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Welcome back mommies to my Mommy Bear blog!

This review in particular is going to be very useful for all of you dog mommies out there.

I decided since I had not reviewed anything yet that I use for my fur babies, I would do that today.  Therefore, today I am reviewing the Homdox Pets Dog Leash Coupler Double Dog Walker for our pups.  This product is very cool, and can be very useful, especially if your two dogs are the same size.

The Double Leash That Works!

I happen to have a beagle, and a chihuahua, and even though our chihuahua is pretty big for her breed (10 lbs.), and she can definitely pull my beagle when she puts her mind to it, there is still quite a bit of pulling between the two dogs on walks when one is trying to do their thing!  However, it still does work pretty decently, even though my dogs are not the same size.

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The one thing that has been convenient for me and the reason we got this leash in the 1st place, is because when I need to bring my baby with, it is so nice to not have to worry about two different leashes.  It is not the perfect solution to a two dog walk but it can be very helpful, especially with a baby, and if your dogs do happen to be the same size I am sure it would work even better.

My Review on the Homdox Pets Dog Leash Coupler Double Dog Walker

Although I really like this leash, definitely more than my husband does, it does have some flaws and all together I give this a 3.5 out of 5 star rating.  If you have a little one and/or especially if you have dogs that are closer together in weight, then it is worth a try!

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