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We paid for some really cute gender-neutral outfits we can’t wait to put on our little one early next year (we want to be surprised by the gender!).

You don’t have to shop gender-neutral. They have a ton of cute outfits in other vategories.

Get the newest styles and trends for your little one and find out what Mac & Moon has in store for you today.

When it comes to choosing the most adorable outfit for our kids, we always have this mommy moment where we imagine them wearing it to know if it’s comfortable for them or not.

Comfort is every mom’s priority and it’s one of the reasons why we spend hours at the store just to find the perfect outfit for them.

Sometimes we even try to think if it suits our sense of style since our kids don’t always mind which outfit we choose for them to wear.

How to pick the right clothes for your kids

Buying kids’ clothes has never been easy and sometimes it can also involve a series of tantrums especially when you don’t get that cute little tutu dress for your little one.

But that isn’t always the case, of course.

When it comes to picking the right clothes for children, every parent always has the three core elements such as:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Preferences

However, some other things that are often left depending on the age of your child.

For infants, the type of fabric and size matter.

Don’t splurge on buying a lot of outfits for infants since they grow fast.

Choose bigger outfits that they can use in the next few months and not something that they can use for a month unless necessary.

When choosing the type of fabric, you should also choose clothes that have high-quality fabrics and are machine-washable.

Additionally, fancy clothing is also discouraged for infants since it can give you a hard time to dress and undress them whenever you change their diapers.

For toddlers, colors and comfort are important

Kids this age love to wear colors that pop out since it’s their form of expression.

Toddlers are also energetic creatures so you need to choose clothes that are comfortable enough for them that they don’t trip whenever they’re running anywhere.

As a parent, you should always remember that style isn’t necessary.

Providing comfort and safety is what matters the most so you don’t need to worry if your kid isn’t as dressed up as your friend’s kid.

Most of the time, kids who aren’t comfortable with their clothes tend to get moody and cry a lot.

Now that you already have an idea of how to pick the right clothes for kids, it’s finally time to start buying new clothes! Yay!

But since the pandemic situation encourages us to stay safe at home, shopping newborn and kids’ clothing is easier and better online with Mac & Moon.

Mac & Moon

Mac & Moon Logo Main

If you combine affordable and sustainable then you’ll surely get Mac & Moon.

Mac & Moon is a company that sells newborn and preschool clothes at a very affordable price.

Their website is operated by Kanopy Baby, Inc. which is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

In case you didn’t know, Kanopy Baby, Inc is an innovative company that creates sustainable childrenswear and is the world’s largest manufacturer of kids’ clothes.

Product Categories

Mac & Moon offers a wide range of products so you can get the perfect outfit for your little one that’s suitable for any time of the year.

Boys Apparel

boys clothes

Looking for the best outfits for your baby boy? 

From tops to bottoms, to one-piece clothing, you’ll never run out of options when choosing the perfect outfit for boys.

Plus, you can even opt for multi-packs and sets to save more when buying new clothes. The more the merrier!

And if you want to add more style to their OOTDs you can also get the most adorable accessories for your little one.

Girls Apparel

girls quilted kimono
Mac & Moon Quilted Kimono

Get the cutest outfits for your little girl on Mac & Moon that’s perfect for any occasion.

Need an outfit for bedtime? What about a quilted kimono? They have that one too!

They also sets, multipacks, and accessories for girls as well that you can mix and match so they stay comfortable and fashionable no matter what time of the day.

Gender-Neutral Apparel


Gender-neutral clothes are literally the best of both worlds.

Your kids can pass their clothes to the next generation since it suits well for both boys and girls.

Of course, since it’s Mac & Moon, you can expect that they will always have sets, multi-packs, and accessories for any age and gender.

Mac & Moon Collections

Don’t know which outfits to mix and match?

Worry not because they also have the best collections that feature vibrant and neutral tones to match their mood or if you simply just want to get themed clothes.

Oh, and did I mention that their collections are made with organic materials?

Well, I guess that’s why they take pride on being a company that makes sustainable and affordable clothes.

Cool Chameleon

cool chameleon

This collection features retro summer vibes and a cute little chameleon print to make it look like they’re ready to “blend” with society with their fashion statement.

Turtle-Y Adorable

turtle-y adorable

The Turtle-Y-Adorable collection features cool colors with a turtle print and is 100% made for bedtime so they can dream about hanging out with their ocean friends someday.

Coral Reef

coral reef

The Coral Reef collection is perfect for little girls who love the ocean as much as we do.

This collection also comes with cool colors and coral reef prints that they can wear for bedtime.

Neutral Koala

neutral koala

The Neutral Koala collection features gray and white colors with a koala print that you can see on a movie from the 1900s which is great if you want gender-neutral clothes.

So if you’re planning to give a gift to someone’s kid but don’t know their gender, then you should check out this collection from Mac & Moon.



This collection is good if you have a little adventurer since it gives off Jurassic Park vibes due to its dinosaur prints.

Plus, you can also get a cotton bib with the theme to make it look like they’re ready to hunt dinosaurs somewhere.

Bunny Floral

bunny floral

It’s not Easter yet but this Bunny Floral collection makes you think it’s time for the great Easter Egg Hunt.

This collection features spring vibes and it comes with floral and bunny prints to match the theme.



When it’s finally time for bed, you need to get your kids something that makes them sleep comfortably at night.

Mac & Moon has the best and softest sleepwear for those little rascals so they can dream the best dreams every night.

You can choose from 2-pack sets that come with 2 pieces of overalls or 4-piece sets with two long sleeve tops and two pants with elastic waist.

Ottley and Me

Ottley and Me is a bodysuit collection for babies that are made with repurposed fabric and eco-friendly materials 

Through their Tee for Two program, you can give someone a piece of clothing every time you buy something from their website.

This means that you’re also helping someone in need with Ottley and Me since they have partnered with an organization that supports children and focuses on their well-being.

Size Guide

Mac & Moon Size Chart

Got no idea which size to pick?

Here’s the Mac & Moon size chart that you can use for reference.

Our Mac & Moon Review

We shopped the gender-neutral section of the Mac & Moon site since we are keeping the gender of this baby a secret.

It was fun picking out clothes for our new little, and these are some of the cutest gender neutral clothes I’ve seen.

Obviously can’t give a review on how they fit and last until the baby is born, but just the style and selection is really good so far!

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