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***UPDATE 11-16-17

The talk function on these baby monitors is a life saver! Little Cub has been getting up in the middle of the night for the past couple of weeks. A quick push of the button on my parent monitor and I can send her some soothing words. She’s been going back to sleep a good chunk of the time this way, although I do still have to get up and go calm her in person sometimes.

Hey again mommies!

At it again today, and I promised you all after yesterday a review on our baby monitor that does work well, especially compared to the 1st set of monitors we had!  The one that works well that we have now is the VTech DM221 Safe & Sound DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Vibrating Sound Alert.

VTech Baby Monitors Rock!

So far I have really loved  Vtech products!  This baby monitor, while not a video baby monitor, is still great. The parent  unit can be plugged in and taken off the charger when needed, and can still turn the power on and off, just as you would your cell phone. You can configure up to 2 parent units so you can hear baby in different rooms of the house without moving the monitor, or both parents can listen in. We only have 1 parent unit, and it has worked well so far.

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Baby Monitor Features

Both units have volume controls that work well also.  The parent unit has a clip that you can use to carry around, and the top of it shows you the frequency of how loud your baby is (so if you have the volume lower, you can still see how loud  your baby is), and when your little bundle is upset and needs you, and can vibrate as well!  It also has a talk button as a walkie-talkie would, in case all your baby needs is to hear your voice so they can get soothed back to sleep.

The baby unit also has a button that turns the top part of the baby unit into a small nightlight as well. How cool is that?  I know that this is not a video monitor, so it is not as cool as some of the more fancy baby monitors that they have today, but it is a very useful baby monitor if you are just looking for sound.

My Review of the VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Baby Monitor with Vibrating Sound Alert

I would recommend it for those moms out there like me that are afraid if they had a video monitor you would stare at it constantly every sleepless night until your child enters Kindergarten!  Altogether, because it is 2016 and there is more advanced stuff out there, I give this baby monitor a 4/5 star rating, but this is definitely the right one for this Mommy Bear’s family!

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