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Hey there Mommy Bears!

Today I want to review the bottles that we use for our daughter, Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles. Sometimes we do not always think about how important picking the right bottles is, but it is. Especially in our case. As I have mentioned in previous posts, our daughter has acid reflux, and that is why I reviewed our formula to let people to know how great it is, and is why I am reviewing these baby bottles as well. They are the other piece to the puzzle!

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The Best Bottles For Acid Reflux

We went through several bottles trying to find a good solution for our girls acid reflux. These bottles hold 6 ounces and have helped my daughter in pair with her formula to help her control how fast she eats. Having a slow flow nipple and helping her swallow more and spit up less has helped a lot. Eating too fast is a major cause of acid reflux, and these bottles did the trick.

This bottle is also great for colic and fussiness as well, and when it says “happy tummy guaranteed” on the box, in my experience it is the truth! Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles have been the answer to our prayers. For when your little one gets older, they also have 9 ounce bottles and medium flow nipples as they develop!

***Update 11-14-17: We used these bottles up until we made a clean break with bottles at Little Cub’s first birthday. All the parts between the 9oz and 6oz are interchangeable, and were super easy to use.

Occasional Leaks and Lots of Dishes

The cons of this product is that it does have the occasional leak, but ensuring that everything is on tight reduces the leaking dramatically. It does not happen very often, and definitely is no reason to avoid using it because these bottles have improved my daughter’s acid reflux in pair with her Little Journey Formula.

It also has 5 parts to wash for each bottle instead of 3, and at first that was no fun, but I have gotten used to it and would wash the parts to these bottles to keep my daughter’s tummy healthy over a few less parts to wash any day.

playtex baby bottles for acid reflux and colic

My Reiew For Playtex VentAire Advanced Bottles

Despite the leaks and extra parts, I decided to rate this baby product at 5 stars since it has helped us out so much. It is definitely a great bottle for any child, but especially for those children with tummy troubles and acid reflux, and I definitely recommend it!

Video review added 11-19-2017

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