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How to Find Employees

When finding new people to join your company, you may not only want to know how to find employees to begin with, but how to find ones that fit your company and culture.

It’s not just about finding someone with a good resume. Tons of people have those.

It’s all about finding someone with the right personality and fit that will work well with your current employees and all that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Not everyone will fit the bill, so in this article we will discuss some powerful ways to help you find employees that will fit in with your company culture and really work hard to own their position.

How Do I Attract New Employees to My Company?

Before you can even worry about how to find employees that fit, you need to first know how to find qualified employees in general.

Even if they are a good personality fit for your culture, you still need someone who can do the job, and who wants to work for you.

This means that you need to be very specific in what you are looking for.

If you don’t clearly define who will be the right person, they you won’t even know who you are looking for.

It follows the same principle as marketing. Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. In the world of recruitment, looking for everyone is looking for no one. You have to define what you want so you can attract the right candidates.

Write Your Job Description

The first thing you should do is write out what this new employee will be doing for the company.

This will be the full list of job-related tasks that this person will need to be able to accomplish. Think day-in-the-life when writing this down.

What will this person need to know in order to accomplish this list of tasks? What tools will they need to know how to use to get the job done? What level of education will they need?

If you’ve read some of my other articles you know that I’m a stickler for employers only asking for the qualifications that are necessary for the job, and nothing more. Not every job requires a 4-year degree and 3 years of experience, and if you do require one, you should be paying more than $12 per hour. This is coming from someone who has an MBA.

Once you have down the job qualifications, that’s still not enough. You need to work to define what type of personality fits with your culture.

Jot Down Your Culture Criteria

Write down some cultural musts and personality traits that your company embodies. List who would work well with your current office setup, current employees, and work style.

Is you company a place where you expect people to be zany with open and jubilant personalities, or is it more nose to the grindstone and producing hard results?

Ask your current employees questions that you want to ask recruits, and then take note of their answers. This is how you find the best employees. See who you currently have that works well, and try and find more of them.

Whatever questions and answers you come up with, keep them handy for a pre-interview questionnaire. This will help narrow down the pool of potential hires before they even reach you to help save you time in recruitment.

Identify Why People Should Want To Work With You

While it can be easy to think of job seekers as being the ones showing you what they have to offer, it really is the other way around.

While you have the pick of hundreds of potential employees, your applicants also have the pick of many different companies that they could accept offers from.

This is especially true of top talent, which is what you should be trying to find.

Make a list of what you have to offer top talent to make them interested in not only applying for the job, but wanting to accept your offer.

Think about salary, flexible or unlimited PTO, benefits, work schedule, fun little bonuses like weekly lunch paid for by the company, 100% paid-for insurance premiums, and more.

If you want top talent, you need to have a top offering.

Find the Right Tool to Post Your Job

When thinking about how to find employees, the thought process can spiral out of control.

There are so many different methods to find employees for your company, it can be hard to figure out where to begin, and where the best talent is hiding.

Not only can you tackle some old school methods like job fairs and putting out the old help wanted sign, but there are literally hundreds of job boards online to choose from.

My best answer is to try a tool like ZipRecruiter.

You can post your job to 100+ job boards with a click of your mouse, and they have an option to post your first job for free to try them out.

I know that this is a sponsored article by them, but if you think about it, it just makes sense. Why waste your time with manually listing your job on all of those job boards when you can easily get the word out on one platform?

Not to mention that ZipRecruiter also offers a pre-screening questionnaire that helps save you time in getting requests that aren’t quite the right fit.

I know that I always loved applying for jobs through ZipRecruiter because they offer 1-click applications. I like to think of myself as having a pretty impressive resume, and even so, I still don’t want to spend an hour per application for a job I might not get.

Top talent is waiting for you on the platform, so why not give their free trial a chance?

How Do I Find Good Employees?

If you are looking for the ideal candidate, you need a good fit.

I know I’ve said that a lot in this article, but it’s true.

It’s not just all about qualifications. It’s about getting employees that a good for the health of your company culture and not just the bottom line.

