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We all know how essential staying fit and healthy is and the Pleny Exercise Bike can help you achieve that.

Working out doesn’t always seem to become a reality especially when you’re a very busy mom.

Unless you finally considered getting a piece of workout equipment for the entire family so you can get moving indoors.

The only problem is that you don’t know which product to buy and you don’t have a place for it.

If you want something that can help you stay fit and can be easily stored after use, then you might consider getting an exercise bike.

What is an exercise bike?

Pleny Exercise Bike

An exercise bike or a stationary bike is an excellent indoor equipment that has so many benefits.

Riding one helps improve your overall health by strengthening your cardiovascular system and keeping you stay in shape.

How long should I cycle on an exercise bike?

It is recommended to ride an exercise bike at least three to five times a week for 30 to 40-minute workouts.

Some people can ride it for an hour, but if you’re only starting, don’t push yourself too much, a good 30-minute exercise is already enough.

Is it OK to use an exercise bike every day?

It depends on your level of activity.

If you’ve been cycling for a few months already, then your body has  most probably got used to cycling exercises.

However, it’s best if you get a health check-up first to ensure that you’re already fit to work out with an exercise bike every day.

Pleny Exercise Bike: What is it all about?

A very affordable 3-IN-1 Exercise Bike

Pleny Exercise Bike Feature

The Pleny exercise bike is a foldable magnetic bike that can be easily switched into upright, semi-recumbent, or recumbent bike.

This makes it highly suitable for busy moms who want to exercise without leaving the house.

It has 16 Resistance Levels

You can challenge yourself by adjusting resistance levels from 1 to 16 to increase the intensity of your workout.

Resistance levels are essential in workout equipment so that the user can upgrade their routines as they work on achieving their fitness goals.

Adjustable & Comfortable Seat

The Pleny exercise bike can also hold up to 300lbs of weight and it also has cushioned and adjustable seat for a comfortable workout.

It also has a phone or tablet holder that you can easily put your mobile devices in.

Pleny Exercise Bike Foldable

Arm & Legs Resistance Bands for combined workout routines

For intense workouts, the Pleny exercise bike comes with two adjustable resistance bands that you can use to tone the upper body while riding.

Additionally, it also has leg resistance bands so you can do leg workouts as well.

Very easy to Assemble foldable bike

The exercise bike can be easily assembled and stored after use so you wouldn’t have to worry about storage.

LCD Monitor and Hand Pulse Handle

It also has an LCD monitor and a handle with sensors to keep track of your progress while working out.

How is the Pleny Exercise Bike different from the regular bikes?

The Pleny exercise bike isn’t just like any regular bike because of its affordability, usability, and durability.

It is a very affordable 3-in-1 exercise bike that costs around $179 to $184.

Depending on your preference, you can adjust to use as an upright, recumbent, or semi-recumbent stationary bike.

It has a magnetic resistance mechanism so you can ride it without producing too much noise compared to friction spin bikes. 

You can also use it for a total body workout at home especially when it’s paired with Yes.Fit.

Staying motivated with Yes.Fit and the Pleny Exercise Bike

yes.fit logo

Yes.Fit is a fitness platform that will help you stay motivated by joining virtual races, fitness challenges, and competitions.

We like to use the bike with Yes.Fit so we can join virtual races to compete for rewards such as t-shirts or medals while working out.

It’s also a very fun and exciting experience if you miss traveling and visiting new places.

When doing virtual races, you’re taken to different locations around the world even while cycling in the comforts of your home.

It is also compatible with most activity trackers so you can easily sync your workouts to any race or challenge.

Will the Pleny Exercise Bike tone my stomach?


When it comes to toning muscles in our body, the Pleny Exercise Bike is an excellent choice for workout equipment.

This 3-in-1 bike can help build up your body indoors without taking up too much space, and it comes with the best features for exercise.

You can use arm resistance bands so you can also do arm exercises while cycling at the same time.

Riding the Pleny exercise bike can help reduce stomach fat and tone abdominal muscles, as long as you have a proper diet and form.

Why Get the Pleny Exercise Bike?

Well, the answer is quite simple but let me ask you a few questions first,

Pleny Exercise Bike w Model

Do you have time to hit the gym?

Do you think you can stay healthy without exercising?

Or do you think this very affordable exercise bike is just like any regular stationary bike?

If you answered no on the first two questions, then you probably need to stop looking for signs to start working out.

The Pleny Exercise Bike was made to help you lose weight effectively at home without spending a thousand dollars.

Unlike traditional exercise bikes, it is very portable and it doesn’t make any noise while working out.

Since it is a 3-in1 exercise bike, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of it without paying for more.

The product also has over 2,000 ratings on Amazon and the majority say it is very easy to fold, assemble, maneuver, and more.

Oh, and did I mention it also has sensors that detect heart rate, pulse, mileage, calories, speed, time, and more?

If I were you, I’d stop procrastinating and start working out with this foldable exercise bike from Pleny, so I can achieve my fitness goals right away.

Stay fit and healthy and get the Pleny Exercise Bike now by clicking here.

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