Hey Mommy Bears,

As a Mommy Bear, I sure do love Honey! No, not the food, although that is very delicious.

I am talking about my Chrome Extension, Honey!

Want to learn how Honey can be an easy way to save money while shopping on the internet? Keep reading!

Save Money Without Thinking About It By Using Honey

Honey is a set-and-almost-forget method to saving money while doing your online shopping. Once you have the extension installed (on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari), Honey is always working in the background of your browser, looking for better prices and coupons for all the usual items you purchase for your family.


Price Monitoring with Honey Droplist

Do your online shopping as you normally would, and when you land on an item you want, honey will tell you if there is a better deal for the same item on the site (at least on Amazon, between 3rd party sellers). Also when you get to your checkout, Honey will let you know if there is a coupon that can be applied to save you some money, or if there is a better deal that you missed. I just saved $10 on Pizza hut the other day with a coupon I didn’t even know existed.

Gone are the days of scouring  the internet and shady coupon sites to try and find one that is still active. Honey takes care of all that for you.

Playing The Long Money Game With The Honey Droplist Feature


Honey Droplist

Is there a splurge purchase you have been looking for, but haven’t had the heart to pull the trigger on yet? Add the item to your Honey Droplist and wait awhile longer to make sure you are getting the best deal.


What is the Honey Droplist?

Best Online Coupon Finder

By adding an item to your Droplist, you are telling Honey that you want it to keep an eye on the price of that item for the next 60 days. If the price drops during that time (on that site), Honey will email you and let you know that it’s time to pounce on that deal! This may be especially helpful if you are expecting a baby, and the due date is several months away. Add your items to the Droplist and wait for the best price to pop up!

Honey will now even sync your Amazon “Saved For Later” list, so you get an email when price on items you were already saving drop!

Save Even More With Honey Gold


Honey Gold Store Discounts

On the Honey website there is a list of Honey Gold vendors. With these vendors you can earn rewards points that can be redeemed at popular stores such as Walmart, Nordstrom, and websites such as Ebay and Groupon. This is just another great way the honey helps you and your family get some money back on your spending.

If you have the Honey extension installed on your browser, you will also see the little Honey Gold logo next to items that are eligible for these extra rewards points. This makes it so you can save more money without thinking about it! Always a plus!

So How Does Honey Make Money?

Curious how much it will cost you to get all of these savings?

The answer is nothing! Zero. Zip. Nada.

Honey makes money from vendors who pay to get their coupons in front of new clients who are interested in their product. Since all of the revenue for the site comes from vendors, we the shoppers get to save more money for our families and spend it on what really matters.

Will you get rich using Honey? Maybe not, but every little bit extra saved helps. Just be careful not to splurge on things if you don’t have the extra money and buy things you normally wouldn’t just because there is a discount. If you can afford extra things, then by all means splurge!


Sign Up For Honey and Start Saving Money Today!

If all of this money saving and no longer having to look for coupons sounds awesome, then maybe you and your family should give Honey a try!

You can sign up for Honey using the button below. Note that I get $5 for every referral, but do you know what that means? Once you sign up you can start referring friends and get $5 yourself! Plus you will be helping me support Mommy Bear Reviews, and your help is much appreciated!


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