Learn about your candidates story. Learn what makes them tick. With some well laid questions you can do this in your pre-screening questionnaire and your initial interview.

One cool thing that I’ve been a part of is sitting in on interviews as a colleague. The whole team that would be working for the new employee sat in on the interview, asked questions, and gave input to our current supervisor after the candidate left.

This helped us determine if they were a good fit for the team, and how well they answered questions and had conversations with each team member. The interview was very conversational and really helped determine if there was good chemistry between the current team and the candidate.

Get help from your current good employees find others that are a good fit.

You can also check out our article about recruitment methods to find out ways to find the people you need for your company.

Keeping the Best Employees Interested

Once you determine how to find good employees and reel them into your company, the job isn’t done.

Turnover in business is really expensive. You have to find new people, train new people, and ingrain them into your company culture again and again each time someone leaves.

By finding top talent that fits well with your company and that is qualified to do an amazing job, you now have the responsibility of keeping them there and interested.

It’s your job to make sure they are always heard, and that they are rewarded for good ideas, and not ridiculed for bad ones.

Give them in-office perks such as weekly meals on the company, and a comfortable space to work.

Allow them, as you are able, to take time off when they really need it, and allow schedules to be flexible, especially for people with kids that may need to leave a little early some days for baseball practice or theater rehearsal.

Make sure you are giving regular performance feedback, evaluations, and raises. Nothing is worse as an employee than not knowing how you are doing at your job. Then when the boss comes down on you for doing something wrong, the employee wishes the boss had just told them that months ago instead of waiting until it was a real problem.

Feedback is critical. Constructive criticism is critical.

Employees want to be heard, and they want to know they are doing a good job.

Autonomy in the Workplace

One of the best things that you can do to help retain employees is to give them autonomy in their position.

That means that you aren’t there to micromanage them. You are there to provide support and feedback, but ultimately you need to let them make the decisions that they need to in order to do their job right.

If they have to stop and think whether they can do what they see as being the right thing because they aren’t sure how you as a boss will react, then you are watching them too closely and injecting your will into their position.

You hired them to do a job so that you can work on higher level strategies and managing your department, or company. Make sure you are giving them the freedom to do their job.

It will give them a higher sense of pride in their work, and it will free up your brain space for bigger and better projects.

Should I Use an Employee Recruitment Agency?

You may be wondering, since all this hiring seems like a lot of work in and of itself, if you should just hire an agency or headhunter to do your recruiting for you. It’s true that this is one answer to how you find good employees.

Headhunters are skilled in seeking out top talent that is well-qualified for various positions, and since it is their job, you may find it easier to hire an agency or hunter to do the grunt work for you.

That’s entirely up to you. But I will say this.

No one knows a company better than those that already work within a company, so hiring someone on the outside won’t have the same results in hiring a good fit with company culture, even if they can make a good proposal to people who are well qualified.

Combining your in-company insight with a powerful tool like ZipRecruiter will help you automate the process while not losing that vital touch of being someone who already knows what a good fit would be.

What is the Best Website to Find Employees?

The best website to find employees is ZipRecruiter.

I bet you already knew I was going to say that, but I’ve already laid out several reasons why this is true.

Think about the time you will save by pre-screening people before they even get to you. You can do this with some well-placed questions in the questionnaire.

Think about all the other time you will save in blasting your job out to over 100 job boards to try and find the top talent where they already are looking for employment. ZipRecruiter allows this with just one click.

Also think about how you can get started with a free trial, post your first job for free, and see how ZipRecruiter works for you. They also have a clearer and more inclusive pricing structure than other job boards, so there’s that to consider as well.

Their website boasts a stat that 80% of companies find a quality candidate within just 1 day after posting their job. That’s good help, sourced quickly. You can’t beat that.

You’ve got nothing to lose in giving them a shot, except the chance of not finding your top talent because you decided to post elsewhere.

You want to know how to find employees that fit? Give ZipRecruiter a try today.

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