Kousi Portable Closet Review


This portable closet is great for custom clothes storage solutions, but just make sure you read the instructions and not just look at them!


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Hey there Mommy Bears,
With a new baby on the way, we’ve been feverishly searching for a new dresser for the nursery. I did a clothes trade with a friend and ended up with bags full of clothes that I had nowhere to put!

We have a small house so Caterpillar will be sharing a nursery with Little Cub for the time being, and storage space is limited.

We’ve been searching Facebook swap sites for about a month, and everything was either expensive or being sold way to quick to get our hands on anything.

Everything that was new in store was either really expensive or got really bad ratings.

What was our solution to our clothes storage dilemma?

Kousi Closet Review

The Kousi Portable Closet

Going new was hard to do for cheap, but while searching Amazon we found a great solution in the Kousi Portable Closet.

Since we are also able to hang up Little Cubs clothes in an actual closet, the portable closet made a lot of sense.

We were surprised when a small box arrived at our door, seeing as the unit was 58” tall. We knew it would come in pieces, but it was pretty impressive that it was so compact.

The package contained smallish panels and round connectors that simply helped snap the panels together. A small wooden mallet was provided to tap connectors tighter into place. We even got a nice spare work glove some worker left in the box during packaging.


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The Negatives for Kousi Portable Closet

The instructions for building this are so straightforward, but also confusing.

There are no words through most of the manual.

My husband is a visual guy, and so was relying on the images more than dimensions shown. The picture showed 14 inches being wider than 18 inches, so just going by the pictures he started putting it together wrong. He finally got it and once he got going right it built fairly quick.


Different Layouts

The closet has different setups you can construct. You can put the closet section on the bottom or the top of the spare cube. You can order more pieces from the company and make a more custom layout.
The pieces it came with were perfect for us since we have limited room we needed something tall and skinny. This closet was a perfect fit in our space!


My Review of the Kousi Portable Closet

Overall, this Closet is a great edition to the nursery. For the price of a worn out and used dresser, we got a new closet-type setup where we can hang Caterpillar’s clothes so the ones he fits in are easily accessible. We also have plenty of storage cubes to store pajamas and the next few sizes up so they will be on hand when we are ready for bigger sizes.

I would give the Kousi Portable Closet a 4 out of 5 stars. The product itself is good (as long as you keep it in one place, or expect to make some repairs if moved after assembles). The main problem was the instructions that were clearly not drawn to scale. That plus the moving factor just mentioned docks it a star. It really is a great solution for an extra closet in your room though.

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