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Hey there moms!

Today I want to tell you about our Playtex Diaper Genie. This product works very well, after putting any wet, or especially poopy, diapers in this pail you cannot smell it at all. Once you know how to use it, it is easy to refill and to replace the bags.

We use Nursery Fresh Diaper Pail Refills instead of the name brand refills. Check out my review of this product.

This is an affiliate link. This is not the same exact model that we use, but it is another 4 star comparable model.

This Genie Keeps the Stink Out!

It does seem like it fills up faster than it should, but maybe that is just me losing track of time or how many dirty diapers that my daughter has had!  It is a simple pail that does so much by keeping that smell concealed in those bags.

The only complaint that we have is that the cutter inside the pail broke easily and we just keep it near the pail now, but it is not a big hassle. The bags can still be cut by hand with the cutter.

My Review For the Playtex Diaper Pail

There is not much more to say about a pail that holds your child’s dirty diapers, but it work well and if you are looking for one that works, this will do it for you.  I rate this product at 4/5 stars.

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