the cognitive and motor skills of your children.

???? Music

Music Toys-Rock 'n Roller Piano
Rock ‘n Roller Piano

Encourage your kids to create or listen to music with this toy collection that will turn them into the best musician of all time.

???? Plush

Snuggle and Hug Babies

Give your child an adorable fluffy companion with Fat Brain’s plushies that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

???? Science and Nature

Science and Nature - Worm Farm
Worm Farm

Teach your kids about geeky stuff with this selection of toys about science and nature to let them learn and discover interesting stuff.

???? Trains and Vehicles

Trains and Vehicles-Monster Trucks Custom Shop
Monster Trucks Custom Shop

This collection features different cars, trucks, planes, motorcycles, helicopters, or any vehicle to take your kids on a new adventure.

???? Travel toys

Travel Toys-Dimpl Digits
Dimpl Digits

Going somewhere?

These travel toys will take the boredom out of your child especially when you’re going on a trip.

???? STEM toys

STEM toys-Surprise Ride - Build & Paint a Volcano Science Kit
Surprise Ride – Build Paint a Volcano Science Kit

Introduce science, technology, engineering, and math to your kids with this category that helps them excel in academics.

???? Outdoor Toys

Outdoor Toys-Swing-A-Ring - Large
Swing-A-Ring – Large

The indoors can get boring sometimes that’s why this amazing selection comes with toys that are perfect for your backyard.

???? Special Needs Toys

Fat Brain Toys can also create the best toys for children with special needs that are completely based on your preferences.

Fat Brain Toy Books

The toy company also sells educational books for everyone that’s best paired with their toys for a fun learning experience.

You can choose from different book categories on their website that are and are quite similar to their toy selection.

Why Choose Fat Brain Toys?

Fat Brain Toys initiates learning while playing with their educational toys that encourage them to use their imagination and creativity.

Children can develop new skills and learn new things every time they entertain themselves by playing with their products.

Their toys are also perfect for any age since the company believes that everyone deserves to unleash their inner child.

Toys are created based on customer feedback to make sure that your kids will find it interesting enough for a fun learning experience.

What store sells Fat Brain Toys?

According to their official website, you can stop by their retail stores in Omaha, Nebraska, and Overland Park in Kansas.

Additionally, you can also buy their toys at Faire, Kohls, Amazon, Target Walmart, and more.

Are Montessori toys better?


A Montessori toy is commonly made from natural materials that are safe for kids to hold, touch, and play with all the time.

They’re the best choice for your kids since these types of toys encourage them to experiment by manipulating objects due to their design.

Are Fat Brain Toys safe?


Fat Brain Toy products are guaranteed safe enough for your child to play with, so you don’t have to worry about having them play with their toys.

Are Fat Brain Toys Made in the USA?

Fat Brain Toys are made all over the world to provide you with high-quality products that your child will surely love.

Interested? Click here to purchase Fat Brain Toys for your kids!

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