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Teach your kids how to play the ukulele with Populele, the coolest smart ukulele that takes learning to a whole new level.

Can you still remember when was the first time you held your first guitar toy and had a mini-concert at home?

Probably not but I bet you were walking around the house wearing a diaper during that time.

Kids find musical instruments as a toy until they reach a specific age where they can start getting lessons on how to use it.

Learning a new musical instrument can be tough for them since they think about having fun most of the time.

That’s why parents would often hire someone to teach and encourage them to develop this skill at a young age.

Meanwhile, older individuals choose to watch video tutorials from YouTube or by subscribing to an online class if they’re on a budget.

In today’s article, we will be talking about:

  • When children can start playing an instrument
  • Why it’s important to teach them young
  • What Populele is all about; and
  • Why you should get this amazing product of modern-day technology

When should a child start learning how to play an instrument?

Although there’s no age requirement or limit in learning how to play an instrument, starting at a young age is a huge plus.

Three-year-old children can start having their lessons to develop skills such as identifying instruments and melody.

When they reach age five, this is where they begin to have formal lessons to understand music more.

Most children can start playing the piano, violin, ukulele, and guitar, which are one of the most common instruments used at this age.

Benefits of kids learning musical instruments

Kids learning how to play musical instruments also comes with a lot of benefits that mold them into better individuals.

But before you teach them how these work, here are five benefits of kids learning musical instruments.

It boosts self-esteem

Playing musical instruments can help boost your kids’ self-esteem and make them more confident about themselves.

The reason is that learning an instrument and while playing it for fun allows them to practice more while figuring out how to make positive changes.

It teaches them how to be patient

Some kids that start playing any instrument become more patient especially when they’re taking regular lessons that help improve their skills.

And as they develop this skill, it also motivates them to become better as the years go by.

It helps them become good at math

When playing an instrument, your child becomes more artistic in their own ways.

This also improves their math and problem-solving skills since it encourages them to count and understand beats.

It improves memory

Another benefit of letting your child learn how to play an instrument is that it also increases their memory capacity at a young age.

That’s because music makes it easier to help them create, store, and retrieve memories.

It makes them more responsible

Since musical instruments need to be maintained to keep the sound quality good, kids start to become more responsible of themselves and their instruments.

While more benefits weren’t discussed in today’s article, introducing any musical instrument to your kids certainly does make them better in life.

Now that you already have reasons to get your child to learn and practice making music, let’s talk about this product that you and your kids might be interested to use.

Populele: What is it all about?

Populele U1
Image grabbed from Popuband Official Website

Populele takes learning how to play the ukulele to the next level.

With Populele, you can finally teach your child (and yourself) the basics, chords, and anything about ukulele while bidding goodbye to music classes.

This high-tech version of the small guitar is made with high-quality materials and a built-in battery that could last up to 10 hours.

The company behind this amazing tech is PopuMusic in New York who developed the first Populele a few years ago and it has even earned bronze in the 2018 Edison Awards.

PopuMusic aims to popularize music and help people gain access to learn how to play their musical instruments like the Poputar smart guitar and the Populele.

If you want to introduce ukulele to your child getting them a Populele is an excellent choice since it’s what the experts recommend.


PopuMusic App

This hybrid ukulele comes with a 72-LED fretboard that lights up and serves as a guide to learn chords the fun way.

Populele also comes with an exclusive app that synchronizes with your mobile device via Bluetooth.

The app encourages systematic learning where users will be provided with step-by-step tutorials that they can access for a lifetime for free.

You can even tune your Populele using the PopuMusic app and get access to hundreds of songs in the library without having to pay subscription fees etc.

The best part? It comes with a comfortable grip, lightweight and durable build so you don’t tire your kids or yourself whenever you’re playing the ukulele.

And since having fun lets your child become more interested to learn, Populele lets them learn and practice wherever they go since it only takes 2.5 hours to charge.

Populele 2

Populele 2 is the newer version of Populele with more and better features than the first one.

It also comes with the PopuMusic App where you can access hundreds of songs that will be updated at least once a month to learn and play trending songs.

As of this writing, the Populele 2 can be purchased at a discounted price of $109 ($179 at a regular price).

However, there’s a newer version of this product that will be discussed in the next section.

Populele 2 vs Populele 2 Pro

Populele 2 Pro

The Populele 2 Pro is the most advanced and newest version of the smart ukulele that comes with the best features among the three versions.

It’s so advanced that it promises to let you learn and play your first song within 15 minutes.

Pro Features

Populele 2 PRo Specs

Other than the music library, it also has tutorials for all levels, games, music recognition, preamplifier, and a Visual LED guide.

The smart LED fretboard will guide you where to place your fingers when playing a chord so you can make music that’s good for the ears and not something that might break anything.

Just like the first version of Populele, all the lessons on the app are free forever so you can still use it in the future as a refresher or give it to someone else.

Its strings are made with PVDF carbon fiber that lasts longer than the traditional nylon used in the ukulele.

This contributes in the sound quality of the product along with a larger soundboard for a wider area and to produce better notes.

Plus, the Populele 2 Pro also lets you create your own music and a live show thanks to its preamplifier feature to make you feel like you’re having a concert and add sound effects like chorus, delay, and reverb for a richer and better experience.

All of these amazing features without having to plug your guitar anywhere and anytime.

Watch the video below if you want to learn more about the Populele 2 Pro.


Want to get Populele for yourself or kids as a Christmas gift?

The Populele 2 Pro can be bought for only $159 ($279 at a regular price) at Indiegogo.

If you want to buy the product along with its accessories, you can get the Populele 2 Pro+Popubag for only $179 ($314 at a regular price) that includes 1 Populele 2 Pro, Popubag, and Popuboost Preamplifier.

A Populele All-in-1 Pack is also available for only $218 ($367 at a regular price) that includes 1 Populele 2 Pro, Popubag, Popuboost Preamplifier, Populele Picks, Populele Capo, Populele Strap, Populele Portable Stand.

By the way, if you want to save more when buying two Populele 2 Pro you can get them for only $318 ($458 at a regular price).

These versions of the Populele 2 will be available on October 2021 and you can click here to be one of the first people to get this amazing product at a discounted price.

Should you get Populele?


Populele isn’t just any other ukulele that you can buy at the local stores.

The hybrid version of the classic ukulele is made with eco-friendly materials that make it durable enough to last a lifetime.

This means that it doesn’t expand in the heat or shrinks in the cold so the quality of the sound won’t change and you can keep playing beautiful music with the Populele all the time.

Getting the smart ukulele from PopuMusic can be worth it if you wish to skip the traditional way of learning that typically costs more.

If you even think about it, getting Populele is already considered a good investment for your child and the entire family.

They get to learn on their own using the app and everyone else can use it too since you can easily control the lessons to meet your skill level.

We even bought this product and we can’t wait to use it until they start shipping Populele in October 2021.

Interested to buy Populele? Click here to get this smart ukulele before it goes back to the original price.

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