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Little Journey Aldi Formula


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UPDATE 9-26-19: Caterpillar used this exact same formular through his first year. He didn’t have acid reflux issues near as bad as his sister did, but he does have some sensitivities to whole milk which we found after he switched off of formula. Little Journey Advantage Formula worked amazing for him through his first year and we’re so happy we found it with our first child. 

UPDATE 9-29-17: Little Cub used this formula all the way through her first year! It worked great with her acid reflux until it disappeared, and now she is pretty much on solids and whole milk. I would still highly recommend this formula!

Little Journey Formula As An Alternative To Similac Advance

baby formula aldi comparison Little Journey Formula

Welcome back to my new Mommy Bear Blog!  Today I decided a good review to write is on Aldi’s new baby line, Little Journey Formula. The 1st thing that catches anyone’s eye about this formula is that it is half the price of all of the name brand formulas and compares to other formulas such as Enfamil Gentlease, or Similac Advance (which is the equivalent of the brand we use at Aldi, called Advantage).

However, after seeing this cheap price for formula, it is easy to wonder if the product is too good to be true. I am here to tell you that it is not too good to be true.  Keep in mind that every baby is their own unique self and some formulas that work for some babies can really backfire for others. In our case, this formula is a big win!

But does Little Journey Formula have the same acid reflux and colic benefits as Similac Advance?

Finding A Good Formula For Baby’s Acid Reflux

Little Journey baby formula aldi review

Our daughter developed acid reflux, and we were combine feeding both breast milk and formula. With the formula she was on at the time she could definitely tell the difference between that and breast milk, and she got to the point of almost refusing to eat formula at times. We switched formulas a couple of different times because of this, and the Enfamil A.R. Formula that is supposed to help acid reflux made things worse than the 1st formula that she was on.

We finally came to the conclusion that she likes breast milk a lot more, and since I still did not have a great supply, we decided to try the formula that was “made more like breast milk”.  We tried the Little Journey Advantage Formula instead of buying the more expensive Similac Advance, she drinks it well, and it has been such an improvement to her acid reflux problems.

We have not tried any other Aldi formulas, we just know that this one has worked great for our daughter.  Other great things about the Little Journey Formula is that it is a very convenient size. The scoop always comes on top of the powder so that you do not have to go searching for it, and even comes with a place to hold the scoop in place so you never have to go digging.  The scoop holder also makes a great place to level off the powder in the scoop.

Little Journey Formula Review

My Review For Aldi Little Journey Advantage Formula

I do not have any complaints about this baby formula. After searching for the right formula for several weeks, we are so glad that we found the right fit for our daughter and while I remind you what I mentioned earlier about all babies being very different, for our family this formula works and I have to rate it at 5 stars.

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