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Hey Mommy Bears!

Today I wanted to write about Tiny Beans, an online baby book that you can share with the whole family! Tiny Beans is an alternative to Qeepsake, which I have a whole series on, and I wanted to try and bring some great alternative options into the mix so you can decide which platform works best for you.

In this first article on Tiny Beans I will simply show the process of signing up for the program. I will add more Tiny Beans articles and reviews as I explore their site more, and it enough to be able to bring a full, honest review.

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Signing Up For Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans is FREE to get started. All you need to get signed up is your first and last name, and an email address that they can send an activation link and further communication to. After that you are ready to setup your online baby journal!
Signing up for tiny beans

Creating Your Online Baby Journal

Tiny Beans breaks their journal creation process into easy steps so you not only get your project setup, but also understand how the program works in the process. It’s like a tutorial and setup all in one.
Tiny Beans Signup

Step 1: Adding Your Child

Signing up for Tiny Beans
The first step to setting up your Tiny Beans journal is to add your child. This requires first and last name, gender, your relationship to the child, and the child’s birthday or your due date.

If you are very conscious about security with your child on the internet, you can put in a nickname for your child’s first name. I put Little Cub as mine, because that’s what I call her here on the blog!

Step 2: Adding Your First Memory

The next step is to add your first memory, or “moment” as Tiny Beans calls it. Here you will add your first image to your online journal , as well as the date, and a little blurb about what happened on that day, or in that photo.
Adding an online baby Journal Entry

Step 3: Adding Your Family Members

Online Baby Book to share with family
The coolest thing about Tiny Beans is being able to add whatever family you want to be able to see you entries. That means if you are tired of everyone on Facebook seeing and commenting on your photos, for better or for worse, or just haven’t shared some photos because you don’t want them to be 100% public and out there on the internet, you now have the option for select invitation to see your photos.

The family or friends you invite will see the images daily as you submit them via email. What better way to share with only the people you want to see!

Setting Up Your Tiny Beans Journal
And just like that, in 3 easy steps you are done setting up your journal! Time to start uploading memories and inviting family!

The Tiny Beans Calendar

The program organizes your photos and entries into a calendar so its easy to find and locate certain memories. It’s also really fun to see photos over time and see a snapshot of when certain events with your baby happened. From what I can tell, on the free version family members you invite don’t have access to the calendar, only the daily emails.
Online Baby Book Entry Calendar

Your Tiny Beans Email Alerts

Not only do your family members get email alerts when you add a new entry, but you also get email alerts when they react or comment on your photos! Reactions and comments give Tiny Beans a social media feel, with tons of privacy and exclusive access!
Email Alerts When Family Interacts with your baby journal posts

Get Started For Free!

Are you in? What are you waiting for then? Sign up using my link below! It will take you right to the easy signup page, and you will be giving me a free month of premium so I can bring you more articles and information about what lays beyond!

Get sharing photos with your family and friends, and no one else!

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